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    did some testing, Minecraft works fine with latest lwjgl w/ modlloader, modloadermp, modloadermpfix, audiomod, soundsystemfix, forge 1.12, portalgun mod v3, BTW 2.98, BC 223 and RP2v2b

    When adding IC2 1.15, 1.22 and 1.23, then Minecraft does not load and Java platform crashes.

    IC2 1.15, 1.22 and 1.23 works fine with lwjgl 2.71


    Only problem with manually editing ID's is things like RedPower 2 and IC2....upwards of a hundred ID's in EACH that conflict...and ID resolver DOES force the new mod to change ID's my problem with Zeldo's mod was he kept changing the damned name....that and using important IC2 ID's....that and I don't have the time to sit with about 6 config files open and checking back and forth to make sure one ID isn't used in the 4 conflicting mods. Millenaire is one of many ID's...

    It all works now, I think BTW was seriously fucking up some of my IC2 stuff, since it DOES edit base classes...

    glad to see you got it working. Yeah, MIllanaire is a pain to configure with the Forge base mods. I haven't had to manually configure ID;s with RP2v2b, IC2 or BC222. I read on Redpower forum or blog that mod automatically fixes ID conflicts.

    Someone on here or some other forum posted to use ID;s 170-204 with BTW and works like a charm but had to make some manual adjustments in the 200 range due to portal gun mod

    This mod is only a single ID to change and a piece of cake to get to work.


    For whatever reason on 1.15, macerator sound was working and then suddenly stopped, same with my induction furnace, but my compressor still has a sound.

    Edit ha ha, heard my macerator miles from my house and then later could barely hear it running right next to it.

    Edit Edit restarted the game today and macerator sound is normal. It seems to start gliitching as I continue in the game. Just my .02

    In addition heavy use of jetpack will sometimes result in you not making footstep sounds while walking. Not sure what that is as i've not been able to test it enough to pin the cause down reliably.

    yeah, I've had the no foot steps sounds after using the jetpack since .855, I just exit the world and restart it and foot steps return.

    Thanks Direwolf, loved your let's play, it may also have been an odd bug with BTW, I seem to be having much fewer problems now that I do not have that mod installed. Seriously, why the hell does a top mod need to be IN YOUR JAR! ...rant over...

    I would ditch Id resolver and manually edit the conflicting ID's, not that hard with the included config files, just takes some time but well worth it.

    Great Mod, keep up the good work!

    seed IC2BTW296RP2V1BC221

    main mods installed IC2, BTW296, RP2V2, BC221, Portal Gun Mod, Backpack, Crystal Wings, Death Chest, Wireless Redstone, EE, Motomas Sounds, Slime Boots, Buried Treasure, Treecapitator, addedpipesBC221 mod, Mo Creatures and Walled Cities

    I've created this a few times and spawn in the same spot. An island with three regular trees and a pumpkin. You would have to swim/boat to a distant island to find rubber trees, add more challenge with Mo Creatures.

    Under this island is an awesome abandoned rail system with plenty of ores and enemies, saw a bunch of skeletons in a parallel mineshaft shoot it out with each other and were unable to shoot me b/c of a pillar.


    Don't know why yours dosen't work. I installed on a fresh MC download 1.81 and installed the required mods in the order as outlined in the OP. I also added BC 220, RedPower v2 pre-release, EqEX 416 and non-forge mods, having problems with the portal gun mod. The only problem I had was with the sound but the soundplayer fix solved that.

    Are you using the latest jre 7? That is what I'm using.

    Just noticed your on Apple, I'm using Win764bit

    imo, it is a natural progression when you start out with no resources and build up to the quantum suit. But, yeah, I made the nanosuit in IC2 and was bummed that it didn't offer more and cost me 4 industrial crystals. I couldn't charge the Quantum Suit in an MFE but the MFSU.

    I've shelved the nano and quantum until the bug fix comes out and just wearing my composite chest plate with BTW steel plated armor.

    ha, ha, yeah, nice lp, watching your lp, I put EQEZ and Portal Gun in my Minecraft with BTW, IC2, BC211 and Redpower Wiring as my base mods with a ton of other mods.

    I finally earned my Quantum Suit and had my Mass Fabricator hooked to a MFSU via an MV using Fibre Cable.

    Yeah, the Mass Fabricator chews through the MFSU like no tomorrow. Using the scrap really sped up the matter production.

    I use a Crystal Wing to teleport me back to my spawn point but will try out the portal gun and see what other tricks you will show on your lp with the portal gun.

    I also use a Magic Chest mod and repair all my stuff from BTW and IC2 so I never have to replace armor or equipment (also recharges the IC2 suits and equip.)

    It is insane how many mods I could stuff in this Minecraft using the Forge.