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    Instead, how about giving water\lava cells the ability to turn back into empty ones? [by placing water\lava source blocks]

    Well sure, being able to place water (and by extension lava) with cells would work too, and probably make just as much sense.

    First: two buckets of water enough to fill any volume.
    Second: there is a mod for such buckets.
    Third: doubt tin cells will be made reusable.

    1: Sure two buckets of water can make an infinite water source (I have several), it's just that I have to keep refilling the buckets to make my lake. Making any sort of large water feature would be just as annoying to make with buckets that you have keep refilling and refilling.

    2: Just because there is another mod for it doesn't mean it's a bad idea for this mod. And on the vanilla MC wiki they don't like people just saying "there is a mod for that", I see no reason why it would be any different here.

    3: It wasn't my idea to make cells reusable, although it's a good idea. My idea was to make a hand tool out of cells that is reusable.

    Name: Hand Pump

    Description: I've been filling in a lake with water and was disappointed to find that I can't use water cells to pour water on the ground, so I was forced to use buckets. The tedium of constantly refilling and emptying the same 7 or 8 buckets with water was tiring, so I thought why not make some sort of "bucket" that can hold more than one block's worth of water. I imagined some sort of pump with a hose could suck up water, and cells could store it. If we take a Pump and surround it with 8 Empty Cells, we should get some sort of Hand Pump that can hold 8 buckets worth of water. Each right click on a water source fills it with one bucket of water, and one right click on an empty square empties one bucket of water, much like a bucket does. This way I can transfer 8 buckets of water at a time in only one inventory slot, instead of with 8 separate buckets! I imagine the little green bar under the tool would indicate how much water is in there rather than energy, since it can be powered by hand.

    Recipe: 1 Pump in the middle surrounded by 8 Empty Cells.

    Tl;DR: Acts like a bucket with 8 uses instead of one.

    Name: Brown Charcoal

    Description: In addition to cooking wood into charcoal, ancient peoples (especially those in rainforests with lots of leafy but not so woody vegetation) would perform a similar drying/charring process on green vegetation. In Minecraft, we have such green vegetation in Saplings, Cactus, and Reeds, and we presently run through a complicated process of jumbling the plants together into balls, compressing them, liquefying and extracting them into liquid fuel. Of course, we could use them as is, but they're rather bulky and we have to keep refueling whatever machine is taking them.

    As an alternative to these choices, I propose that we can take four plantballs, craft them in a square to make a plant chunk or a plant pile, which can then be cooked in a furnace to yield "brown" charcoal that is equal in power to "black" charcoal that can be obtained from wood. Yes, it is less energy efficient than using the plants whole or by making fuel out of them, but it's much less bulky than using the plants whole and less difficult/doesn't use up tin like the biofuel cycle.

    Energy Breakdown: 32 reeds or cactus * 50 heat value = 16 saplings * 100 heat value = 1 "brown" charcoal * 1600 heat value = 1600 heat value = 4000 EU

    1 furnace smelt = 208 EU - 390 EU or 160/200 heat

    tl;dr recipe: 4 plantballs in a square > plant chunk / plant pile > (furnace) > "brown" charcoal

    Alternative recipe if required for balance: 4 compressed plantballs > plant chunk > (furnace) > "brown" charcoal

    Alternative Suggestion: Plantballs directly useable as fuel, one quarter as effective as coal/charcoal (as that is the energy they contain, considering the reeds/saplings used), or to cook a plantball in a furnace to produce an item with 1/4 the effectiveness as coal/charcoal.

    Name: Rock Pulverizer or just Pulverizer or (Advanced) Mineral Extractor

    Description: You usually mine ore in large veins, but there are still traces of minerals present in ordinary rock. This machine extracts this valuable minerals by pulverizing rock to a fine powder and separating the desired elements from the dross with magnets. On one end, you throw in cobblestone (and it will take many, many cobblestone to yield even a single mineral dust); the machine sets to work and slowly builds up its meters of the various minerals it can extract until it has enough to be a useful quantity and dumps the dust into the designated bin.

    For an idea of how much cobblestone will be required and what kind of yield we can expect, we can look at what ore and dusts we can get from recycling the same volume of cobblestone. Using the data on the IC2 wiki, 10,000 cobblestone recycled into scrap, crafted into scrapboxes, opening all the scrapboxes, discarding everything other than ore and dust and macerating the ore into dust, should yield on average 2.097 glowstone dust, 2.097 coal dust, 2.361 redstone dust, 4.486 gold dust, 4.486 iron dust, 5.792 copper dust, and 5.792 tin dust (these are decimal points, not commas).

    I would argue that this machine should have no less yield than the above method for these dusts, especially as it has no chance at giving diamonds (diamonds have to be found as gem-quality crystals, not dust). In addition, it should be able to take more than just cobblestone. It should be able to take smooth stone for the same yield as cobble; sand, dirt, and gravel for much lower yield except perhaps for coal dust; and obsidian for better yields than ordinary stone. Netherrack is also possible, and would probably be high yield of glowstone and maybe gold (from the pig zombies) but not so much if any of the others. Lastly, if balance permits (you haven't seen the price of this machine yet), if mineral ores are thrown in, this machine is so good at extracting every last bit that it can yield three dust per ore block.

    As for speed and energy requirements, I propose it process cobblestone at the same rate as a recycler and use as much energy as a macerator overclocked to run at the same speed.

    Recipe: Macerator in the middle, Recycler in the bottom middle, Extractor in the top middle, two advanced machines on the sides, two advanced circuits in the upper corners, and two magnetizers in the lower corners. Alternatively, the advanced circuits could be replaced by Energy Crystals or even Lapotron Crystals, if required for balance.

    tl;dr : Upgraded Recycler/Macerator hybrid, approx same tier as Induction Furnace, reduces lots of cobblestone to a small amount of mineral dusts and zero diamonds.

    I never said it would *generate* energy, who came up with that? It uses energy, and a lot of it!

    Pure Si (siliCON) =/= Pure SiO2 (siliCA) = Glass. We could of course throw away this silica and make it magically disappear, since Minecraft has shown to be very bad at conserving volume.

    Considering how negative the reaction was for the lava maker, we could combine their action into one machine and have the Lava Electrolyzer (how's that name?) take either a considerable amount of lava and energy or a humongous amount of cobblestone and energy and gradually build up minerals. The idea being you keep feeding it lots of raw materials (cheap rock) and you get a smaller amount of more valuable material (metals).

    Perhaps this could be an upgrade to a recycler system. Instead of taking anything, it only takes rock, it takes more energy, but it has a higher yield of metal.

    Edit: This idea is deprecated and has been incorporated in another form in http://forum.industrial-craft.…page=Thread&threadID=6216 .

    Name: Rock Melter or Lava Maker

    Description: This machine uses a very high electric current to melt ordinary rock into lava. This takes an extraordinary amount of energy and is rather slow, but can turn a stack of cobblestone (64) into a full tank of lava, enough to fill 8 buckets or cells. For balance reasons, this will take more energy per bucket/cell than one can get out of a lava bucket or cell, and most likely much more.

    Recipe: At least one Induction Furnace to generate the heat and some obsidian to be able to take the heat, plus most likely other components.

    Combine with http://forum.industrial-craft.…page=Thread&threadID=6209 (The Molten Electrolyzer) to extract metal from ordinary rock! (very slowly)

    I had an idea similar to the ore sensors, but instead it's a "sounder" that finds air spaces! You right click it against a solid block face and it tells you how many blocks away in that (orthogonal) direction is the next air block (or null if there isn't one in range). There'd be two modes (m-right click to switch); one has a range of 10 blocks but uses a small amount of energy, and the other has a range of 64 blocks and uses much more energy.

    It could be used to detect caves (like if you built a house and you keep hearing weird noises from underground, you can find where they're coming from), connect tunnels and the like. I personally like making my house on a firm foundation so I'd check to make sure there's no holes underneath.

    Crafting recipe? I have no idea, you balance it.