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    That's actually pretty cool, any chance we could get a demo video? This seems like it could be pretty awesome...

    Once I have a correctly working build I will post a demo video, the screenshot although promising.......was not the desired result

    In a court of law you can state that you downloaded the server.jar from the Minecraft website for FREE when it was available. And they have no way of checking.

    Therefore, your free to redistribute without worrying about any consequences. The worst that can happen is a site admin requests you take the content down.

    And let me guess.....the only reason you want 1.2.3 is because of redpower? too ;(

    GOT ONE:
    (Hosted on my website)

    Structure collapsing? Interesting.

    There used to be a mod where blocks would decay - stone into cobble ..?.. into gravel.

    Yeah, this mod will degrade stone into cobblestone which is structurally weaker in the algorithm. And when the block breaks from stress it turns to gravel, which if touching a block which is in a structure which is being simulated will act as a weight. The only reason there are holes in the skyscraper is because Its a work in progress and a direct port has not been smooth :(

    I have created my own algorithm for very crudely generating (CPU conservatively) structure stresses in a voxel based environment. And decided, hey, lets port it over to Minecraft. Thanks to some modding code help from Verdan I have now been able to start work on this.

    Here is the original algorithm demonstration tool:
    Download --> My google chrome won't let me download this -_-, so I assume some antivirus programs will have issues too. Avast and AVG are fine with it though.

    Here is a screenshot of the first successful build of the FallStone mod! (It needs a lot of work :( )

    Here is a video:

    What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this will be a good addition to Minecraft?

    Now, luckyly the Blog contains "This website and all developers of IC² and supporters of the developement team are not responsible for any damage done to your mental state, your physical body or any sort of hardware, caused by any sort of releases, not-releases and actual usage of IC" in invisible letter of font size -1.

    I found it :)

    Quote from Terms of Service

    Wow you guys really have yourself covered. Guess I will have to take my lawsuit elsewhere :(

    Alblacka says to stop the hype as the cpus will only perform simple functions..


    What does a cpu in a computer do? Simple functions. Its the software which does the special stuff :)

    (This is in reply to the blog post)

    That is all.

    No really, just wow. There is so much potential, I would seriously spend hours upon hours on this. Using red-stone as a serial cable to communicate between different chips would be great :). And when developing this if the devs need more information on how microchips actually work, and how they interface with each other, I know, and I would be willing to share.

    It turns out that the resistance on the cable coming from the reactor was too great.
    Nuclear reactor in place......check
    Uranium in reactor............check
    Redstone reactor..............check (Reactor State = ON....THE GLOW CONFIRMS!)
    Wires connected...............check
    Wires going into a MSFU......check
    MSFU has room.................check
    Wire going into MSFU input...check

    Reactor generating power.....Negatory.


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    I am able to create software applications which can manipulate files directly related to minecraft. e.g I can produce an automatic updater, content sharing applications etc. If you think that I might be useful, then I am at your disposal :)
    Nothing released yet, am working on a game which will hit the retail market end of November.


    This is exactly what I need, if you need a forcefield texture, let me know and I will make one. Because I would much rather have a seethrough one to the bars.

    One thing I will say, can you make it so it extends up until it hits a block, but it requires 160 + (8 * number of blocks) of energy to run :)

    Edit: and this block only accepts redstone power from redstone, can you please make it so it can accept redstone from anything please??? it doesnt get rid of the water? It continuously pumps it up?

    Is it possible to generate snow? Charcoal is easy enough, but I can't see ice being made without snow... :(

    I have not found a way to make snow yet, I will just have loads of chests full of snow lol. WIsh there was a legit way to make it.