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    Currently when luminators are wired in parallel and all run off of a batbox they all flicker on and off untill enough charge builds up in their internal batteries to keep them lit for an entire energy net tick.

    This causes intense lag, from around 5 luminators onwards. Granted I am running on a limited platform at the moment however I have been able to get the game to 20 FPS, the game drops to 1 - 5 FPS until the luminators manages to sort them selves out because of the lighting updates.

    What I am proposing is that once a luminator deactivates it cannot reactivate until like a 5 second delay? A simple code change but it will allow small amounts of parallel luminators to run without using a lot of CPU.

    Could I also confirm that other people get this issue as well and its not just me?

    Actually, instead of using Too Many Items, I'd definitely recommend using Not Enough Items. Much better.

    It is not a matter of what is better. I too agree that NEI is better however I am having issues getting its dependencies to work with the newest version of forge.

    Too Many Items, does not have any dependencies, and noes not conflict with ANY mods (that I know of, feel free to correct me, other than NEI and recipe book).

    I suggested Too Many Items for this reason, to simply see if the blocks are in the game, not to be able to find the blocks you want in creative mode easily.

    +1 I like this, I would prefer bronze, as you need to use both copper and tin to unlock this additional recipe. So this isn't like an easy way to replace Iron. You do need to pay more energy into the crafting process to save that iron.

    Hi there, I have half created a way to automatically fire lasers.

    The lasers fire, and they do automatically pass through the MFSU and recharge. However the system has problems.

    The lasers do not pull enough charge out of the MSFU. They do pull some, but are not in the MFSU long enough to recharge the amount of energy lost per cycle. I have the lasers set to the lowest firing method. I can overcome this by passing the lasers through more than one MFSU but this is a rather space consuming solution, there must be a better one?
    The system has no way to remove dead lasers.
    The system has no way to have more than one laser in one loop at any one time.

    Does anyone have any suggestions to overcome these limitations? I know the screenshots are probably a bit vague as to how I have everything set up, so please ask questions if you want to help and are confused. My aim is to use an automatic mining laser defense system/recharge system with invasion mod.

    My idea tackles the annoying situation where you need to run a cable past a machine because of space constraints, but just can not do it because doing so means the machine will interface with the wire.

    Craft one by putting a painter with a yellow dye and black dye, then apply it to a wire you want to isolate. The isolated wire will connect to any other coloured wire (Or uncoloured wire) but will stay unconnected from all machines.

    Visually the cable will look like it has electrical tape around it, so yellow and black stripes.

    A small addition, but one I would find very handy in IndustrialCraft, what do you think?

    If there is a mod developer looking at this, and has some free time, and some charity, could they please contact me?

    I require some assistance ;(

    it is, if i remember correctly (video's are made back in 1.1 or 1.0) the coolant systems would eat 68 EU/Tick,

    i just love the advanced machine's add ons, gues its time for me to build an industrial monster... goal: dont let the coolants eat more then 50 eu/tick
    now THAT wil be an chalange :P

    Your on!

    glad to see CASUC is not that hard for some to make.

    i usualy go for the advanced machines add-on (mechanical part) to make my ice.

    consumes about 150 EU.tick off the reactor, works like an charm

    I have watched your videos, that seems like a lot more compact way to harvest it more energy efficient though?

    My only rule when creating things in creative is that unless REQUIRED as in low resistance is required, I will use high voltage cable over glass fiber cable.

    1) I think it looks better
    2) It costs less (If you were making it)
    3) I consider it cheating in my mind using glass fiber for everything

    Nice work!


    how much power does it consume for cooling? Propably around 300EU/t?

    About 100 eu/t, I can try and get an exact reading but it will take a bit of rewiring

    Okay I cannot get a stable reading, give me a bit

    Right so the readings fluctuated from 100 right up to 300. But when taken from 3000 ticks the average is 266 eu/t. I can make more optimizations to the wiring though. I bet I can shave that down to 200 eu/t if someone can build a more efficient reactor. I'm very competitive like that.

    Yes you read that right.
    No its not a typo.
    It has three 0's, 2000 EU't.

    Externally cooled by Ice, and the cooling circuit which does not require any finite resources does not use more energy than it creates.

    Here are some screen-shots. If you want a video or more details then let me know. I think im the first to do this and I want to cling to this bit of fame.

    The whole things

    The reactor itself


    Ice Feeds

    Snowball generation (Left)
    Power Management (Middle)
    Ice generation (Right)

    Edit: here is the inside of the reactor

    Wow, interesting idea adding structural integrity stuff to minecraft. Very ambitious and i'd hate to imagine porting it to Minecraft.
    Definitely interested in seeing it in action once it's stable enough though. Are you planning on supporting the IC2 concrete blocks? If not than it's going to be interesting making tall structures given the limited load capacity of stone and brick.

    I do not know if its the crappy Minecraft engine or my lack of knowledge of Java or a mixture of both which has made this port extremely difficult, I have actually asked Alblaka for help.

    I am planning to integrate all sorts of blocks with different properties for example stone will be more brittle than iron and glass will have a shattering effect. TNT will not just destroy blocks it will add structural stress, you could have a room which could catastrophically (wow I spelled that correctly first time!) fail with explosions. I plan to have some form of force fielding system which will take IC2 power and transfer it into structural stress.

    I plan great things for this mod
    Once I can get the basic algorithm to work ;(