What am I doing Wrong cant get Ferru with WELL over 30hours just on Crops.

  • Lets not beat around the bush (pun intended)
    Ok .. so in waiting for the sever I want too play on too open (1 week away now). The sever will have no EE so these Crops will be helpful later on when matts start too gain value. I have spent Well over 30+ hours on Crops alone (disabled so all I do is play games).

    I Have read / watched everything thier is on crops .. but I can not for the life of my get Ferru, knowing that Iron will be a big part of A non EE sever, that is the plant I most want ... but it wont show up for me.

    This is what I have done Have a Farm land with 3x dirt under it .. it is in swamp, their is one on swamp lvl and about 25x blocks higer then it . Also have A bunch of Crops in grasslands.

    All of my Crops are 9x9 with 1x farmland and 3x dirt under all have water cell and crop-matron(stocked).

    I have tryed (still tying) Reed/melon , stickyreed/stickyreed, all the flowers, Coco/stickyreed, ect ect .. every combo I have... I have tryed on a HUGE scale.

    I have
    Reed,Wheat,pumpkin,melon,rose,dandelion,Cyazint,Venomilla,Cocoa,Coffie,stickyreed,Blackthorn, & red and blue mushrooms.
    I have well over Six 9x9 plots running all combos and I am not getting it.

    Read that I need Iron ore under it for it last stages .. even have a few with iron under the farmland now but keep gett the same old same old .. just grows really slow.

    They only thing I can think of is .. I am not in development build... going to try that now ..

    Also, anyone got pics of it with spahx installed ?

    thank you

  • EDIT: Just read last bit on there. I would say it probably just takes a while. I remember when I started trying crops out I couldn't get much of anything to grow, and the damn trampling got some of the ones I did get.

  • EDIT: Just read last bit on there. I would say it probably just takes a while. I remember when I started trying crops out I couldn't get much of anything to grow, and the damn trampling got some of the ones I did get.

    but .. 30+ hours of crops only .. and none ??? If this were a real game I could not do just 30 hours of crops ... i would have too mine and do other stuff ... weeds would of killed it.

    I am doing something wrong or its broke ..

    I am not joking when I say I have 30+ hours of tending too crops ... it was fun at first .. now i am ready to brake my keyborder every time something grows and its not the Ferru.

  • Based on my own crop experiments in SMP, I've gotten my first Ferru, and Aurelia seeds from crossbreeding a pair of Redwheat plants. I'd suggest you try to get redwheat first (since they have a weird light requirement compared to other crops), then go cross them into themselves. In my experience they also seem to go crossbreed themselves into a variety of lower tier plants like melons.

    If you're wondering how I got to redwheat:

    Stickreed Pair -> Hops
    Hops + Stickreed or Hops Pair -> Redwheat (this needs a controlled light environment though)

    May I ask how you gotten coffee though? It's the only plant I have yet to breed successfully.

    As far as I know, there really are some plants that only emerge from certain cross combos...

  • it poped up between a 3x way of Coco, Neatherwart and stickreed ...

  • On my search for coffee, it turns out a combination of Netherwart and Cocoa can give Ferru for some reason. It also gave me melons one time and dandelions another time though.

  • the higher tiers that you cross breed the more likely it is to get ferru. netherwart and terrawart make good short cut because the products of these can be planted crop sticks for rapid expansion and start at like tier 7.

    true balance is impossible in video games the best one can hope for is to make it really hard to guess which of 2 choices are better.

  • Love Sphax texture for IC2 crops as they make the plants unique and easy to recognizes. When crossbreeding for a particlur plant it great to know what the starting stage looks like in order to not waste time growing unwanted plants. In this case Ferru and Aurelia both have the same starting stage.

    The top is regular melon and pumpkin stem. Notice how the Ferru and Aurelia are similar but greener. If you see that you're on the right track, otherwise destroy and reset the crop.

    I'm planning on making a more comprehensive guide soon.

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    I got ferru from stickreed/stickreed crossbreed. It grows REALLY slowly if you don't fertilize/hydrate it and if your biome is cold/dry.

    Nutrient, hydration , Biome, height, clear view of sky, crops nearby affects crop growth.