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    Depending on which shit stuff he implements with 1.9 and 1.10 we will probably release a IC² version running for 1.8, 1.9 or 1.10 .
    I would recommend backing up server and client jar from each release date.

    Did anyone else notice how stupid it is to call a version of 1.10, which could be mistaken with 1.1(.0) ?

    I was thinking the same thing

    wont it be good when there is no more stupid beta then modders can not have to worry about porting but can actually focus on modding

    I was useing my nuclear reactor at one stage then some thing went wrong when i tried to wired a geothermal bunch to the same line linking to my MFSU. Anyway my nuclear reactor exploded ;( (because of wiring so no nuclear explosion) but i built another one using alot of necessary resources for my current solar activity so that was delayed but i linked it differently to some transformers to help with the whole exploding thingy, but when i put uranium cells in with some cooling cells (im a nuclear noob) it doesn't produce power AT ALL! i pulled out my rusty old ec-thing/meter/measureotron and it says its not making any power but its consuming my uranium cells like it should be (when it does produce power). The weird thing is it worked at one stage then it didn't.

    Im confused ?( , any help:?:

    For me, I use an MFE and LV Transformer to supply power to the miner -- works just fine :). You'll need roughly 1 million EU to get to bedrock with a maxed out miner (Crystal drill + UV Scan) - so 10 energy crystals.

    You can also use an MFSU, 1 lapotron crystal should be just enough power.

    this is the exact same way as me
    mine goes like this
    S C
    S M L Mi
    S=Solar panel, M=MFE, L=LV transformer, Mi=Miner, C=Chest
    i have 3 energy crystals i do 2 trips and im done
    (PS i use the diamond drill and the OV) :D

    not to be a knife in your master plan here but i dont really like this MAINLY because of crap EU rates you propose currently are far lower than the current ones other than that it looks fine
    (1 lava cell=20000EU currently)
    (1 lava cell + 1 water cell + refined iron=3000EU your version)
    im not liken it

    that would be good too

    i kinda like the current force field because it is like a real force field (MC style) however i would like a different texture for it thou. the little diamond shapes in them is just weird. a cool looking force field would be like a transparent coloured block that gives off a moving texture to it. the invisibility doesn't work very well for a high tech super awesome looking machine of the future

    Or how about instead of your rotary macerator getting faster getting more efficient, by producing more oar dust per oar block. this would in the long run make the maceration process faster because it would yield more products in the same amount of time. Or in other words the oar dust per second ratio would be greatly improved.

    i have some comments
    1. we are not rowing boats, ore as in iron ore is spelled like so (not oar as in a boat oar (the big stick with a funny end you use to push water currents propelling yourself in a forward motion))
    2. the request for a better macerator that yields more ore has been denied
    3. a faster more reasonable machine like the rotary macerator is a good idea
    4. the maceator is a great machine that already increases your mining efficiency by 100% making it overpowered makes it boring and less fun/challenging

    all in the end i support this and think it can be coded much like the induction furnace so fairly easy to implement (i think (im not a coder))

    i just thought of a cool idea how about a gui in the personal safe that has a keypad and you can put a certain code in so more than 1 person can open it
    however upon destruction you can then reset the password. also you would have to add a way to put the password in after its been placed

    I find the trees are too tall and most of my stuff is has a base elevation of about 75. I cant even hop onto the roof of most of my buildings. =/

    And forget using it to build on a mountain side. Which was the reason I built it in the first place.

    what do you mean building it on a mountain side? you just cut 2 blocks out and then do the rest from the inside