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    I tried to update from 1.1.3 to 1.0.2 and recieved this error report

    I'm also using MultiMC to run several instances of Minecraft 1.25


    I haven't perused the posts, but my lv solars only indicate i eu with an eu reader on 1.95b, I'm also using HV cable 4x insulation so I don't have ot upgrade the cable when upgrading to MV and HV solar panels


    thanks man, for this update, I was able to add the new update w/ just one block id extra, good job.

    Still w/o a powered pump to go along w/ the advnaced miner. I have two advanced miners working in tandem a long distance from any power source and have had to quit operations when hitting liquids. I guess I could just use a BC pump or another mod but don't want the hassle.

    yeah, I use to work at a co-gen plant that burned biomass fuel in a boiler for steam turbine/electrical output. Boiler had a fluidized bed.

    Anyways, added this to my mods folder, took out the older version, left the older version config file in the config folder, got a crash, modloader complained about block id conflict with advanced miner that i had already set. Deleted the old config, new config generated, but no place to change the block id's that I can find. This has also appeared with the update on addtionalpipes rv29.

    Does the gassification burner take up two block id's, I had to give up two block id's for this new update, not including the advanced miner.

    Posted this in Proposed Addons w/ the Advanced Miner as this was with the Advanced Miner but the Mod Creator posted that the bug may be in the IC2 code.

    I was mining until pipe 10 and then the miner started just outputting cobblestone and filled a chest to capacity and then just started throwing it outdoors.

    I took the drill out and put it back in and miner went to pipe 7 and then did the same thing.

    Then I just quit the operation and set the miner up in a new location and now it seems to be working normally again.

    Don't know if this is a bug or just a conflict with another mod, just thought I would post what happened.


    just wanted to psot this here, not saying your mod is the problem. the advanced miner was at mine pipe 10 and stayed there and was filling the chest attached to it with cobblestone to overflowing. I then took the drill out and put it back in and it still was just outputting cobblestone on mine pipe 7. I finally just disconnected the drill and ended it there. Set the miner up again and haven't seen that again.

    They built a working thorium floride reactor in the 50's or 60's but the project got scrapped in favor of Light Water Reactors because the light water reactors produce plutonium which can be used to make nuclear bombs. In reality though molten salt reactors are superior in almost every way. Completely safe, self-contained, no nuclear waste and producing 100x + the amount of power per unit of fuel.

    yeah, since the Fukishima nuclear disaster, there has been discussions about the decisions to go lightwater vs thorium. Alot of the decisions were political and profit driven, not safety.