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    I found another bug where textures of the generators become plain white, I also experienced the same thing with ATOMICSTRYKER's Advanced Machines.
    (I put AtomicStryker in all caps so people don't accidently confuse original version with AtomicStryker's)

    I'm using Sphax texture pack 128x.
    Sometimes when you play minecraft it is normal and sometimes it is white.

    I found a bug, if you have at least 1 piece of scrap inside the mass fab and a slow grinder adjacent to it, you can put in any material in the rightmost slot and the mass fab will fill up with scrap.

    So if I put cobblestone it will convert to scrap if there is at least 1 piece of scrap in the mass fab.
    I'm abusing the sh!t out of this bug :P

    Finally, Advanced Generators, my favorite mod is updated.
    Thanks F4113nb34st!

    Your mod crashes though:

    I have the latest F4113nC0r3 (v1.3.0)

    Fixed it, the latest core archive is corrupt, you should repack the archive and reupload it.

    For anyone that's interested in the problem, I have the recipe bug, where the crafting recipes for any of the MFFS items, including the cards, will not work. It is worthy of note that if you cheat the items in to the game using NEI, the items do function correctly -- you simply can't craft them. Furthermore, if you stick NEI into recipe mode and try to look at the recipe's for anything MFFS related, it can't show a recipe -- it's as if they don't exist. I haven't had any problems with java or other minecraft errors.

    Furthermore, I created an instance of minecraft where the only mods i had installed were ic2 1.95b and it's prerequisites, Modloader 1.2.5 and Forge, as well as MFFS itself, used all the default everything (block id's and such) and had the same problem -- no crafting recipe's work. I did have NEI installed as well on this instance, but unless code chicken core or NEI themselves are somehow causing the problem.... And even then after i cheated in the items needed to craft an MFFS item (to test to see if i had the same problem), i went and uninstalled NEI and code chicken core, and then reloaded this test world and tried it and the recipe still does not work. Anybody?

    I have the same problem. Can't get it to work properly. I PM'd the creator.

    Got the same error, too.
    Renamed the ic2 folders in EquivalentExchange and Forestry.
    It doesn't show Equivalent Exchange 2 in the mods loaded list for some reason.