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    Yeah, I skipped that this afternoon because I was in a hurry. :whistling: I'll try to get a version out with a proper config by the end of the night.

    Edit: Bump for new version. It has a config file now. And this time I remembered to put it in Minecraft's config directory. :D

    awesome man! Have a good one!

    well, my miner was stopped by a buried chest mod, removed the chest and had 13 pipes left. Came back the next morning and surpirsed to find 3 lava cells on the ground around the miner. I had only one pump on the miner and using a diamond drill. I guess it depends on the size of the lava flow/field as to how many pumps and type of drills to use.

    A pump will make water cells if you place empty cells in the top slot. (And to an earlier question, a miner can't get past liquids unless there's a working pump next to it.)

    thanks for the info and fun to play mod

    yeah, when I re-did my solar panels wiring with fiber I was getting that spike every few seconds, checked it also with my MFE storage counter and it would freeze with the spikes. I was bummed about this and as a last resort just exited the game and restarted it. This has eliminated the lag for me.

    Also, have updated my JRE to 7 64bit and the minecraft lwjgl to 2.7.1 to increase performance.

    Using HD patcher and MineCraft 4 Kids 128 texture pack.

    Take out the drill, that will call the pipes back then put the drill back in and more pipes and it'll continue drilling.

    thanks, yeah, I stumbled across that when I was disassembling my miner.

    I surmise that the mining pipe is also an extraction pipe and no need to craft a separate pipe for extraction, haven't tested my theory yet.

    Is water a barrier, as water stopped my drill?

    Would be cool to be able to use a water generator to make water cells like geothermal with lava.

    ha, ha, enjoyed watching your youtube on the miner whilst I was trying to figure out my problem with extractor pipes.

    Anyways, I blew up several miners trying to hook it directly to a MFSU. MFSU output 512 and miner input on wiki 500, so I thought it was close enough, wrong!

    Then put a MV between the two and blew up the MV.

    I started troubleshooting and put a batbox before the MFSU that I have connected to about 40 solor panels via fibre. I got power to the miner through the batbox but very little power to run it smoohtly.

    Ended up putting an MV and then a LV transformer to the miner and runs smoothly.

    From what I understand you can use a geothermal unit but you use the cells instead of buckets. But I can't find any crafting receipe for extractor pipes.


    Alright, blew up a few miners hooking it up wrong to a MFSU, finally figured it out and got it going. Then it stopped at level 33. For the life of me I can not figure out how to make an extractor pipe for IC2. I checked the wiki, youtube, google, my receipe book without success. I figured either it is not implemented yet in 1.00 or I have several mods including IC2 that is conflicting with the extractor pipe ID.

    Anyways, I went down next to the mining pipe and saw it hit a water block. I stopped the water block with a piece of dirt and the miner didn't continue.

    So, I go back up and take the remaining 33 pipes out and back in the top slot with nothing happening. I disconnected the miner from its power source and reconnected it with no results. Then placed 33 cobblestone blocks in the upper slot to extract the pipes with no results.

    The only things I have attached to the miner besides power is a diamond mining drill, OV Scanner, a chest and a geothermal generator trying to get the miner to start again, thinking it might of hit lava but turned out to be water instead.

    Kinda stuck on what to do now.

    yeah, stoked to try out the nanosuit on IC2. Made the suit, put it on, first test, drop test, lost two hearts, wt..? I wasn't sure if I had to use the Leftctl to activate any special abilities and tried again with same results. I then was bummed out and put back on my composite breastplate, rubber boots and btw steel plated leggings and helmet.

    Was it worth it to make a nanosuit?

    What does it compare to in protection? Iron armor, diamond armor, other?

    Maybe I should've waited and made the Quantum armor when I get to that ability to craft it.

    Excellent mod!