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    In regard to the Magnetizer-only parts, I largely agree, although the minecart attached to it seems a tad esoteric. And in regards to the Magnetizer-minecart-accelerator, are you saying basically 'use the magnetizer like an Aircraft Carrier's catapults'? If so, I 100% support this. That's something that, while potentially OP, could be massive fun.

    Although I'm looking forward to making current reactors more fun and challenging, let's not downgrade to water cooling again. Water should be there, but only to be turned in to steam.

    Please bear in mind that there are actual water-based cooling systems in use... Although the coolant is used to heat the water for steam, and it's role in cooling the reactor is a simple convenience. I think it's called a double-loop system or something like that...

    This is a valid point... Why should the laser drain while in Creative, although there is the small problem that this is only a slight issue, most likely not getting Dev attention...

    Chainsaw: Entry. (I use it for cutting down doors. And walls. And hedges. Basically everything. Esp. with Efficieny IV.) Blood Spiller.
    Mining Laser: Scattershot. Sniper. IMS. (Industrial Molecule Stripper, if you get the reference you deserve a cookie.)
    Q-Suit: Nuke-walker ____. (Head, body, etc.) Tank-suit ____. Last Man's Calm.
    Nano-saber: The Equalizer. Soul Cleaver. (I had Soul Shards, and some Soul Stealer books...)
    Mining Drill/Diamond Drill: The Beast.
    Dyn-O-Mote: Miner's Best Friend.
    Nuke: SCIENCE!
    Sticky Dynamite: GET IT OFF OF ME!!!

    "Why is IC2 not updated yet?"
    "Don't know. Don't care."
    "HERETIC!!! You must die in the name of Eloraam!"
    "*Facepalm* Wrong modder, noob."
    "I called you a noob, you noob."
    "What is this 'lag' you speak of?"
    "Is this your first time playing Minecraft with mods?"
    *Multi-nuclear meltdown*
    "Is this the testing site?"
    "No. This is the command center..."
    "Erm... I may have already activated a nuke while you were talking..."
    "Argh... I hate noobs."

    *uses Hoe of Growth with Repair enchantment*

    What's Bonemeal?
    Ca10(PO4)6OH2 ?

    This just made me realize that I've never used Thaumcraft... But not the point. I made this suggestion based on pure IC2, as of the major tech mods, only this & Forestry would have this sort of content/fix. I chose IC2 as there is a generous amount of feedback. Feedback=improved idea. Hopefully.

    I propose making fertilizer act like bonemeal did pre-1.5... As the current system of 3+ for one wheat, while 2 is enough for a giant tree, is ridiculous. Plus IC2 fertilizer would likely have more nutrients, as it consists of half bonemeal, and half ground matter rocks or wood. It makes sense that it would be better, doesn't it?

    Mojang really made a mess of this... Hardcore is already bad enough with armored & armed mobs, but this?!? This is unnecessary...

    The Hazard Suit is an overall sub-par armor, but grants full immunity to shock, fire, acid, radiation and as well lava (and as well drowning and fall damage, with boots/helmet respectively).
    On the other hand, the suit will be torn apart quickly if you use it for casual mob-fighting.

    Acid?! Is that something planned, or is that a random example? Everything else already is present in vanilla or IC2, but acid? Again, what?!

    Sorry , but i have to correct you a bit =P
    It DOES have a maximum voltage which is 512 EU/p (packet) , but not a EU/t (tick) limit as you said.
    Feed packets bigger than 512 EU and you will get a nice crater in your house.

    @op :Machines could have a tooltip displaying the maximum packet size they accept (without upgrades) as GregTech machines does.

    You put it more specifically than I did, I just put it as the minimum amount for me to understand it if I read it from someone else. I understand packets, but most of the time I can't be bothered to note them beyond ULV, LV, MV, HV, EV, & GTV. (GTV: Greg-tech voltage.)

    But couldn't you just use a texture pack, like edit the GUI to say max EU/t the machine can accept. Also, the Mass Fab has no set voltage maximum, only a soft limit of 1,000,000 EU/t, as it will produce at the maximum rate minecraft can handle.

    While it is somewhat appealing, it just seems like a waste of iron to make something that is irretrievable... Or do you mean that even by wrenching it you just get the basic machine block back? Although I do give you props for making something that seems original. Explain a bit more about your idea though, try to really win over people, convince them that your idea is useful/good/whatever...

    I fixed my own screw-up, and can now extract charcoal into coal for my coke ovens. Also can extract 64 diamond blocks into a nether star, or 48 Emerald blocks (Vanilla, not RP2. Insane, but worth it!)

    Oops... I just learned why you should check your recipe lines... I accidentally extracted some charcoal into some dynamite... (Typed in 236 instead of 263. Whoops. Well, no reason to let it go to waste.)

    In order for this to generate a config, I have to remove my existing Denoflionsx config folder, remove Valve Pipes, and boot up minecraft as usual? And then replace the Valve Pipe config, Valve Pipe jar, and then add the machine recipes? Is that the correct procedure ?( ? Or can I manually add the config?