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    i wish people would stop putting up little changes until a few big things are finished, like industrial conflict
    but aside from that, i think that this is a cool idea, so i guess :thumbsup: +1

    Smaller suggestions are easier to rationalize and implement, and some of them can make certain aspects quite a bit easier. For example, this suggestion needs only a Tile Entity that stores how much resin has accumulated, a sprite, a timer to increment resin stored, and miscellaneous stuff like a crafting recipe.

    Name: Resin Collector

    Details: Very simple idea: craft together a treetap and a bucket to get a resin collector (much like the ones used on real-life maple trees in Canada). Right click with one on a resin hole to place it on the hole. There will now be a little treetap coming out of the tree and a bucket below it (probably a very squarish model or even a planar sprite stuck perpendicular to the trunk). The bucket will now hold onto resin as the tree forms it and it comes out the tap; it will slowly fill (one resin per resin hole recharge, as opposed to one to three manually harvesting), having a maximum capacity of probably about 10 resin. Right clicking the bucket will empty it and give you the resin harvested.

    Balance: For an increase in capital costs (one bucket and one treetap for each resin hole), harvest costs are eliminated (don't use up treetaps or energy on electric treetaps); for a slight decrease in maximum yield per time (only one resin is produced each time a resin hole reforms, as opposed to the one to three resin one can get from manually harvesting every resin hole as soon as it regnerates), it yields a significant increase in yield per harvest (up to ten (or so) resin per harvest, as opposed to one to three for a regular harvest) provided harvests are spaced far enough apart.

    In short, if you tap rubber trees irregularly, you can invest in the buckets required and you won't have to have as many rubber trees to get enough resin at a go. If you regularly tap your rubber trees soon after they recharge, you'll see little to no benefit and could forgo the costs of the buckets.

    Recipe: One treetap in the middle and one bucket in the bottom center.

    I like the idea of a chunkloader, as I currently don't use a mod that has one.

    As for energy, if it took 32/t to load a 3x3 area and 128/t to load a 5x5 area it would take 3.6/t/chunk for the former and 5.1/t/chunk for the latter, a good progression, and very easily providable by a batbox or a MFE respectively.

    As for a recipe, how about Tier 2 or so? Require at least one Advanced Machine Block, at least one energy crystal (or better), and at least one advanced circuit, therefore using plenty of iron, coal, diamond, redstone, lapis, and glowstone to drive the costs up. The energy crystal means you can drop another charged energy crystal in it to have it run, and with a transformer upgrade you could drop in a lapotron crystal. A battery probably would die too quickly (10000 EU at 32/t lasts only 15 seconds).

    If the costs are high enough with materials that should discourage spamming. The alternatives are either use few of them but more energy (and likely using more diamonds with diamond cables or MFEs), or use less energy but have higher material costs (that is, diamonds). As it says in somebody's sig, balancing a game is to make it hard to decide between two choices.

    As far as the sled, I think perhaps not, since then it wouldn't be nearly that much better than a minecart rail system. This is designed so you don't have to carry minecarts around to go places; you just hop in and off you shoot. Another advantage of this system is that you can go straight up and down without pesky slopes and such. Otherwise, your recipes sound quite good - I'm generally not very good at coming up with machine recipes, only features.

    Also, I would argue that the tube NOT be able to branch; since the tube will have to carry air pressure and a direction, branching might be difficult/laggy to code. Then again, cables are actually quite similar in some respects, where air pressure = EU/tick and direction depends on sources and sinks. For now, I'd suggest that tubes connect to other tubes only in a straight line or a bend, so you can run lines adjacent to one another.

    Name: Pneumatic Tubes for Personal Transport (PTPT)

    Description: Remember going on those slides at playgrounds that were big tubes? Imagine that we could move people through such tubes, propelled by compressed air! At one end of the tube is an air compressor that pushes air through the tube, propelling anyone in it along at a fairly good speed (somewhere around minecart speed, perhaps faster). At certain points there are hatches that allow you to get in with a simple right click. You travel through the tube and come out at the open end of the tube. There's even the possibility of multiple compressors required for certain lengths of tubes.


    :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron:
    (G) ( ) (G)
    :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron:
    where (G) = Glass; makes more than one tube, perhaps two

    :Refined Iron: (H) :Refined Iron:
    (G) ( ) (G)
    :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron:
    where (H) is a trapdoor and (G) is glass. Makes one (?).

    Air Compressor:
    Not sure what recipe it should be other than requiring a Compressor (obviously enough). Maybe a Wind Mill as well, for blowing.

    While I give points for good presentation (and considering all the ungrammatical, uncapitalized, unpunctuated posts out there, it counts for quite a lot), I'm afraid I don't see how this idea gives any sort of advantage. It merely makes crafting easier and doesn't alter the material cost - and most IC2 players worry about the material costs first and foremost, considering crafting time relatively negligible. Certainly once you have a mass fabricator you have a machine shop with all the other basic machines; it's just for building bigger and better.

    Even though the content of this idea might not work out, you show promise. Keep up the suggestions!

    Just because it's in another mod doesn't mean it's a bad idea for IC2. It fits so well with the agriculture system! Heck, if you have those other mods installed and planted their cotton on an IC2 cropstick, might provide the compatibility to become IC2 cotton. Kinda like how IC2 provides the silver-using glass fiber recipe for RedPower users.

    How about two alternative modes: drop-leaves-mode, and drop-extra-saplings mode. You either get leaves, which can be used for recyclers or plantballs, or extra saplings which can be used to plant new trees or used for fuel in of themselves. That way if you're propagating a forest or a plantation, you switch on extra-saplings and get more trees to plant, and when you're tree farming for fuel you switch on leaf mode and get leaves you throw in your recyclers to make random stuff.

    Although personally I don't use my chainsaw that much anymore, I've got a wonderful Buildcraft tree farm set up. Fuel it and flip the switches, and it handles both planting and harvesting.

    Induction furnaces are already overkill on speed, yield, and energy efficiency, there is no reason for a higher tier furnace. Frankly I'm suprised there is an Induction Furnace considering how good it is, most things that good get "balanced", i.e., nerfed. Well, judging by the reactions on the suggestions forums anyway.

    Key point in making a good suggestion: it must not be redundant. My first suggestion was a molten electrolyzer that turned cobblestone into metals, but then I realized (after being flamed worse than in a medic vs pyro match in TF2) that it's completely redundant with recyclers, scrapboxes, and mass fabrication.

    Wool? No.

    String? Maybe (For the nooblords, 4string = 1 wool)

    Different Crops for each color? Hell no, i hate getting so many Dye crops before getting something good, lets not make it worse.

    You have a point - having both dye crops and dyed wool drops would be redundant. I'll remove colored cotton in a sec.

    Red, Yellow, Brown, and Black dyes are all farmable with IC2's agriculture system, plus some secondary ones. The only primary ones that aren't there are Green and Blue. Eventually we'll probably have a Cactus crop, which will solve the green. Maybe some crop could be added that drops an item that has the blue dye ability of lapis but isn't lapis - much like how charcoal is renewable, but you need real nonrenewable coal to make IC2 stuff. That way you can save your genuine Lapis for Lappacks and such.

    Name: Cotton

    Description: This is a new crop for the IC2 Agriculture system, the Cotton that we all know well from t-shirts, underwear, and the history of the American South. The crop is fairly low tier; III or so. When harvested, it drops wool - but only plain cotton will drop white wool! There are other varieties of cotton that can be bred that drop all the other colors of wool, which can be obtained by crossing ordinary white cotton with the appropriately colored flower or other dye plant (I know there's yellow, red, and light blue flowers, a coffee/cocoa plant that will do for brown, and I think a black one as well) for the primary colors, then crossing them with each other for the colors in between (so to get orange you breed together yellow cotton and red cotton). Will make farming colored wool for pixel art or colored floors or whatnot easy on survival and you don't have to get your hands dirty cleaning up after all those sheep.

    Recipe: It's a crop. Basic crop, kinda similar to wheat or hops or one of those other flowers, so white cotton probably can be obtained from crossing wheat/wheat and will just look like a variant of wheat. Colored cotton varieties are obtained by crossing white cotton with the appropriate color dye plants and/or with each other.

    Edit: Removed colored cotton. We already can farm most dyes, no reason to make it redundant. Still need Green and Blue in the system though to be able to get all the colors from IC2 Agriculture.

    The problem with 1 leaf block = 1 sapling is that leaf blocks when crafted into plantballs are treated like reeds, as a 50 heat item, but saplings give double yield as a 100 heat item (they burn twice as long as reeds do), even though leaves can't be burned directly. Though if they could that would solve the piles-of-leaves problems as well.

    Rather than start a new thread (as that would be a duplicate and very very bad) I would like to point out that the bug where the chainsaw sound plays even when "sounds" is set to "off" is still present as of 1.95b (5/25/2012). Necroing a bug thread isn't as bad as duplicating one, correct?