Cheapest and Most Efficient Solar Wiring

  • The method I have found to be the most efficient for wiring solar panels is to use tin wire which can run 12 long without loss and a MV Transformer to send to MFSU. This system can support 364 solar panels without loss and can be scaled back for use with a LV Transformer and MFE. You do have to be careful when walking around it because uninsulated tin wires do hurt and for this reason should add the transformer last.

  • Nice matrix , just keep in mind that tin cables are not supposed to be that good and will be nerfed in the next version

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  • Checking with "Player", looks like tin will not be nerfed, other than it loosing is "shocking" quality. It will most likely maintain it .0025 Resistance (39 block) ratings.

  • Hmm well I found a loss of the 1EU solar panel output after 12 cables but if your saying they are supposed to run up to 39 that would be quite ridiculous saying as that would allow a total of 3280 solar panels in a single array but for anything greater than 512 you would have to use a MFSU instead of a MV Transformer to prevent energy loss and anything greater than 1024 per array would cause energy loss period as you would charge the MFSU in a third of the daylight.

  • Cool, but not necessarily useful. The only use for this I can see is direct powering of a Matter generator, as smaller, simpler solar trees/flowers/mushrooms more than suffice to power most workshops, miners, etc.

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