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    I just found out about two new (to me) compressions: water cells -> snow balls and snow balls -> ice blocks. I can use the recipe book from Risugami to find bench recipes. Where can I find all the compression "recipes"?

    when you compress a water cell into a snow ball do you get an empty cell back? If so, how do you do the buildcraft pipes to collect it? I think I have some science to do because I have the same question about the bucket of water and empty cell.

    Edit 1: It ate the cell and gave me a snow ball. Each snow ball = 1/4 tin bar :(

    Je, the issue is, Buildcraft pipes ALWAYS adress the slots 0, 1, 2.
    I could provide you the possibility to adress both inputs... but then you wouldn't have access to the outputs anymore > pointless. Same applies vice versa.
    The 1 input + fuel + 1 output is the only useful solution.

    However, i already bugged SpaceToad about this and proposed implementation of a really simple Interface (API) for this purpouse. Shouldn't take him much effort, but would any modder give the ability to specify how pipes interact with his machines :3

    This rocks! Thanks Alblaka!

    That's no more an issue in IC2, just make sure to supply enough energy for continuous operation and keep the loss low.

    Could you please be a little clearer? I haven't seen any explicit release notes on this.

    1) does splitting a cable currently cut the available current to the two different sides like IC1?
    2) how many different cables can be joined at one juncture?