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    Plants with similar attributes has a higher chance of appearing when crossbreeding. Alblaka said this in the Q&A thread when explaining how breeding works.

    Basically "In effect, crossing certain plants has a much higher chance to result in specific other plants, though usually there's a high chance to get whatever plant is directly participating in the breeding"

    As long as there's no tap in, then it's fermenting. You can't tell really what stage it's at, but the fermenting times given is for real life hours not minecraft time.

    Love Sphax texture for IC2 crops as they make the plants unique and easy to recognizes. When crossbreeding for a particlur plant it great to know what the starting stage looks like in order to not waste time growing unwanted plants. In this case Ferru and Aurelia both have the same starting stage.

    The top is regular melon and pumpkin stem. Notice how the Ferru and Aurelia are similar but greener. If you see that you're on the right track, otherwise destroy and reset the crop.

    I'm planning on making a more comprehensive guide soon.

    Just tried it and came up with this setup.

    Deployer on left. Two retrivers in middle and MFSU in right.

    There's a mining laser in the deployer and MSFU.

    Top Retriver Pulls Laser out of deployer and places it into top slot of MSFU.
    Bottom pulls charged laser out and places it into deployer.

    You'll need one control line for the firing and another to do the switch.

    I would have used some RP counters, timers, and retrievers. Figure out how many shots you get and how long it takes to charge to setup the counter and timer so that it pulses 2 retrievers after the last shot timed just as the other gun finish charging. One to pull the empty gun out and another to reload the deployer.

    I believe that redpower can pull items base on power level.

    Muhahahaha.. I present to you the completed Galactic Mining Vessel Calypso.

    Frontal View

    Side View

    Coming in for a landing

    Landed and ready to mine.

    Luckily Panel and cover don't seem to count for the frame linksize as I'm pretty much maxed out. Had to trim a lot of the front control room down from my initial design in order to free up space for the miner and refinery, but I like how it turned out.

    Figured I'll get started on my build, while waiting on the answer to the refinery question.

    I present to you the Mk5 engine.

    This is the basic layout for a compact two axis engine. The bottom levers are flipped to push the top motor out. The top lever are left on and automatically activate the top motor when they are push out to move the frame.

    Added the up/down motor to the ship.

    The nearly completed engine room with control lines in place.

    And here the bones of the GMV Calypso. I wanted the ship to have a slight Star Trek feel to it, which acounts for the slim body and roundish control section. Still need a lot of paneling to make it pretty, but all the basic layout there already.

    The iron paneling mark the floor of the control room, The darker flooring is a one block high area between the mining/ refinery area on the bottom of the ship and the control room on top and is where all the control wiring will go.

    Still to do:
    1. Finish Control room with direction and speed controls.
    2. Refinery area.
    3. Optional Landing pads?

    Surprise that no one completed either challenge yet. Anyway Started the Mining ship challenge and had a couple of rule clarifications I wanted to ask.

    1. Does the refinery complex have to be build into the ship or could it be like a base station instead where your ship would dock and unload?

    2. If it does, can we make a mothership design where the mothership still meets all the requirements of course, but also have a detachable mining ship that can move up and down independently? IE for mining in area that the mothership might have trouble landing on. (Besides I think it'll be more cool this way:D )

    3. Last question how "pretty" does it have to be? Can it be just an open platform?, flying box?, or does it have to look at least somewhat like a spaceship?