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    I was exploring the flatland area on my Millenaire world where I made the Item/Sell/Energy-O-Mat tutorial, when I found a weird occurrence of cobblestone.

    I went through the hole and found an UNDERWATER DUNGEON! (kinda)

    I took a few luminators and tapped the water with them.

    Digging out the sand which fell on the chest...

    Exposing a single chest with cocoa beans, bread, 2 iron ingots, 2 saddles and redstone dust.

    Seed: -1195132350
    Location: (132,65,80)

    This tutorial will teach you how to get paid with IC coins on IndustrialCraft selling machines in multiplayer, by selling energy or items. You can also buy items.

    The IC Coin
    The IC Coin is crafted from a single iron ingot and yields 64 IC.

    You can organize your IC coins into Stacks of IC. Just put your IC in the crafting table:

    ...and you can get your IC back by crafting the stack:

    Personal chests: how to not get looted
    Getting your profit looted (stolen) from your normal chests is a shame. That's why IndustrialCraft adds a new type of chest, the Personal Chest . They can only be opened by you once opened for the first time, and can only be destroyed by wrenches after that. Due to its nature, you can't make a double personal chest.
    Personal chests do work with O-Mat machines, just use them as normal chests. Crafting a personal chest out of a chest and 4 iron ingots:

    Selling items with the Item-O-Mat
    With an Item-O-Mat , you can sell items for IC coins. The Item-O-Mat works by obtaining the item and the value from a chest adjacent to the Item-O-Mat.
    You can craft 3 Item-O-Mats from 5 iron ingots, 1 redstone dust and 1 chest.

    After placing the Item-O-Mat, place a chest or personal chest next to it. The chest must have the price in the last slot (you can also use stacks of IC, which are worth 9 IC coins), and the item to be sold in the rest of the slot. Example of Item-O-Mat placement, and selling dirt for 3 IC each:

    Right-click the Item-O-Mat to open its GUI. In there we can buy the dirt we just put up for sale. Here's the Item-O-Mat in action:

    The dirt is given to the buyer and the coins are put in the chest. Here's the result of buying the dirt with 1 coin stack:

    And we're done with Item-O-Mats.

    Selling energy with Energy-O-Mats
    Energy-O-Mats allow you to sell energy for IC coins. Once the Energy-O-Mat is fed coins, any cable which is not a power source will receive power from the power source connected to the Energy-O-Mat.
    Energy-O-Mats are crafted from a single Item-O-Mat or Sell-O-Mat and two cables:

    Use them similarly to Item-O-Mats: A chest adjacent to the Energy-O-Mat has the value paid PER 4000 EU in the last slot. Unlike Item-O-Mats, you don't need to put any items in the chest, only the coins.

    You should connect a power source to an Energy-O-Mat, otherwise it won't give power.

    Again, right-click the Energy-O-Mat to open its GUI and feed it coins.

    Once you feed it coins, the power destination will start receiving power - in this case, the MFS Unit will charge.

    And we're done with Energy-O-Mats.

    Buying items with Sell-O-Mats
    Sell-O-Mats aren't working as expected for me, so the tutorial for them will have to wait.

    Please read this post before making any bug report. IC has a lot of bugs, most of them are known.
    If a bug disappeared, means it was solved.

    * Item-O-Mats show the sold item's class name on SSP and nothing on SMP, and the offer count (ie. 10x) doesn't span across other chest slots
    -> Cause: Not implemented by Alblaka

    * The nanosuit is full of bugs.
    -> Cause: Have I told you the nanosuit is strictly EXPERIMENTAL?

    * Powering a MFE Transmitter or MFS Unit with a Bat-Pack will not drain the Bat-Pack's power
    -> Cause: Code bug

    Errors - Client
    Check if the crash log or error contains the text from each error:

    -> Cause: You enabled the industrially improved pickaxe without adding the proper au.class (1.7.3) or at.class (1.6.6) file to minecraft.jar
    -> Solution: Add the files from the "Industrially Improved Pickaxe" folder to minecraft.jar

    * ZMod: One or more errors detected... mod not enabled
    -> Cause: Zombe's mods are incompatible with the nanosuit.
    -> Solution: Install either Zombe's mods or the nanosuit.

    Multiplayer (SMP)
    * MFE Transmitters and MFS Units don't show their stored energy correctly
    -> Cause: Minecraft limitation (communication restricted to 16-bit integers)
    -> Solution: As of v8.00, MFE Transmitters and MFS Units show their stored energy as a chat message when they are rightclicked. Also, as of v8.50, MFE Transmitters (and only MFEs) show their stored energy properly.

    * EC Manipulators always return 0 EU on cables
    -> Cause: Not implemented by Alblaka, but a fix was coded and is undergoing testing.

    * Depleting electric tools breaks them
    -> Cause: Unknown

    * Values for Energy/Item/Sell-O-Mats aren't shown properly
    -> Cause: Not implemented by Alblaka

    * Jetpacks and batpacks are disabled
    -> Cause: Jetpacks are currently full of bugs in multiplayer

    * Reinforced doors won't respond properly or will respond erroneously
    -> Cause: State change bug

    * Placing a cobweb (spider web) on top of a solar panel crashes the server
    -> Cause: Not implemented by Alblaka

    * Right-clicking a windmill crashes the client (NullPointerException)
    -> Cause: Unknown

    * Normal drills will randomly deplete
    -> Cause: Unknown
    -> Needs updating