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    Must be a glitch or something. :P Are you in debug mode? only tails the box boy can do the expert engineering with expolit jazz. :Advanced Machine:

    Remember: blue bolded text meaning the original was swearing, so i replaced it with a not a swearing text instead. ;)

    No, it is trivial to reproduce, I just did it myself. It looks like there is some javascript swapping things around at load that is causing it.

    There is a bit of a bug between the adjustable :MFS-Unit: and the fusion reactor, so i fill it to 100,000,000 (Full) and when i change the output with a wrench, it looses power whial the fusion reactor just goes to 3000-6000 and drops to zero over and over in a cycle, same goes with the interdiminsional :MFS-Unit: .

    You did not read. ;)
    The fusion reactor acts as a cable, hence you need a splitter cable or something after it to cut off the power so it can charge up first.

    Greg, any change of putting drills/chainsaws into Tier3 or higher? They are just *way* too good for their cost.

    Greatly looking forward to it, this looks like a great way to go.

    Almost edit because i recognized the ninja before that:
    The Lightningrod just calls worldObj.isThundering() and worldObj.isRaining(), nothing more. I'm pretty sure xComp overloads the Worldclass, so he can just let those return true.

    Cool, shall pass it on. :)

    /* snip */

    I was speaking to xcompwiz about what storm flag might be missing in mystcraft for lightning rods to work in mystcraft worlds, he is unsure as he sets the necessary weather variable. Lightning for lightning storms and lightning by itself, storms for storms and lightning storms, both for both. He asks what is missing to let lightningrods work in an expected manner for pure lightning (no storm though) ages and for any other age there are issues with. You can talk to him on the espernet irc (if he is not around ask one of the devs in #Direwolf20, or Direwolf himself and he can connect you), or I can relay it if that is easier.

    You don't get 2 EU/t from one Water Mill since 1.101 or 1.102 if you thought like that. It was very nice to have that before though. I used to make a 256 Water Plant and get High Voltage output to run the mass fab on pure EU.
    Fusion Coils in SSP are nearly Impossibru, they take so much stuff, but everything will get fixed as soon as EE3 and EE2 get updated, then I will have something to hoard out on.

    Ah, about time, very cool. Personally I do not see how they take buckets of water anyway, they should not. ;)

    A TextureFx (like TextureAnimatedFX) would indeed be best to put on the Centrifuge. You will mark one of the indicies as the animated one, and you can use any of the other 'frames' as the off state easily, they are quite simple to use once you see.

    As for the fusion taking 24 of those, if anything I would say make the ring larger and take more of them as this is a powerful tool and it needs to be costly; it should be quite an achievement to finally get one. Legit building of such high technology, as it stands right now, can still be done very quickly, especially on a server where people work together, such as on mine.

    Loving the mod so far, especially that solar is more expensive. With RP2 the water mill is also rather overpowered, I do not suppose any recipe change for it might be in order? Perhaps instead of taking wood it takes iron blades or so? It is just far too easy to pump out 128 of them with a single RP2 retreiver or Factorization Relay to get 256 EU/t early-game for example, especially since you get 2 per generator. Perhaps a better recipe would be some sort of motor (generator I guess) in the center surrounded by iron blades for a standard rotary type water mill, only returning one as well? Plus as water mills are right now the windgen outdoes them for 'vanilla IC2' usage anyway.

    As for the end-game energy sinks those were just examples. We just need *something(s)* that eat far too much energy for us to generate without multiple fusions, for example. For proper balance IC2 really should have gone the way of, say, energy being very limited, machines can run on less just be less efficient, and the more energy then the more efficient they become. Energy should be a limited/time-constrained resource, as it is it is fully unlimited within a surprisingly short period of time, thus making it so you can just tech up quickly, within a few days with little effort, and within one real life day if you really try. It should be mostly simple to get at Tier1, Tier2 should require decent infrastructure to be able to power the Tier2 machines at any decent amount of efficiency, Tier3 should require substantial infrastructure and high technology that requires Tier2 to create, and so on and so forth. A higher tier should not obsolete a lower tier, but should in fact make it more efficient, and you should require the lower tier's technology to even be able to produce the higher tier, and without substantial power generation of the tier below you should not be able to run the next higher tier, and even then it will be at very low efficiency, then at average efficiency with that own tier's power, then at high efficiency with the next higher tier's power generation. The highest tiers such as 4, 5, and even higher, should require *massive* investment to not only create but even to just maintain it. On a server only a few people should be able to even achieve the highest tiers within a month with vast cooporation, such technology would encourage land wars, trade, and a great growth of ecosystem. It could become quite an expansive and impressive mod if it was just 're-tiered' and rebalanced, and this mod could definitely help that. :)

    You state that the outside of the ComputerCube changes when a graphical update occurs, I am guessing by that you mean when the chunk is re-rendered to its cache. Considering that I notice that the Centrifuge causes it to update in synch, which seems like the centrifuge animation is actually block updates (which are rather exceedingly costly), compared to a TextureFX (also costly, but one time per frame, not per block), or a TESR (much less costly than the others each, but can scale badly when you get above a few hundred per visual 16x16x16 chunk, make sure to use a display list). Is this the case, or does the ComputerCube update its texture during other situations beyond chunk cache updates? If that is the case then using a TextureFX or TESR would be far less costly and would not cause that renderable to invalidate.

    EDIT: A few question as well

    I know you are looking for a use for the Helium cell, but burning it is certainly not a right one as it does not make for a good fuel like that as Helium does not burn well by itself.
    Modern things that Helium is use for it for evacuating the cavities of rocket engines since it is non-combustable; it is also used for superconductive purposes as it can be quite useful at keeping things very cold (a recipe part for your superconductive cables perhaps?); Helium is used as a very effective heat transfer medium since it is not effected by intense magnetic fields as other things are; Helium-Neon lasers have very common uses (standard laser pointer, not powerful, but easy); it is used as a high-speed push-gas medium for missles and such things; it makes a *VERY* good cooling medium for nuclear reactors due to its ability to absorb and disperse heat and since it is incapable of becoming irradiated (another use!); cryogenics; windtunnels; leak detection agent; and of course a lighter-than-air-lifting-agent.
    A Sci-Fi story that I do not remember had a human faction using helium with extra electrons in an enclosure in their hand and tank weaponary, the enclosure was kept in a positive magnetic field and when the whole thing launched and hit a target the enclosure broke releasing a large zap of energy as it interacted with the positive field. It makes no real scientific sense, but there are plenty of such ideas as well.

    Please no iridium drill, the current drill is *WAY* too OP for its cost as it is; like really, 5 iron and a circuit and a battery gets you an infinite tool, that is crazy OP, but then again so are many things in IC2 (hence why I hold out hope for this mod rebalancing it).

    Quantum suit should also be far far higher tier, perhaps Tier 4 or 5 (Graviton or whatever it was suit being even higher). It takes a lot of iridium yes but that is really its sole prevention point, and by the time you get the tech to make one, you can just start pumping them out shortly thereafter. Those things should be an achievement, like requiring a fusion reaction to make necessary part, like for its internal power cell or so, that would be another good use of the fusion reactor.

    As Kane_Hart hinted at, UUM is rather *WAY* unbalancing for server play (which I do), it needs to be reigned in, very badly, perhaps replace the mass fab with somethiing that require a specific set of raw ingrediants to create the UUM, perhaps that could be another use of Helium, as well as hydrogen, silicon, and a dozen other things. If you make it more expensive to make UUM then what the recipes can create, then it becomes balanced and will not be used for 'har har I can make anything for free now' kind of thing.

    The Fusion reactor itself, I see so many possibilities with it! Quite a few reactions you can do to create new types of raw matter. I do not want to see it creating things like iron as it would just become a bigger mass fab then, but so many possibilities with it.

    Everyone on my server also finds the macerators ore doubling (and especially the blaze rod->5powder) recipes disturbing. They have voted it off the second there is a way to make the required recipe parts from it (like coal dust and such). We actually like the Factorization mods method of ore yield increase, grind an ore to dirty gravel of that type, clean in mixer to make a clean gravel of that ore type, slag in a slag furnace to make a reduced gravel of that ore type (with possible leftovers), then crystalize in a crystalizer, then cook in furnace. Each of those steps take a very long time, few minutes for grinder, a minute for mixer, about 20 seconds for the slag furnace, and about 20 minutes for a crystalizer, each step has a percentage chance to double its output based on the step, but you can cook the results at any time to get the output, at reduced yield, but after all that work (and a lot of work it is, each machine has a bit of unique 'upkeep') the average final ore yield is about 300%, which although higher than the macerator, is also *vastly* higher on the tech tree while taking a good deal of time, so it is costly to expand it as well. Not taking that exact system, but rather the style of having a long ore processing process across multiple machines and so forth is something that my server goers do like, it makes them feel accomplished by reaching it, rather than getting a macerator inside of ten minutes (which they do, the people on my server work together).

    Overall we are liking this mod on my server, it seems to be starting to bring balance to an otherwise unbalanced mod. We ran without IC2 for a while there due to how extremely unbalanced it is, but we are testing again. Within just a few days we have UUM pouring out of everything, so much energy and nothing to use it on but just 'more' mass fabs, and as such. Some more energy sinks would be nice too, something to use our energy on, whether railguns and multi-block big beam projectors or defensive systems or force fields (MFFS is becoming less based on energy and more based on forcicium irritatingly) or whatever, we need more end-game energy sinks, and a removal of UUM as it is, that needs a big overall from just becoming the magic resource generator that it always ends up currently being.

    So, someone on my server built an industrial engine and hooked it up to their HV line, without coolant, then let it run for a few hours (like 12 MC game days or so) before I noticed it, apparently pumping as 'steady red' the whole time, and it never exploded. Are they supposed to explode? If not then why do they take coolant? Do the lower tier engines explode without coolant?

    Ah, but still under full affect for WIPO. You did see that it said she was 'unregistered' right?


    Please don't use Minecraft. Consider it a fair and free internet. If you guys are going be jackasses and Nazi's then we should not even have the rights to mod Minecraft let alone Make addons for IC/RP/BC. If Eloraam wants to be crazy fine. Till she can prove and send some lawyers over I don't give a crap nor should the OP. She is monopolizing Minecraft with her mod preventing or lets say making people not want to create anything like it and that is what is really unfair.

    Her 'costs' for making and releasing a very complex mod for free is simple, do not touch the code and do not bug Eloraam, how is that bad? She has spent a great amount of time on RedPower when she could be working on her own engine. It is a work of art and she has far expansive plans for it far off into the future. She has even allowed a mod to use RedPower code, but it was *well* discussed with her first and it has no overlapping functionality.

    Eloraam is good at what she does but shes not loyal to her fans and followers. Her way or the highway and I'm sorry but that is not how it works in this community. We work as a family a team and we customize things the way we like for our players or personal enjoyment.

    She is exceedingly loyal, yet we also follow her *very* simple rules, hence you must not be.

    So TBH I rather see Redpower removed from Minecraft so I can get on with my enjoyment and try out the next big thing that allows people to create cool addons for games.

    RedPower adds a lot of useful and basic functionality that make mods, such as IC2 here, all the more fun. It enhances Minecraft to something it should already have, why would you want to get rid of it? Kind of like FC with BTW, his mod was actually quite nice, but he removed it from considerations (since I play with IC2 and RP), made MC worse over all, and you want to repeat that with the last big 'natural enhancement mod'?

    Basically Eloraam has stated *multiple* times and in *multiple* places that one of the last things that she would want to happen would be for someone to make a power conversion mode with BT and anything else as she has quite extensive plans for that already in play. The person at the OP of this thread did not respect that.

    *MUCH* reduced space is not a benefit?

    Also, I do confirm that when you remove a solar array I still get power produced by it, although it is not there. Pretty sure that it is not using super.remove considering that, which will not remove the tile entity.

    Hey, why don't make a extreme voltage solar panel? I thought of a recipe like HV solar panel, NFSU, and then second HV solar panel. It should have a storage like NFSU, no input, and extreme voltage output! That would be so cool.

    That would not even be worth the space savings, would just be a status symbol at that point. ;)

    Regardless, most excellent mod, the new Solars are great. My server people have setup a Nether base and are draining multiple lava lakes to power 144 GeoGens, but I love these new Solar Arrays, I may end up making an Overworld base with them just for the heck of it.

    As for the force field not protecting blocks 'fast' enough when, say, a nuke explodes, for dirt/stone underground and so forth. Doesn't ModLoader or Forge have a hook to let you get block remove events? If so, you could just listen for those, if the position matches a position in a hashmap of one that you want a forcefield to be then just instantly place a forcefield there. Would that work?

    Would also make it so if someone breaks a force field block with some type of admin tool then it would instantly regenerate as well, preventing such a person from getting in as well.

    If there is no such hook, then by gurn-it submit a patch to Forge to add it!.