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    We all know of the piston mod before pistons were released. They had the ability to push sand and gravel high into the air. My idea is an electric piston which has the same function, but requires EU to work!

    Simple idea, not much to it, bet there's my idea!

    So we all know forestry and how it works with both IC2 and BC3/2 so here's my idea!

    There is an energy bee (Not from hives, but from breeding an industrious bee next to an MFSU), this bee (While working) produces EU (If you got the EU energy bee) if the apiary is placed next to an engine then the bee will produce MJ!

    The flowers for the bees are normal flowers (Not sure if that should be that)

    So what do you think?

    The tool table would be a table in which you could place a handle. This handle could then be equipped with a drill head or chainsaw or hoe (etc.). This would add more possibilities for tools without using crafting recipes. This block would allow you to create your electrical tools, and it would also have a timing feature, the more advanced the tool the longer it takes to make.

    The next feature would be the advanced tool table, this would allow for customizable tools (But uses an expensive handle).
    This would work similar to the Steve's carts cart creation table and be a modular system.
    The more complex the tool the longer it takes to build, however the more complex the tool the more energy it uses!

    This is just an idea and I hope I look forward to a response!

    So we all know and love the quantum suit armor...

    But what if there was a machine that was better! It's called the mech suit, quite handy when you need to fight creepers or deal with nukes. The mech suit is a 3 tall 2 wide suit that you can wear, it starts as a block, but once it's right clicked it locks onto your quantum suit armor (You need all quantum suit armor).
    The suit moves at half the speed as walking, but has some cool features like it is unaffected by explosions meaning you can handle the nukes much easier. The suit would need to be placed next to an mfsu (Or a cable) in block form to charge. It uses 2 x the energy of an mfsu, so it's not massiveley overpowered. Plus it would use many diamonds and irridium plates. The suit also requires quantum armor so you also need those to use the suit. These features balance out the power of the suit.
    Did I mention it's awesome? And it can own mobs just like a nano_saber!? Well, that's my idea! Hope you like it!

    So my idea is that you can attach a system to your machines (Especially nuclear reactor). This system would act kind of like wi-fi, or wireless interlinking. You would then set up a central hub to read the information read outs (Done, energy, (For reactor) explosiveness).

    This is just an idea, and I would like to hear your thoughts. :D

    SO my idea is to implement cities that automatically spawn! They're like villages, but are full of different types of testificates that do jobs... They also have machines there...

    Another implementation of this would be a factory...It would contain machines like macerators, batboxes (no higher than lower level machines).

    Now to stop spamming of factories or cities, tehy would be quite rare! But it would add an element of wanting to find newer places more related to IC2!

    I ran a search for this, and it had 0 results...So if it's already been suggested, I did run a search!

    So my idea adds a few new nuclear items!
    Nuke Pack...This is the final tier of portable storage that you wear on your back. It can hold twice as much energy as an MFE! This pack can power any portable things.
    Hurricane Pack...This would be a jet pack combined with a Nuke pack. I think combinations between lappacks and jet packs have already been suggested...
    Nuclear Drill...This drill could only be powered by the nuke pack! It would have a chance of dropping two pieces of an ore! 100% chance of dropping two uranium! It would also be diamond level miner (It could mine anything a diamond pickaxe could).
    Nuclear Chainsaw...This could only be powered by the nuke pack! This would have a high chance of dropping two for every one wood log! It would also have a low chance of dropping 1 rubber from any type of tree!
    Nuclear Tree Tap...This could only be powered by the nuke pack! This would have a high chance of dropping five rubber for every one tab, and it would have a chance of dropping 1 rubber from any type of log!
    Nuclear Storage...This would be a storage unit that could store twice as much as an MFSU! It would also output high voltage currents, but with an upgrade (that's right, UPGRADE) you can make it so it outputs the right amount of energy for the right machine (to make it simpler, add a LV upgrade for it to output LV currents etc...)

    And That's my idea! Like I say, I did run a search, and 0 results. I think this is a good idea, striving for nuclear reactors for a different purpose! Nuclear energy can have more than a few uses!

    it would add a lightning rod that (when a storn occurs) draws lightning to it. If the lightning hits it, then it sends 100 EU to your mfsu. Any energy holder less than an MFSU will explode!

    This is an idea to change the models of the machines. At the moment the machines are kind of boring, they're 1 block tall, wide, and long. First off, the solar panels are chunky (that was the inspiration for my suggestion), solar panels are normally sleek and slim. So maybe make them fill 2 blocks (like bed), and have them on an angle, from bottom right to top left of the two blocks.

    For some machines you could even have moving parts that would match the IC2 Noises. A macerator could spin, a compressor could have moving parts inside that squash together.

    It would be cooler, and look nicer!

    So, we all know and love IC2 machines. But what if at the start of the game (when they're easy to make), the machines are larger and slower much like what older machines were. Then as you build more and more advanced things, smaller machines will come, until eventually you have an extremely efficent machine that is really just a boc, but with a tool inside...

    I would quite like larger machines, it would make it feel better. And instead of a block shape, the models can be starnger...

    Maybe if you have more than one storage device hooked up with each other in such a way, then they will balance the electricity in them. However it doesn't do it like 100Eu=100EU, it'll use a percentage of the energy storers maximum capacity!

    This would implement an LHC (Large Hadron Collider). What the LHC would do is it would unlock new particles, four of the same particle gives you advanced knowledge. Depending on the particle you used will vary the knowledge. With new knowledge comes more advanced machines/items. However, if you leave the LHC too long it will implode and cause a black hole sucking everything up within a certain vecinity (Including Bedrock).

    your free to help and your enthusiasm is appreciated but this subforum would be utter chaos if everyone said the first idea that came into thier head. in order to pitch an idea that won't get flamed to the nether and back you need to put more thought and effort into it

    Thank you for saying that. I appreciate advice! I'm just thinking of ways to improve my personal experience with IC2. I really am enthusiastic, I've contacted several different people high in the modding world, but like I say, IC2 is one of my favourites, and to have something that I suggest implemented into the game, well that would just be AMAZING.

    1st) you've been filling the subforum with concepts that have been discussed before leading me to believe you haven't read the stickies
    2nd) watermill can also use stackable water cells for your convenience
    3rd) watermills already have an unmanned passive mode that produces .25eu/t if set up correctly and submerged(with flowing water if you like, i prefer source blocks cause they don't drag me under and drown me)

    I am sorry, my ideas are just ideas, and I'm not the best at knowing about mods. I just want to help...I have lots of ideas whether they have been denied or not...And I just wanted to be heard...