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    Since BC isn't updated to 1.6.x yet, I can try to push a quickish update to 1.5.x with no new features then start working on a 1.6.x version, or ignore 1.5.x and start working on a 1.6.x and try to get in some new stuff to be released when BC is updated. The former means you will have an update soonish but nothing new, the ladder means no update for a while, but probably some new stuff when there is a update. I'm not sure how many people have updated to 1.5.x, I haven't due to redpower 2. So, let me know what you would like more.

    I'll check back and tally the votes on Saturday.

    1.5.x is coming along slowly. I'm a grad student so this is a very busy time of year for me with finales and all. On the bright side, there should be a couple of weeks at the beginning of next month where I don't have anything pressing to do, and can work on the mod full time. I'm thinking about trying to livestream some of the programming to get feedback and such as I add and change things. Keep an eye out for more information about that.

    This mod is awesome, but one concern I have is about balance. Is this thing properly balanced with Forestry's electric engine taken into account? Engines from this mod take 8 EU/t for every 1MJ/t produced while the one from Forestry does 1MJ/t for only 2,5EU/t, with upgrades.

    I've only tested this with the versions listed by the download link. It is not recommended for other versions of IC2 or BC.

    I've not have time to read the threads of late due to my work load.
    But when I update to 1.5 I will go through and mark all of the bug
    reports and fix all of the reported bugs. I have no ETA at this time.

    This mod is awesome, but one concern I have is about balance. Is this thing properly balanced with Forestry's electric engine taken into account? Engines from this mod take 8 EU/t for every 1MJ/t produced while the one from Forestry does 1MJ/t for only 2,5EU/t, with upgrades.

    You can change that in the config file. IMHO with solar panels ect. a higher EU cost is more balanced.

    noted, will fix in next release.

    The MJ conversion when running of of conductive pipes is getting nerfed in the next version. It will use the same conversion as for fuel.

    Hello, could You nerf biofuel ratio? In standard config that rates is : 128000 EU which is 4 times more then forestry biogenerator. I tried to nerf sugar canes in fermenter in forestry config and all i did is 18 sugar canes to one biomass x 3.3 = 60 sugar canes = one biofuel = 128 000 EU (over 2000 EU from one sugar cane) which is a bit OP. I dont know , maybe transfer Biofuel to low energy fuel would be better option? Because it's impossible to nerf biofuel without fuel in config .

    I tried some other mods with some hidden crossover capabilities (Thermal Expansion - Lava production with BC energy - one bucket of lava costs 20000 MJ - the same is in Buildcraft APS) so in my opinion best way to balance of all is : set Petrochemical Generator to hi power 20 EU/t (160 000 Eu /bucket fuel, set low power to 5 EU/t from 16 EU/t AND most important greatly nerf Geothermal Generator from 20 EU to 5 EU/t in ic2 config option. So lets calc: one fuel bucket can produce 30 lava buckets (20000 MJ * 30 buckets = 600000 MJ = 1 fuel) and 30 buckets of lava * 5 EU = 150 000 EU , so almost the same like petrochemical generator low value fuel to 5 EU (160 000 EU). that math fits perfectly for ALL BC engines from my observations. But nerfing of Biofuel would be very nice in this math to its 50% value ( from 20 EU/t one bucket of biofuel gave 80000 EU so 50% would gave 40000 EU. Ofc that only my humble opinion.

    Sorry for my terrible english. BTW , Your mod is awesome. Best of all crossovers.

    My math does not agree with yours, it takes ~166 sugarcane for one biofuel using water, unless some other mod is changing the conversion on my end? Then there is the need for fertilizer/compost/mulch for each sugar cane, add to that the energy required to make the biofuel... and well I dunno the numbers don't seem as bad as you make them out to be.

    You also seem to be misunderstanding what high and low energy fuel means. The conversion for high energy fuel is less than the conversion for low energy fuels.

    I will look at the conversion factors again and see if they need tweaking, if I can find the time before the next version is released.


    I check, and you were correct on the amount of sugarcane, it seems NEI was incorrect. However, using my electric engines you need about 640,000 EU (about 5 buckets worth) to make 1 bucket of biofuel, so the fact that it gives you 128,000 EU back seems trivial. In fact, it would seem the amount of EU generated needs to go up, or that my electric engines need to be made a bit more efficient.

    That seems to be about right. you should not be getting much of an energy profit out of making methane from carbon and hydrogen. I do however, think the eu cost for hydrogen cells is a little off. in real life, electrolyzing and then burning hydrogen is an actual method of producing power. it would be like a more expensive and efficient watermill.

    Unless things have changed drastically in the past couple of years using electrolysis to get hydrogen from water and burning that to produce power is incredibly inefficient. You have the loss in the electrolysis machine combined with the normal loss from converting heat to work. Most hydrogen is actually made by cracking hydrocarbons, as it is cheaper. That being said, there are application for small scale hydrogen production that use electrolysis to make hydrogen. For instance there is an attachment for semi-trucks that uses the energy generated by the engine to produce a small amount of hydrogen and inject it into the fuel mix to improve mileage.