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    My fiance is having a problem with the game crashing as soon as she gets close to my base, where I have my machines set up. From the error she gets I am guessing its this mod, but I can;t be sure. Can someone take a look?

    This is the error part:

    This is the full log:

    Thank you so much for the reply Greg :D Darn your addon is one that feels more like a mod by itself, rather than an addon. Just for trucking awesome :thumbup:

    I was wondering if it is normal for omniwrench to get disabled, when this addon is installed. I found in this thread that as it seems omniwrench dismantles machines in a glitchy way, but is it possible to keep it activated? I prefer to have two tools on me, rather a whole arena of them, for the difference mods.


    I need to go through my Item Ids and check for conflicts it seems. All is good. On a side note, is it normal for the gregtech ids config to be empty?

    It should, but I think it got glitched somewhere as Greg said he would begin working on fixing it, so the next version should have compatibility if it is not in already.

    Thank you so much for the reply! I hope it was something minor. I did read something about crashers and whatnot. I just really want the iridium ore and the silk touch electic miner. Also every machine is always welcome :D

    If only I knew before that checking the pending addons would let me find such an awesome addition! I do not believe that this mod is so much needed for people that do not make Nuclear reactors. But when I made mine and it went kaboom I would feel happy if I could have it faaaar away from home and have this cute wireless battery in my basement :) I m eagerly awaiting for you to update it to 1.2.5!

    I'm actually glad there isn't sounds. :) Even though 1.95 seems to have much less annoying sound levels compared to 1.71 or whatever i was stuck on, the other Advanced Machines mod had their sounds running ALL the time... so annoying. heh

    Indeed. I loved the sounds from industrial craft but only for the first day. As soon as I settled the whole system up in a way it would never stop after a while the fun of hearing machines turned to a headache and then through IC's options off. I love these advanced machines. Can't live without them anymore! Thank you so much Snyke!

    client have additional mods adding blocks and shifting index.

    I am not really sure what you mean but would it not affect other blocks and not always the 4 dynamite and 2 luminator blocks? I changed a couple of ids and even replaced spots with other blocks and the other loaded right while these 6 still had a problem. Also I deleted both ic.cfg and placed the client one on the server but still the same.

    Sadly no, I did run it by itself and it gave me the save error. When I say by itself I grabbed just the server jar and industrial craft and ran it and it gave me the same error. Also the client config is the server's config. Also I have an excel listing what mod takes what block id to keep a track in case I want to add/remove a mod.