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    Since when did forge start not crashing the client when ID's are conflicting? Was better that way imo.
    Seems like that only happens when 2 blocks have the same ID's - not with two items or an item and a block.

    It was never different I think.

    But previously there was a Hard Limit between Items and Blocks.
    Since the Block ID range shifted we have Items and Blocks in the same range - at last the Vanilla Items.

    Will Item IDs resolved by Forge, or will they be hardcoded into the mod?

    One nice side effect, is it will output directly into a tank, so you can bypass at least the need for worrying about outputting directly to steam generators. I think (but haven't verified) that it works on the same steam/eu ratio that the turbines do, so a 16 to 5 ratio, i.e. a uranium cell puts out 16 steam per pulse. With a 9x9x8 tank, you could fit a whole lot of pipes to output to the steam turbines then.

    Unfortunately a tank won't output directly into a steam turbine, but even without any addons that give you bigger pipes or cobble gold pipes, you can output 21 gold pipes per face of that tank, so assuming you have the reactor taking up one face, that's still 26 turbines. Although I'd hate to actually have to design that mess of pipes and wires. Love to see it, hate to design it. :)

    I had done some tests with the steam reactor and iron tanks. It's not really Working. You have to pump the Steam out ( waste of BC Energy ) and you are limited to the bottom layer of the tank for steam output - you can't use 21 pipes per side.

    I like the idea of steam reactors, but without an alternate output it makes Nuclear Power weak.
    We need a Distribution System like HV, MV, LV Cables and Transformers for Steam :)

    And Reactors need to consume water to produce steam! Currently i get Steam from a dry Reactor!

    Ok, did i get it right? There wont be an update until MC v1.3?
    You will not support a „stable“ Version of IC that fixes a lot of bugs?

    Instead you wait for an Update of Minecraft witch will have many new changes and (again) will cause months of trouble?
    I could understand if you don't want to make an update for the 1.3.0 version and instead make an update after all other mods are stable.

    After all this changes in MC1.3 it will take some time until the major mods are up to date...

    Nobody needs new stuff, but your nice mod isn't working with this important IC Update.
    Please just fix it for IC1.97...

    No, this version isn't working with IC1.97!

    As posted before, the mod will crash the game on placing Petrochemical Generators.
    I got the same error, and it crashes my server on Login.
    This error occurred after the IC1.97 update - nothing else was changed.

    Log of my Server:

    IC V1.97

    With ICv1.95b BCIC Crossover runs pretty well.

    I hope this will be fixed before MC1.3. I really need the fixes of IC1.97 on my server.

    i am old-fashioned ;) github , sourceforge,... is me much too modern... I prefer the good old zips :D ...

    PS me for old-fashioned ^^

    Sourceforge is modern? I like SF but there is nothing new - SVN is Simply the default Methode for Source Management.
    If you Distribute the source in zip files, you propably will create multiple MFFS Versions with an incompatible codebase.

    PS: Thanks for making this Opensource

    After 3 months waiting for an SMP Update, i will remove this mod from my server. Because of the overflow bug we did not build very much with this Mod. I hope i can remove the mod without Crashing my server...
    If you know the location of the Block and Items of this mod you clould try to remove it too. Delete all MFFS Blocks and Items before you Delete the mod files.

    It's a realy nice mod, but its unusable for SMP.

    I am concerned with the legitimacy of your players' item gathering and/or the time they must spend on the server to gain such ludicrous resources in five days. Unless they are hardcore players who have run the routine before, then they may have simply hacked in the items. If they have somehow managed to acquire them legitimately, then I applaud their work, and you should too! They most certainly deserve the full effects of quantum armor, and I disagree that it is too powerful for the cost.

    We play IC2 on a copy of our vanilla MC World. Everyone has mined much iron, redstone and diamonds in the past.

    How to get your QS in 5 Days:

    Prerequisite: Play as a team und trade recources!

    Day one: Build a new mine on fresh chunks for copper, tin.. - and find some rubber trees.
    Day two and three: Craft 2 Miners and a good energy source. Now mining, mining, mining... after some Hours you should have got multiple stackes of all new ores.
    Day four: Setup Mass Fab und build Solar Pannells, make scrab from all this cobblestone / dirt you have mined in the past and feed the fabricator.
    End of the 5th day: Build Iridium Plates - Everything else is already crafted ;)

    No need for cheats.

    The suit IS overpowered. The runtime of the suit is mutch to high.

    You can't balance the suit with the build costs. After 5 days every player on my server had an quantum suit.
    If you change the build costs it will take 10 or 20 days, but carts and boats will continue to become useless at some point.

    The electric jetpack has a better ballance. 80 seconds flighttime feel pretty fair to me.

    Eloraam seems to be working on a Light Sensor for the RedPower Mod.
    I use RP with IC2 and BC. I don't want to play Minecraft without these mods.

    I think there is no need for a Redstone Lightsensor in IC2, it's stuff for RedPower
    in most cases you will anyway need a circuit to process the output of the sensor.
    At this point you will simply love the Redpower mod.

    The Luminator would be a nice addition to detect active Cables.
    Why not split it up in 4 versions, one for every power level?

    The change of the Texture is much more important than the emmiting light level, i think.
    In this way you can view the load on the Texture. ( 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% )

    II like this idea.
    With this forcefield it should be possible to create doors and walls.
    The field generator should be controled by Redstone.

    This would be useful on SMP Servers:
    You can build rooms with Obsidian or ( generated ) Bedrock and block the entrance with a Force Field.
    Power generation works inside of the Chamber with Water-Generators. A Redstone ( Redpower ) code lock will deactivate the Field from inside.

    To prevent an manipulation by destroying the generator, the field must protect the visible ( emitting ) side of the generator. All other faces could be protected by Bedrock.

    Currently there is no way to secure a room. Either you breake the door with your diamond tool, or you use a redstone torch.

    Another Style to generate a Forcefield:
    Make the FF Generator less Expensive and simply generate some "Field Blocks" above the Generator.
    Turning the Generator with a wrench will change the Field direction.
    For a wall you place a row of field generators on the ground.
    Blocks above the generator will limiting the Size and power consumtion.
    Would it be possible to create an UI, to control the size / power consumtion?


    nice to see a mod like this without the
    need of Bukkit.

    Is it possible for you to extend this mod with a command for Chunk Management / Keep Alive ( /keepchunk )?

    For Bukkit there is ForeverALoad. but i
    can't find something that works without Bukkit.

    I want to use IC2 on my server as soon
    as it is released for smp. It wold be nice if i could build a large Power
    Plant and deliver the energy to other players. But the Cables
    currently have too cross some inactive Chunks.