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    Update your Waila and NEI

    Also you may need to add Colour glass to things your oredict understands.

    I have a little bit of cross mod integration bonus bits.

    Your wrenches and hammers need to not open GUI's but for most other mods EG: Buildcraft and misc..
    the wrenches work but the GUI gets opened. They would be perfect without the gui opening :D

    Recipes will need reworking in 1.7 anyways and I can bet you Skyboy wont do it.

    Edit: Pwnie2012 if u keep game breaking things out of MFR ill do a recipe list and MFR GT config :P /problemsolved
    Edit2: And hope to hell that PC comes back soon or fork

    Macerate > Wash

    You will get the output of a ind grinder, much slower but you will also get an absolute crap-load of stone dust.
    I have a separate ore line setup to produce stone dust.

    Edit: /sigh Skyboy removing all GT compatability with MFR in 1.7 now but has removed most of the oredict stuffup code.

    PM Me for key
    Btsync read only key

    Have a look through some of those configs to see some tweaks and fixes. Also get rid of TE its full of cheap easily exploitable things like tesseracts, movable tanks, movable chests, auto-clickers etc.. (All sorts of cross mod exploits)

    Protip: run power production into a battery of some form. That way you are able to guarantee the output of things.

    @EU ouputs, something is changing the IC2 output for your semifluid generator. Mine outputs 32EU/t and 128k EU (Just did the same tests)
    If I were you I would find out what is changing outputs of your IC2 machines, also see if it does it when GT is installed.

    The best way for compact machine walls is. Unless you want to add automation.

    Edit: Also I tuned my Diesil Gen to output 140K EU compared to IC2's 128k. So you either build more for the speed or go for speed and lose a little efficiency.

    I have a feeling that wire crafting may be a major bottleneck.
    Rather than building multiple wire machines to keep up with demand, I think it may feel better and more immersive to setup a selection (I havnt setup a test system yet) but that is what I am thinking.
    But I also think that once a recipie has a motor in it, dont bother with cables in the main machine. Assume it is using a tiny bit of cable hanging out of the motor coils for connection purposes and perhaps add some reinforcing to the machines or something similar.

    Actually I would personally cut back on the cable use a little in recipes.
    It can sometimes be a little tempting to go overboard with a new item/feature, I think you may have done that just a little. Not much but a little bit.

    Edit: @ M3ga
    Yeah their speed seems to be different afaik.

    Odd my game is running silky smooth (And its a 2nd game)
    You really need to make your cables and pipes have correct bounding boxes. It would be such a brilliant upgrade. New recipes seem quite all right, however what is there in the lines of early automation.
    Not automation with machines n stuff (Plenty of mods for that) but the crafting table recipies

    And if you get around to adding recipies, make them so you can just choose what teir oif item you want output.
    IE Setup recipe for Motor, when u use a recipe just throw it in the crafting table and select a tier. Would be a huge quality of life improvement.