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    Even in .35 i'm still having problems with the batbox and its redstone emissions.

    It does not seem to update the redstone around it, so it "technically" turns them on and off, but only if you update the redstone manually.

    Also, i'm confused: Are crops supposed to revert if walked on or not? Because sometimes mine do revert if walked upon.

    they give 2 uses inside CF pack...

    sprayer gone async since it's code executed locally, this reported to be fixed in 107

    search button


    Go and show me where this bug has been reported?!?

    If the answer to every report is "search button" this will be my last bug report. It is quite arrogant to assume that no one uses the damn button.
    For the last 2 bugs i reported i used the search -> no result (original thread was slightly different wording) AND asked in the IRC channel (no one knew of this bug).
    The thing with the Batboxes was reported, but i can not find a bug report for the CFSprayer.

    Go use the search button before telling people that their bugs have already been reported.

    When the CFSprayer is charged with pellets they should give you 2 uses but they give only one.

    If you use the Sprayer to apply CF to Scaffolding sometimes the Scaffolding is not removed correctly but _also_ stays on the same Block as the CF. Result is a glitchy Block that does not let you go on contact. (Relog does remove the CF and place original Scaffold back)
    Sometimes Scaffolding is removed correctly but can not be gained back (No entity to pickup).

    Those are all SSP errors.

    You would think by now Mojang would give "early releases" to massive modders like IC2/Buildcraft/etc so they could get a month or two head start on massive changes.

    They actually release the current snapshots, but since everything in these snapshots could change without warning i can understand why the modders do not (or only very carefully) work with the snapshots.

    How long has 1.3 been out for so many mods to not be updated yet? Makes me wanna say recently but people are already talking about a 1.4 release lol. I took a break since 1.8 so its been a while since I played :)

    If i get it correctly then the internal changes from 1.2.5 to 1.3.2 where quite massive, so it's no wonder that it takes some time to adapt the mods.

    RP is not released yet, so nothing is really wrong with IC beta-testers taking their time.

    And since IC2 is not released yet, Eloraam can take her time with the release of RP.

    I would also pledge for the release of the current version, with a bugfix afterward, as long as there are no game breaking bugs present.
    Buildcraft did a semi-official release of their pre-version, and for me it's working great :)

    20 GAME ticks. This simulator is running on REACTOR ticks, which is one every second :D

    Edit: Yeah, simulator indeed thinks the Uran cells lasts 200k ticks ?(

    Edit2: Are heat derivators SUPPOSED to hold infinite amounts of heat? They sure don't in-game...

    Okay, then i think we have a wording issue, because i thought that Alblaka wrote in his tutorial 20 TICKS(game) would be 1 PULSE(reactor).

    (Okay, i just looked it up, he wrote the following:


    A single uranium cell will "pulse" once. Pulses mean energy and heat production. Generally, all uranium cells will pulse at once every few moments (to be exact, once every second), which is called the "Reactor Pulse/Tick".
    Each pulse will produce 100 EU, spread over 1 second (20 ticks)

    I would assume so, otherwise there is little reason for the IHD to be able to move 25 heat a tick to the hull(6 a sec from all surrounding cells = 24 heat in/out, then put it into/pull it from the hull). Other thing i've noticed, the planner seems to think the U-cells will last 20X as long as they should... they should be dead in 10,000 reactor ticks(or seconds)

    Shouldn't the U-cells last 200.000 ticks = 10.000 seconds?
    I think it is 20 ticks per second...

    Hey Ruby,
    You beat me to it!

    I also have developed a prototype for such an app in c#...

    I have noticed that your heat dispersion does not seem to be optimal, if you place an uranium cell, a heat disperser and a cooling cell there is no heating..