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    This looks like a nice idea, but coding wise....
    The other belts sound cool, and maybe there sould be a placeable sleath gen to hide players in that radius.

    For machine parts section:
    Well sir, it looks like you have just ordered our state-of-the-art machine block! That's right, with this nifty device you cand do some DIY to make one of our lovely machines! You can even add some alloy and carbon plates to mak an advanced machine block! But sir, I bet you are thinking "Well how does this featureless block make so many things possible?" Well sir, the machine block uses some of that nifty Gibbl you keep hearing about to make all theese wonderful things possible!

    DeFazer, bonze is also part of forestry and what's worng with just wrench? Because if it is renamed into "Bronze Wrench", it's likely people will be like "Add d1am0nd wr3nchs c0z regular 0n3s are gay!!!!!!!" anyways, changing to bronze wrench is kinda dumb as it sounds like their is other kinds of wrenches.

    Wonder what will happen to single-player only mods, like BTW (is that ssp only?) and others, like if you open up a lan with one installed, could friends join? Bound to be interesting.

    *Decapitates spambot with iridium saber*

    Me: And stay dead, Bitch!

    Leo: I think that's all of them

    *Hears massive explosion in background*

    Me: Come on, we have to help the others reach the teleporter

    *Leo & I run into the inner sanctum*

    Me: The explosion came from somewhere over there!

    *Heads round the corner, spots Nano*

    Nano: Guys help! Luker is being swarmed

    Me: Get off Lurker you mother fuckers!

    *Some frantic scrambling, slashing, jumping and stabing later*

    Me: Eat this!

    *Shoves boot in spambots mouth*

    Leo: We can't hold them off for much longer!

    Female voice: Teleporters charged. Awaiting orders.

    I don't now: Temple, open an entrance to SpwnX's ship*

    *Regular teleporters flare up*

    *SpwnX comes through, kills the bots that were about to overwhelm everyone*

    SpwnX: Did I miss anything?

    *Looks around the shrine*
    Ah ha! Leo, come here!
    Leo: What is it?
    It's the crystal de-charger
    Leo: It looks like a microwave withwires inside.....
    I know, but it works
    Leo: So how do we turn this on?
    Easy *Shoves it inside*
    Leo: Dude, is that really the best way to put it in?
    Yes. Yes it is.
    *Insert boring setup*
    Annnd you jusy press here
    *Loud beeping noise*
    And you get power!
    Leo? Hello?
    *Turns around*
    Sweet mother of god....
    That's a fuckload of spambots....

    I am sick of this shit.
    The relenless discrimination of technic.
    Can we just fucking stop with everyone going "RAGERAGERAGETECHNIC'SGAYITSTOLEMODSRAGERAGERAGE", I find that this constant flaming and insults being lobbed all over the place child-ish and it is drawing enjoyment out from the fourms.I keep seing people being viciously attacked just because they mention or use thechnic.
    Let me get to the heart of the matter:
    Yes, Technic used the mods in it without permission. But the mod devs have given technic their permission, and when people donate to technic it gives the modders the money. People are being excessively cruel to technic users who got it for ease-of-installation, for people to set up their own modded servers far easier and letting others on without sending them searching all over the net to get 20 mods needed to play on a server. I saw a post earlier stating that "No technic user has over 100 IQ" Prove it then. People aren't seeing idividuals, They're seing "Stupiddumbasstechnicusers"
    Technic also introduced heaps of people to the mods in technic, without that, alot of the mods would be a hell of a lot less known. I don't blame Sirsignr for what he did, yet, did he have to attack the technic users instead of hitting technic itself?
    This is a problem that only gets worse as people keep raging and debating on both sides of the conflict. It's ruining a whole community. And really, the only people who have a right to complain are the developers themselves, so why are you bitching about it?

    well, the whole shitstorm agianst technic was technic's fault, and yet..
    I just don't know, I use technic, but I can see where the modders are coming from, It probly would be a good idea to just stop arguing about technic, as it probly will lead to fourm destruction with flaming left and right.
    I just wish people would stop talking about it, alot of people are just saying what's said on both sides, and it's becoming really tiresome.

    *In Leo's workshop, fiddling around to make an iridium saber*
    Just got to heat the alloy right...
    *Waves The saber around*
    This will own those bots!
    *Accidently hit the wall, it goes straight through*
    Whoops, I hope Leo doesn't mind
    *Turns back to the cut in wall, walks off whistling suspicously...*
    Later that day..
    MineMails sent: 1
    Mail sent to GergoriusT
    Greg, just mailing you about saving minecrafia,
    We have a plan to fix the core,
    Just wondering if you have a plan yourself,
    If not, then here's ours:
    File attached: Passinglurker's note

    *Back at Leo's base*
    Leo: Damm, how the hell will we get Fenixr's heart?
    Me: Why the hell would you need that?
    Leo: Here, read this *Passes passinglurker's note*
    Me: I'm not sure about the other stuff, but there is a way to make the shiton of power needed for the dupe-port
    I dont now: How?
    Me: This *Places Black Crystal on table*
    All: What the fuck is this?
    Me: It's a special Crytal of my Invension, blessed by Alblaka, that contains 5 Trillion EU. And, if I'm not mistaken, the only place that can tap into the energy in it AND has a dup-porter, is the old shrine of Alblaka.
    Nanomanz: You mean the one that's completely...
    Me: Overrun by spambots. Yes
    I dont now: Not to mension highly radioactive
    Leo: Well, we need the other ingreediants first.
    Me: True, but with this we have just enough power to do it.