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    I like how you built a house for each miner. Do you run the wiring underground, in the air, or sneaker-net it with power crystals? Also, have you thought of using buildcraft templates to build the house? I wonder if that would even work..

    Taranis, that is one cool idea. Your own mobile drilling gantry... I can see putting one together using the buildcraft oil wells and teleport pipes. I now have something to do once the filler is done building my castle out of stone bricks.

    Oh, about the quarries, I like putting them over water so the lava they hit turns to obsidian...

    Energy units don't stack makes sense. I assumed that all energy entering a cable tile would be added together. To get round this I have reworked the solar plant. I have put 5 generators round a bat box that outputs to my main transformer system. The solar plant works now and I think I understand the energy system a little better. Thanks for the help

    Overcoming this energy loss is the driving force behind the design of the solar flowers. Otherwise we would have long lines of solar panels with bat boxes on the end.

    I place a 32 cell solar flower with 2-3 serial batboxes in the center of my mining area and then go do other stuff while the OV(9x9)/diamond drill powered miner does its thing. I don't worry too much about it stalling.

    It is not like there is a spin up delay between when power is added and when it is used.

    I think you are making a big deal out of nothing. I had a 32 panel solar flower and 10 wind generators at the top of the world. This kept my set of macerators and furnaces churning on the output of 3 buildcraft quarries with plenty of energy to spare to keep a matter fab going (slowly, but going). Just watch your MFS unit or bat boxes. If they are not full or filling, add more generators. If you have a HUGE drain, go nuke!

    Depending on which shit stuff he implements with 1.9 and 1.10 we will probably release a IC² version running for 1.8, 1.9 or 1.10 .
    I would recommend backing up server and client jar from each release date.

    Did anyone else notice how stupid it is to call a version of 1.10, which could be mistaken with 1.1(.0) ?

    Thanks for the update! I can't wait to fit out a stronghold with solar panels and store my spent fuel rods down in an abandoned mine!

    This seems like a lot of work. From my own experiments it seems that the device closest to a source (transformer -> 1 cable -> MFSU in my case) will consume up to 3/4 of the available power if there is another power sink on a longer path away. Attached to that middle cable I have about 30 cables to a mass fab. The MFSU got most of the energy until it was full. I would love some more details from the developers on why this happened.

    I am seeing some interesting behavior. I have a MV Trans -> 1 glass cable -> MFS Unit. Also from the middle cable is a much longer run of glass to my mass fab. My MFS gets over 30u/s while the mass fab gets almost 5u/s. I would love to know why the mass fab isn't sucking all the power down or at least getting half. The split is interesting to me, and curious.

    That is really cool. Too bad there is currently no way to generate Ice without losing tin. The most interesting part to me is that the pipes only fill the top of the reactor...

    I just noticed that generators make 125 energy out of a reed. I also remember creating an automatic reed farm so that I could make books for the millenaire mod....

    An automatic reed farm: a bed of reeds next the a flowing stream. A line of pistons on a repeater pushing against the second block of the reed. This would cause the reeds to dump into the stream. At the end of the stream have an buildcraft obsidian pipe take the reeds into the lower slot of a generator... :)
    96 reeds = 12000eu

    If you instead ran a bio fuel chain you get a fuel can you need to manage, lose 1.5 bars of tin (i think), and get 16200eu.

    Since I also run the nature overhaul mod (self replicating trees(BUT NOT RUBBER! BOO!)) I have LOTS of saplings... They could also be run through this...

    (I hope this is the right forum, I couldn't figure out which section to place general build ideas...)