Automatic Reloading of Lasers

  • Hi there, I have half created a way to automatically fire lasers.

    The lasers fire, and they do automatically pass through the MFSU and recharge. However the system has problems.

    The lasers do not pull enough charge out of the MSFU. They do pull some, but are not in the MFSU long enough to recharge the amount of energy lost per cycle. I have the lasers set to the lowest firing method. I can overcome this by passing the lasers through more than one MFSU but this is a rather space consuming solution, there must be a better one?
    The system has no way to remove dead lasers.
    The system has no way to have more than one laser in one loop at any one time.

    Does anyone have any suggestions to overcome these limitations? I know the screenshots are probably a bit vague as to how I have everything set up, so please ask questions if you want to help and are confused. My aim is to use an automatic mining laser defense system/recharge system with invasion mod.

  • I would have used some RP counters, timers, and retrievers. Figure out how many shots you get and how long it takes to charge to setup the counter and timer so that it pulses 2 retrievers after the last shot timed just as the other gun finish charging. One to pull the empty gun out and another to reload the deployer.

    I believe that redpower can pull items base on power level.

  • Just tried it and came up with this setup.

    Deployer on left. Two retrivers in middle and MFSU in right.

    There's a mining laser in the deployer and MSFU.

    Top Retriver Pulls Laser out of deployer and places it into top slot of MSFU.
    Bottom pulls charged laser out and places it into deployer.

    You'll need one control line for the firing and another to do the switch.

  • You could get the charging bench mod?
    Simply hook it up to put the mining laser in the charging bench (the charging bench is connected via a detector cable to a MFSU), you use a detector cable to detect when power stops moving from the MFSU to the bench you activate a retriever. Alternatively couldn't you just have something like this?
    Trigger -> Deployer (fires mining laser) -> Retriever (pulls out laser, puts in MFSU) -> RP2 repeater (tuned to wait long enough for one charging cycle) -> Retriever (puts mining laser back in deployed).