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    Or more specifically, I have a block that I don't want to have destroyed instantly when it gets hit with a mining laser as it is supposed to drop one item, then replace itself at a lower metadata (I'm making an ore that drops partial ingots without changing the vein size or resource rate, but rather increasing the mining time without making the block hardness absurd).

    From piecing together what the mining laser does when it encounters a block is call "dropBlockAsItemWithChance" and then "setBlockToAir" which means that my block can never make sure it's not destroyed in the intended manner (as the location its at is still not-air when dropBlockAsItem is called, blockDestroyedByPlayer is never called, blockRemovedByPlayer is never called...) so the mining laser is actually reducing the amount of item drops the player would be expecting by a factor of 8 to 16 (depending on the metadata of the block to start with, modified slightly by random chance).

    I've managed to somewhat detect the behavior, but I'd still rather the mining laser have to burn through all of the remaining metas one after the other so that the block hardness is appropriately counted towards the beam degradation. Is there a way to do this?

    ...There's a reason I linked the documentation online. Because the documentation online doesn't have it and that's what I was using for reference.
    Thanks for your extremely rude and sarcastic suggestion to view the java file in Eclipse instead.

    So I've been doing a little tinkering and my mod should interface with IC2 machines (I'm basically creating replacement ores, so said ores should be crushed in the macerator!)

    So in order to create a recipe so that the Macerator does its job and produces the correct output I need to get the IC2 items. That is, the crushed ore item.

    The only API call that the IC2 API offers is getItem(). Which takes a string input.


    Get an ItemStack for a specific item name, example: Items.getItem("resin") See the list below for item names.

    Ah yes, the below list. What list is that and where do I find it, cause it is not "below."

    I would like to remove the ability to craft certain machines (notably the Mass Fab and Recycler) and remove ores (uranium) from world-gen before I install IC2 onto the server I will be running for a handful (maybe four) friends.

    Is there any way to do this?

    oh yeah it only goes up to 3
    I saw an unbreaking x in an adventurmap lets play(deadworkersparty "the sky burns"(kingdom of the sky 2) once I wonder how they added that in?

    NBT Edit. And it's not any better than Unbreaking IV.


    would it be safe to call an Unbreaking X RE-battery a ZPM?

    Those things wear out. ;p

    Q: How much scrap do you get every minute?
    I made one that does 25 every minute (it did 125 in 5 minutes, timed with a timer on 300 sec and a tflipflop) (total size: 9*11*5 (lenght*with*height)(control panel excluded)) with tekkit 3 .

    My current SMP setup produces....

    120 cobble/minute.

    It could produce as much as four times that, but the recyclers get overloaded (8 recyclers with 5 overclockers are slightly faster than the generators, allowing me to re-recycle the garbage items from scrap boxes).

    Just tested it:
    RP2 microblocks are transparent for this matter. You can place as many layers of them above the solar panels as you want.

    Keeping in mind that you can't cut grass blocks and dirt fractional blocks don't grow grass on them. Good luck. ;)

    very nice solution, emit if full MFSU. just one issue with that i can see. That is the redstone pulse will be triggered and turned off at a very fast rate (obviously depends on the input power), not the best for running minecraft smoothly.

    I've got a similar system, though more spread out.

    MFE emits redstone signal when "partially full" and that disables a batbox between it and the mass fab. Then there's a....state cell (red power) on the wire that delays the disabling of the batbox for 10 seconds (so the fab eats up a lot of power before turning off, about 150,000 EU). Should be using a splitter cable there, but I didn't see it in the wiki and/or know what it did when I built the system.

    Yeah, it doesn't work so well when the MFE runs out of power, but as it's only hooked up to a couple of basic machines, it never does.

    MFE is hooked up to a handfull of watermills (constantly applied buckets via redpower) and the mass fab has a handfull of dedicated ones as well. 16 total, IIRC.

    Diamond was boosted to 8192 EMC. You need 128 stacks of cobble to make a single diamond now.

    Just for comparison, those same stacks fed into a IC recycler will produce, on average, 1.94 diamonds. And countless other materials.

    As far as "diamonds being endgame" for things like IC (and vanilla): I don't use iron anymore for anything other than armor (vanilla) or machines (IC). Wood -> immediate stone upgrade -> dig down to 14 and start looking for diamonds. Sure, there'll be a period where I'm using iron picks to mine, but only because 1) they're faster than stone 2) iron is plentiful. But as soon as I have that diamond pick, the iron is obsoleted. With IC, I'd go strait for the mining drill.