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    I have to test if my pc can handle IC² and fraps, but I'll gladly help you out. And what about other mods and textures? Almost everything I use IC² for has other mods involved and should I go back to default textures?

    I didn't actually think of that thank you. BuildCraft and RedPower and any non intrusive (visible in video) mods are allowed. Default texture pack please :). And thanks.

    For a video I am making I need small videos of people playing Industrial Craft 2, either silent or in-game sounds recorded, preferably at 720p (1280x720) format, preferably with the quick-bar disabled.

    The small videos need to be a couple of seconds, demonstrating an individual aspect of IC2.
    I will not be able to use every video, but if I use yours, I will mention your name in the video.

    Mods allowed are BuildCraft and RedPower, but they are not essential.
    Texture pack has to be the default one.

    Every helper will also get some part of my UNEF (underground nuclear experiment facility) dedicated to them.

    To submit, upload your video to either a web server or to youtube and provide me with a link either Private Message, or an email, . Or post the link on this thread.

    Thank you for your help.

    Is that a power meter block I see peeking out in the last photo :)

    It's good to see people using my mod! :D

    Yes it is :) can I give you a suggestion?
    (I have a very poor memory, I did read your post but I worked it out for myself, If I say something which is already implemented please don't shout)

    Make the counter reset when it gets a redstone current, and have a live updating eu/t number, it would be so much more useful :D

    Underground Nuclear Experiment Facility

    This thread is dedicated to the development of my UNEF. So far I have a basic coolant generator set up, the basic building, and part of the control room.

    The facility will have a Class V nuclear reactor which is cooled with Ice which is automatically generated by the system, there will be an advanced logic system to ensure the smooth running of the facility, and an emergency evacuation sequence should it be needed. I will be posting a new post per update, but it will be a detailed post on what I have done....not a few words.

    UNEF Episode #1:

    Try and make a 2.5 (1 row of 4 cells)

    4 cells is impossible, this is the best stable configuration I could come up with:

    Produces + 10 heat when water cooled from the outside. (IF the utility is correct). 3 cell maybe possible though...

    So ... Where do you get the ice from?

    Either compressed snowballs,
    Or too many items :)

    And on another note the calculation for the EU production was wrong, it produces about 100 eu less than I stated. Still don't have a screenshot though, been rebuilding after I left it running while I went to ran out of ice :(

    It is possible and its not a pain at all
    I have the 1.7.3 versions of IC2 , Redpower , BC and EE all together with out problems
    nice use if plating there but I prefer to have higher than 2 efficiency

    I will see if I can work out a way to get higher efficiency and still keep it a Mark I-I.
    And I had a lot of trouble installing, it kept on saying I had run out of ID's. Fixed now.

    Please us the -CASUC suffix
    for Constantly Applied SUC
    also your screenshot shows 500 EU/t ?

    Okay I will change my suffix, and yeah that screenshot was an old one :( sorry. Will update shortly.

    Edit: When your looking at thumbnails its very easy to upload the wrong one.

    Well buildcraft + IC2 + RedPower finally work on my system. So I made an automated coolant system for a nuclear reactor.
    Also, please please please fix the compatibility bugs between BC and IC2 :(

    Class A (4.35 Efficiency)
    Mark I-I (Cooled from the inside, never needs to be shut down)

    Chambers: 5 (Would be six if BC knew how to handle the chambers :) )
    Coolant Rate: 9i/t
    Energy Produce: 870 eu/t (Too much for a msfu to cope with :( )



    Here are some extra screenshots: notice the damage everywhere? Failed experiments...

    I lol'd when I saw 'C-4' ^^
    Nice design, although I personally find Mark-I's pretty useless.

    Yep, 20 eu/t is pretty pathetic :( once I manage to get build craft installed alongside ic and redpower I will see how much I can get out of a reactor when its being pumped full of coolant :)

    Its a pain in the backside getting these mods together, but others have apparently done it.

    Here is my reactor; very someone has probably already made it.

    Class C @ 2.0 efficiency (2 cells, 4 pulses, 20 eu/t)
    Mark I-I - Requires no maintenance, internally cooled
    4 Chambers

    A Vertical Field Array (VFA) operates in the same way as the field generator in IC with the exception of the field is produced vertically. When the field comes into contact with a block it will not extend any further, no matter how many EU's you put into it. The VFA acts as a battery storing a certain amount of EU, and when the field is damaged, energy is taken from the battery to repair the field. The field also requires energy to maintain.

    What do you think?