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    There is no real reason for any hype about RF :P

    Just make Greg the main developer of IC2 and let see the world burn in engineering righteousness. It will have definetly bigger chance to be liked than with RF :Matter:

    Among the "hardcore" fans sure. But this move will certainly make IC2 more popular among the "mainstream" players for sure. It'll probably be a great move PR wise.

    It still feels like a kick in the face for many old fans though. At least that's how I feel right now.

    (Still hoping it's an elaborate joke)

    I support this change. I am very confused why many players are upset. As long as the IC2 team continues to make their system balanced with consequences for bad setups (RF loss over distance, transformers, machine explosions) I don't see how this affects many players. If they do the above then IC2 will be exactly the same except every place where you usually read EU will say RF. I think it is unfair for everyone to rage and imply that IC2 is going to die out because of these changes, when absolutely no other changes have been announced yet. ^^

    I can't speak for anyone else, but I like having two distinct power systems, one electric and one kinetic. Everything using the same system is just too boring. Seeing an ic2 machine connect to a BC-pipe or an EnderIO conduit just feels wrong. It goes against the way I've played with ic2 for years and years.

    You can really just get rid of the Turning Table and nobody will care. Just remove the handle from the Laser and replace the drill bit in the Diamond Drill with a Lapotron or something.

    Yes, and then it'll be even more like every other tech mod there is. Boring.

    Nothing really, but there's only one machine that runs on it, which is a PITA to set up and does barely anything. If we can think of more uses (and a clever name) for it, it'd actually be pretty nice, but for now, it isn't the best.

    There are multiple sources of kinetic energy. Would you rather have several versions of each of the consumers? Like one hand-cranked lathe, one steam powered, one electric etc?

    Can I quickly suggest something? I don't want you to get rid of the heat-based power systems, but giving it a new name would be nice. Also, please add new mechanics to make it more interesting. My idea is Glowstone Flux (gF). Moved using molten glowstone, much like how heat is moved through mlten salt in real life. Any heat-based machinery will output Glowstone Dust which would be re-melted and put back into the system. KU should go, but keep the wind generator for RF.

    What's wrong with the kinetic system?

    This makes me genuinely sad. I've always liked the dynamic of having separate systems for electricity and kinetic energy.

    Unless this dynamic is kept, even if really running RF in the background it will be a great loss.

    I added this line to the metal_former_extruding.ini

    ProjRed|Core:projectred.core.part@10 = ProjRed|Transmission:projectred.transmission.wire@0@5

    But it results in this error when it tries to generate the recipe:

    The item names are
    for the ingot (input) and
    for the output as reported by Minetweakers item inspection command, but the recipe will not load. Did I enter the recipe incorrectly, or might it be because the mod name contains a pipe symbol that it fails to parse it?

    The input has a metadata of 10, and the output has a metadata of 0.

    Oh, I haven't touched that file in ages : P

    It should probably tell you that in each file. And not, as you said, the only one that doesn't work like that.

    Ah, that would be the issue then.

    I assumed they just went in the config dir, since the main ic2 config is there, and no ic2 dir is generated.

    Is the mod not supposed to load the recipe configs from the config directory first and ignore the jar ones?

    Do you need to put them in a sub-directory? Or is the only way to modify the recipes right now to edit the files in the jar?

    The info on this is scarce.

    I've commented out some recipes from a copy of the macerator.ini file I've put in the config dir, but the recipes remain in-game.

    Too bad, that I'm not a Designer. Maybe when I'm bored (2 weeks of nothing to do = high probability of being bored).

    It's not exactly a high priority thing, but it would be pretty awesome, and it would certainly 1-up those barrels from factorization! : P

    Also how about adding those fuel into fuel can recipes to the config? Those were great for powering my tunnel bore you know. I assume you removed them because of the new generator.

    Maybe nerf them so you only get one fuel can per bucket of fuel?

    When I was messing around with the quantum chest I remembered reading about a "holo-grid" in the wiki entry for the electric crafting table, I thought it would be very awesome if the quantum chest displayed a holographic image of the item it contained on the top!

    Something like this (cue hastily made concept image):

    It would be rendered especially awesome with the new vanilla 3D items.