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    What would speak against nerfing the costs of the reactor components, though?

    5.3 copper ingots, 2 tin ingots, 8.5 iron ingots for a god damn basic B fan, really?

    Something that has bothered me about reactor vents is that they incorporate an electric motor in its recipe, but they don't require any external source of power to actually vent out heat from the reactor.

    Might be more fun and challenging if you had to supply a small amount of power for each vent to remove the heat from the reactor. Forgetting to power the vents would lead to a meltdown.

    You have a Thermal Expansion fluid pipe directly connected to the steam boiler, correct?

    Because the steam that "apparantly" comes from the condenser isn't coming from the condenser, but the steam boiler itself. The steam boiler auto-outputs steam into anything that accepts fluids, pipes included.

    Try to pipe the distilled water into a fluid distributor next to the steam boiler (make sure the green output arrows are pointing towards the steam boiler.)

    Since most suggestion threads are as ancient as the beta days of MC, I decided to make this freshly pinned thread for new suggestions.

    I'll start:

    Hotspring Water

    1. Ability to use hotspring water in the steam boiler (with calcification rates between water and distilled water).
    2. Less heating required to boil hotspring water to steam, since it's warmer than (distilled) water.


    1. Instead of metal uranium and plutonium fuel pellets, you have to oxidize them (in the fluid canning machine). This would make sense, since MOX stands for Mixed Oxide fuel.
    2. Usage of oxygen in blast furnaces: the higher oxygen content could help to speed up the production of steel.


    1. Possibly as an alternative form of energy storage. Of course it is not 100% efficient unlike storing it in a batbox/CESU/MFE/MFSU, but it can be used in a fuel cell to generate electricity or burned in a (semifluid) generator for heat.

    Pahoehoe Lava

    1. Convert it into a block resource (Basalt/Obsidian) or infuse it into Lava using magma (from the addon IC2Magma) in a fluid canning machine.

    Steam Turbine (item)

    1. Rename the Steam Turbine (item) to Turbine rotor, as it seems illogical to put a Steam Turbine (item) in a Steam Turbine (block). This was suggested by Su5eD, but due to a small mishap with threads merging, I write it down here instead.

    Steam Repressurizer

    1. Add a heat texture to the steam repressurizer block to make it clear that this block requires heat to work. (Su5eD).

    Metal Armors/Tools Recycling

    1. Recycle/salvage basic armor and tools (non-electric, vanilla-style) into their base components: i.e. melt golden gear into gold ingots/nuggets. Non-metal materials would have to be cut (leather) or pulverized (diamonds). What use do you have for these loot items anyway when you have nanosuit/quantum?


    1. Allow the usage of higher tier vents to speed up the condensation rate. Sometimes 3 condensors on 1 steam turbine won't cut it.
    2. OR: allow the piping in of water or ice to cool down the steam like a surface condenser.

    Just a wild guess here, but can you launch your server without any mods at all? It seems that you've allocated too little RAM (~250 MB).

    Remove all mods and try vanilla first. See if that works.

    Or try increasing the allocated memory to atleast 1 or 2 GB.

    Just installed ic2 and ae2 for 1.12.2 to see it for myself.

    Press F3+H to enable the advanced tooltips when hovering over items.

    Hovering over nether quartz shows that the ID is minecraft:quartz

    and the AE2 quartz dust is appliedenergistics2:material. However, this item has a metadata ID of 3 (as seen by the 4308/3, or 4772/3 in your case. So you would have to add @3 to the end of appliedenergistics2:material.

    So, according to the recipe format for the macerator recipes, the recipe code would look like this (on a new line, without ; in front of it, because that disables it):

    minecraft:quartz = appliedenergistics2:material@3

    I added this to a empty line at the bottom of my macerator.ini, saved, then reloaded minecraft to check if it worked. It did.

    No no no, directly after opening the ic2 jar, you should go to the assets folder, not ic2.

    I've used 7zip to open the jar.


    • eac022a9948d592ddee474ad670b0eb6.png

    ic2.jar: assets/ic2/config/macerator.ini

    Move it to .minecraft/config/ic2

    As for adding machine recipes, instructions are given in each .ini file on how to add your own.

    As for why it worked back then, AE2 added its own macerator/crusher recipes when other mods are detected. However, this was with a unofficial AE2 port for 1.11.2 (Llamagistics). I looked in the llamagistics jar and found some custom recipes folders where all these recipes could be altered, including macerator recipes, if IC2 was loaded.

    Right now I'm looking in the ae2 jar for 1.12.2 and I couldn't find any crusher recipes involving the macerator. So you'll have to add that to the macerator.ini yourself.

    Hover over the pipe sections while holding the wrench. (Forgot whether you need the old or new wrench for this. Try both). You'll see a square with little sections appear (corners, sides, center). Rightclick on the sides while hovering over a pipe to connect that pipe to the block/pipe in that direction.

    Look in your capsule.cfg file.

    1. # List of block ids that will never be captured by a non overpowered capsule. While capturing, the blocks will stay in place.
    2. S:excludedBlocks <
    3. minecraft:bedrock
    4. minecraft:mob_spawner
    5. minecraft:end_portal
    6. minecraft:end_portal_frame
    7. minecraft:air
    8. minecraft:structure_void
    9. ic2:te
    10. >

    Remove the ic2:te from this part if you want to capture ic2 blocks with all capsules.

    1. # List of block ids that will never be captured even with an overpowered capsule. While capturing, the blocks will stay in place.
    2. S:opExcludedBlocks <
    3. minecraft:air
    4. minecraft:structure_void
    5. ic2:te
    6. >

    Or only remove ic2:te from here if you only want to capture ic2 blocks with overpowered capsules.

    That will atleast allow you to capture ic2 blocks.

    But whether it will break stuff, no idea.

    Here's a trick that might work.

    Launch the game off-line with a name other than your IGN. Then place all those trade-o-mats under that name.

    Then, when you quit the game and launch it on your own IGN again, they should appear as someone elses ToMs.