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    I'm not sure why you posted this in the IC2 forum, since that is a Buildcraft pump, and as far as I can tell, there are no IC2 blocks in that screenshot.

    You're right my bad I've always used BuildCraft and ic2 together so I forget that BuildCraft even exists

    You'll want to put the engine on the pump itself not on the pipe. A powered BuildCraft pump will automatically eject to connected pipes too so you don't even need the wooden pipe for it.

    Lmao I'm dumb, my bad I've always used a pump fine before but now I simply couldn't make it to work and yes not that I have read that I feel. Completely stupid 😂 sorry for the inconvenience

    Hi, I got this little issue with the pump not pumping water to the arboretum, I have a 2x2 water source a wooden fluid pipe attached to the pump and a Stirling engine attached to the pipe. The temperature and MJ of the engine are going up like its working but it doesn't pump any water, I've also tried to swap the Stirling engine to a redstone engine and it seems to not work aswell... Is it cause of the arboretum not being able to receive water like that? But I think that doesn't make any sense cause it requires a crap load of water and to be running this 24/7 I need to be putting water in it with a bucket and that's kinda annoying...

    screenshot of the setup - - - - - > og6b0b

    It's a rather low chance for any given crossbreeding attempt - I usually make at least one 9x9 field with 40 regular reed and 40 cross-crops in a sort of "checkerboard" pattern (water in the center with some sort of slab over it), and even then it can take 3 or 4 passes before I get any stickreed (more regular reed is a lot more common).

    I'll try doing that cause yea raises the chances of getting it and then I'll upload pics just in case I did something wrong.

    Aight so I just got this done and idk if this is well Made or not but yea here you go: oenu17 (made it 6 by 6 )

    What have you tried doing?

    I tried resetting everything as if I started from the 1st time, I tried changing the places I start with the reeds but it gets to the stage where it looks like a full grown Reed and doesn't go anywhere past that so idk if I'm planting it wrong or not. I'll even add a step by step of what I'm doing after the reeds get to fully grown

    Reeds fully grown: odtatd

    Placing crops to crossbreed:odtc8c

    Then I just need to wait right? See if there's no weeds growing instead of the correct thing which should be stickreed?

    Btw if you were wondering this is what I have inside the crop-matron: odtdth

    This is what it looks like now : odth02

    And yea doesn't go past this stage:odtob3