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    I have this error in the log:
    2012-12-05 15:15:09 [INFO] [STDOUT] CONFLICT @ 29870 item slot already occupied by ic2.common.ItemCropSeed@4c1ea0c3 while adding org.ldg.seedmanager.ExtendedCropSeed@6ecc893f

    I will assume it isn't intentional and remap.

    Ok, nothing about this item is IC2.SeedManager.cfg. Guess I can't change it. Just need to bump the block ID above 255 to reserve space for world spawn blocks.

    Sounds like a good idea to me.
    Plus side: No more worrying about that misplaced block, especially in the early game when power is hard to get.
    Minus side: taking a bunch of MFSU to your temp base instead of having to build a mini generation facility. I think the availability of laptron crystals makes this point moot.

    I've updated the pre-release download link. It seems to be running properly on true servers now, and I fixed a display failure caused by being in negative coordinates. (I hate java's broken % operator.)

    I have gotten an error trying to use this. Could it be that this is the first mod that loads?

    I am having issues with this mod installed next to buildcraft. some of my buildcraft items (not blocks) are getting overwritten with mffs items.

    here is the error:

    Here is the MFFS item config:

    Here is the BC item config:

    Usually I can fix these issues myself. This one, however, has me stumped. Any ideas?

    The forum helped me. There is only one array for storing blocks AND items. Items are stored in itemID+256. (argh why not 4096??) Turns out that item id of the redstone chipset '3817' +256 = 4037, which is also the block id of the MFFSSecurityStation. All of my chipsets got turned into security stations with different damage values... Putting a bug on the buildcraft github.

    How long until we get a pipe/logistics card that pull spent (or almost spent) coolant cells out of a reactor. And another pipe/card that only pulls out undamaged coolant cells. Once you have that, you need 2 reactors and you are golden.

    You could use two reactors. One for energy production and one for venting. You would then need to swap spent cooling cells for fresh ones. Now we just need a way to filter on damage amount when pulling items from an inventory.

    Cropmatron affects cropblocks, not the farmland blocks. You can place it 1 layer above crops and it will still work.

    Why are you actually spending time waiting on an answer instead of simply placing a cromatron and checking whether it does stuff?

    Nope, I have it set up this way already. It has been using resources. I just wanted to make sure because the wiki isn't all that clear. Hard to be sure without a soil testing device that shows the levels in the crops.