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    You could do this by doing this:
    1. Create a folder in your .minecraft/config folder and call it ic2

    2. Open your ic2 jar and go to assets/ic2/config and either extract shapeless_recipes.ini or shaped_recipes.ini into your .minecraft/config/ic2 folder.

    Open whichever file you extracted with notepad++ (wordpad might work, don't know about notepad) and look at the instructions. Each recipe just needs to be put on a new line (name of the recipe is not necessary, it's allowed to make finding recipes easier). Then save your edits and launch your game to check if it worked.

    First try to add it on your own. If it failed, post your recipe here and I'll have a look at it.

    Several questions to help us get further:

    1. Which cables are you using?

    2. How long are your cables?

    3. Are you using a buffer/transformer block inbetween the solar flowers and your underground base?

    I've just checked the recipe configs and found that these are somewhat hard-coded into ic2. Most recipes can be found/changed inside recipe.ini files inside the jar, but this recipe could not be found in them. You'll have to change these recipes with crafttweaker instead I'm afraid.

    With the current configs you cannot really disable the EU reactor, as setting its energy production to 0 will also disable the fluid reactor.

    However, you can make the EU reactor incredibly inefficient while buffing the fluid reactor to compensate for this.

    Look in your IC2.ini

    You see that I've set nuclear to 0.01 (so both the EU and fluid reactor are only running at 1% efficiency). To compensate for the fluid reactor, look for this:

    ; Base Coolant conversion rate for FluidReactors.
    [balance / energy / FluidReactor]
    outputModifier = 100.0

    Change this from 1 to 100.0 and the fluid reactor should work at regular efficiency again while the EU reactor is only 1% as effective.

    Downloading from Jenkins won't affect your pc in any way, It just shows all versions of IC2 whereas curseforge only shows a few recommended versions.

    Now, download a fresh copy from curseforge and replace the ic2 jar in your mods folder.

    DO NOT EDIT IT WITH WINRAR (or 7zip). The SHA-256 error shows when someone edited the JAR directly in a bad way. That's what the config files and resource packs are for, so you don't have to edit the jar.

    Go to your .minecraft/config folder and remove IC2.ini (and also ic2 folder if you have it).

    Now launch minecraft as normal, let a new IC2.ini get created.

    After that, open IC2.ini in your CONFIG folder (do not edit your general.ini in your IC2 jar) and go to the part where it says

    recyclerBlacklist = minecraft:glass_pane, minecraft:stick, minecraft:snowball, minecraft:snow_layer, minecraft:snow, IC2:blockScaffold

    Remove IC2:blockScaffold and hit save. Then launch minecraft.

    That shouldn't happen unless you (or someone else) tried to edit the ic2 jar directly. Hmm.

    Temporarily move your current ic2 jar somewhere else and download a fresh 1.7.10 jar (of the same version).

    Also take your IC2.ini (and if there is a ic2 folder in your config folder) and move them out somewhere safe.

    You'll find the whole list of 1.7.10 IC2 jars here.

    Start a new thread instead of necroposting a 4 year old thread.
    Also, try deleting your IC2.ini, because it seems your config's messed up.

    1. Open your industrialcraf2 .jar with 7zip or winrar.
    2. Go to assets/ic2/config. There you find a file called uu_scan_values.ini.
    3. Now go to your .minecraft/config folder and make a new folder in there called ic2
    4. Extract that uu_scan_values.ini into your .minecraft/config/ic2 folder.
    5. Now open and edit your uu_scan_values.ini with Notepad++ (or Wordpad, notepad maybe works).
    6. Add each item you want to make work with the scanner/replicator in a new line.
      1. The format goes like this: modid:itemid@metadata, so for example orange wool would be minecraft:wool@
      2. Then add the amount of UU that it should cost after that.

    Alternatively, you could open your IC2.ini in your config folder and scroll down until you find this:

    ; Additional initial uu values, a value of 1 equals cobblestone.
    ; Recipes may cause the final value be lower than the one specified here.
    ; Format: <name>[@metadata] = <value>
    [balance / uu-values / predefined]
    IC2:misc_resource#iridium_ore = 12000
    IC2:misc_resource#iridium_shard = 1333

    I never tried adding items before, but both of these methods should work.