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    If i considered it a valuable concept, i will do.

    However, ever heard of glass floors? Mobs cant spawn on them ^^

    First: Damn it, I hope I didn´t plant the seed (pun intended) of something evil coming our way ;)
    Secound: Well, I actualy didn´t thought of that up until now.

    Alblaka already stated that there aren´t any plants implemented that require a certain hightlevel to grow, so I think we can rule that one out. Redstone as a fertilizer could be possible for the final growthstage as with Ferru and Ironore under the crop, but I thinks thats unlikely. Which leaves us with a strong maybe for a required lightlevel, my guess would be that it has to be somewhere slightly above ore around a Redstonetorch, because I don´t think Al would force us to build a breedingroom where mobs will spawn, as RSTs emit lightlevel 7 and mobs spawn at 7 or lower.

    Crashes on IC² 1.70

    Because the crash happens directly after loading Advanced Machines I first thought its that one.
    But after deleting AdvMach the error persisted and I took a closer look, I highlighted the line stating its Charging Bench.

    My guess from seeing you are using RP2 pr4d and such, you are trying to load this Addon for IC² 1.42 and MC 1.0.0 on MC 1.1.0 with IC² 1.64 installed.</init>
    Well that and the fact that Advanced Machines loads before IC² should be the issues.</init>

    hey i do use periods in codeing but not in conversations okay god and besides i have to wait for the ic2 api to be fixed and yes i dont really reply to stuff that often so i only use periods in codeing and my friend dose most of the codeing and he uses periods im doing the sprites

    Well, you don´t make any sense at all.
    You have to go coding, you use periods in coding, you have to wait for the API before you can continue with your coding.
    BUT you don´t code you only do the sprites.
    Yeah right, I think we´ll see a release of this addon around the day the sun burns out?

    Hi, it seems that I can´t plant any cocoa beans in a world generated using IC² 1.64.
    I tried it with 1.62 and its all good, also if I update to 1.64 and continue on using the 1.62 generated world. But when I open a new world with 1.64 installed I can´t plant any cocoa.

    The problem is that the Addon is loaded before IC². May be an issue with modloaderMP as we had that for quite some time but has been fixed recently, try it with a fresh download of mlMP.

    adde-pade Supplying a minecraft.jar would be against Mojangs EULA, but you could use MC Downgrader.…me-machine-for-minecraft/

    Seems like modloader is trying to load advanced machines before IC², so it doesn´t find all the IC² base machines of witch the Advanced ones inherrit their propperties.
    It´s a known bug of modloader when running on linux, I think I read somewhere it´s working kind of fine, when you put the contents of the IC² Server Jar directly into the minecraft server jar instead of using the mods folder.

    The bar on his Screen isn´t full, because it´s an animation to show you how the pump works up pressure to extract the next block of fluid it finds.
    ie. It gets fom empty to full, pumps 1 Block of Lava/Water into a Cell, jumps to empty and then beginns the circle from new.

    For crying out loud, THIS IS A FRIGGIN ID CONFLICT! BOTH the reactor and the graphene lattice. Sort out the ID's manually, or if using ID resolver put mod_missile at top priority, then delete all saved ID's.

    EDIT2: Please add informations about ID conflicts to the OP, Kentington. We are obviously being horded by forum newbies who dont know that their question might have been answered a few pages back.

    At least I´m a learning newbie, this time around I just went through all my configs, sorted every ID into a table file and changed whats needed changing. ;)
    It´s a bit of a hassle, but at least you won´t run into problems with addons that don´t play nice with ID Resolver out of the box ;)

    Ah, tanks for the hint.
    I didn´t use ID Resolver, but just installed it to test that, it seems like the IDs 201 through 205 collide with the Forestry Mod.

    EDIT: Using ID-Resolver (I know its lazy and sooo not cool) I raised the priority of Rocket Science , reassigned some IDs of Forestry and later Wireless Redstone (as the new IDs of Forestry collided with those xD) and now it all seems to work just fine. :)