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    Greetings AtomicStryker,
    i wanted to suggest something:

    Tier 3 Machines:

    They would be simply Upgrades from the base Maschines.
    HV Support
    2 Times the Base EU Costs
    Base Speed is 12 000 (or 120K)
    300k base energy storage
    Speed increase for every Overclocker 2000.

    So machines which are alocated at the end game and massive ore processing facilities.
    And which dosn't explode when you remove the transformer upgrade on the wrong moment ;)

    Recipes suggestion:
    :Advanced Furnace: - The Basemachine

    :Advanced Circuit::HV-Transformer::Advanced Circuit:
    :Advanced Machine::Advanced Furnace::Advanced Machine:
    :Advanced Circuit::MFE-Transmitter::Advanced Circuit:

    Also i would suggest the following changes.

    Configs to deactivate single machines.
    So you can use only the centrifuge or you can disable the tier 3 machines if you don't want them.

    An additional option for the energy drain:
    Insteat of the exponential increase i would add an combination system:
    Every overclocker adds an base drain off 5 eu + 5% (Maybe 10% i will hurl it thrue an diagram drawer when im home)
    x = overclocker
    This would be result in an more stable increase which is more "proper" for an fixed speed increase.

    They end at nearly the same point but the new formular dons't "explode" in cost

    I could also create the code based on the code from your repository if you want.
    I would send you the representing code so you can deside if you want it in the mod or not.

    I would suggest that you can use the "drill" from this mod to combine the first tier things (batpack + jetpack + nano maybe even the lappack)
    But the upgrade should go in the assembler.

    Also the needet time to assemble for the upgrade should be lower (Like 10 minutes)
    But every upgrade what you want to insert at the same time should add more time to the proccess

    SU = Storage Upgrade MK II

    1 SU = 10 min
    2 SU = 15 min
    3 SU = 20 min
    11 SU = 60 min
    64 SU = 325 min (Maybe you should cap the time at 3 hours ^^)

    Hmmm ... no? 308 seems to be the same API as 307, which i am at

    That's not possible unless you have a negative value configured, or a value so ridiculously high the int overflows into a negative value

    Int overflow is my guess ^^

    Multiplier = 1.6
    2 rpm/tick base accerlation

    (2^1.6)^8 (8 overclocker) =

    8 494 539 983 937
    2 147 483 647 (Integer(32 bit) max Value)

    I like the system but it should cap. Also the eu consumption explodes fast. really fast

    I just wanted to suggest that you add a function like this:

    if(accelerationBase ^ accMultiplier ^ OverclockerCount > 4 000 000)
    acceleration = 4000000;

    I don't think someone needs more rpm/ tick then that ^^"

    Client is Fine Sever throws Error:

    Some Obfusication Error?
    Which IC2 and Forge Version did you use?

    I use IC2 : 1.115.304
    And Forge: