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    I'm now a global moderator, however, i'm still not able to ban spambots (wasn't able to find any option regarding that, if there is one).
    Also, i don't know how to move posts :3

    I was just thinking, is there a way of utilizing the server for the forum to blacklist certain IP addresses? That could help because a good portion of spam activity is centered on a small number of addresses.

    This is just an idea I had. I was thinking it'd help with large power storage systems if you could make them large multiblock structures, but all working as a single component to reduce lag from swapping power between blocks as you have in many large storage solutions. It'd be slightly cheaper per block than a batbox, not requiring the batteries as components, but requiring new materials that would act as power storage without all the wire needed. It would store about as much as a batbox for each piece, but with a large storage area, it'd help with allowing for cheap but huge storage. I was also thinking it could be modular, providing whatever current is requested by an attached piece that would act as the connection for output, allowing multiple different levels of power to be output by it.

    Go for solar + mfes/batboxes in the sides , so you can have energy stations scattered over the line. Chunkload them on the start just to store some energy.
    How much an electric minecart consume (in any kind of power)?

    That was my idea, using solar power to generate power, but I thought it might be cheaper to run cabling to various power transfer points. Then again, it doesn't take a lot of power to get the electric trains running. It might just work to have a few solar panels linked, although it means more setup. I could just charge at the stations I suppose.

    By the way, if anyone is wondering, I planned to run the system by utilizing IC2 power, running to a power conversion setup that converts it to UE electricity, as that is all the electric rails in traincraft are compatible with. By the way, the reasoning for using renewable power is that the trains consume power continuously if left on a track, so I'd rather keep them running with free power than wasting useful things while they're idling.

    Answering your question without any considerations :
    2047 blocks with EV.

    1 EU will reach in the end, 2047 EU will be wasted (you will get only 1 EU of the 2048 EU sent).

    My recommendation is to use Glass fibers with HV, if you are able to handle the expense.

    I understood that much already, that theoretically, it should be possible. But with how cables work, does it work beyond the chunk boundary? It's noted that the distance you have loaded at one point (on servers at least) is typically 160 blocks. Does it work beyond this 160 blocks somehow?

    I'm not talking about how long a current will last, but how long I can run it until it doesn't function. I was wondering because I'd like to run a line down my rail line to provide charging points for the trains (using traincraft and power converters), and also for simplifying setup of oil refineries (also using power converters for that). I was wondering how long my maximum length would be. I'd be running at EV if it matters.

    I haven't been able to find this anywhere. I would like it because of the fact that I hope to put Flan's Mod on my server when it is released, because it is set to be in 1.4.6. But I haven't been able to find the link to that anywhere. Any help?

    I had this idea when trying to set up remote management of some systems in a base. It would be easier if I could trigger redstone remotely, to avoid long trips into corridors and other areas of the like. It would just output a redstone signal when the signal is output from the remote. Just a simple idea for remote management of some systems.

    This actually seems pretty useful. Could also be used to allow output of lower EU/P power using a machine that still has good storage potential. Only issue would be that you can't go over 2048 (unless it is right next to something like a teleporter). Still, it sounds like a good idea. Maybe if it could be used with something to be set to output a certain amount of power with a redstone input it could be used for power control in a city or town.

    The only issue is that with that idea, you would need to rig up an extremely complicated delayer to be able to know that exactly the right ammount has been sent, and it wouldn't be dynamic, so you would be losing money because it can't stop the timer when power isn't in use, unless you use the RP one. However, not all people like to run it, and it does have some added things to learn how to do that may become annoying.

    You know, your links don't work. They only enter in part of the information for the sites they are supposed to redirect to. If you can't figure the link thing out, just try putting the link in normally. Anyway, that sounds like it might be a nice server though, but I am interested in how that Residence mod might work.

    I know many people have suggested them, but I'd like to put a little more detail into how it might work effectively to allow for central power supplying.

    Monitors total EU that has gone through the line. Configurable to give redstone output when a limit has been reached. Able to be reset through an input from an adjacent toll kiosk, or by the person who placed it.

    Suggested Recipe
    :Cable: :Refined Iron: :Cable:
    :Refined Iron: :EC Meter: :Refined Iron:
    --- :Advanced Circuit: ---

    Toll Kiosk
    If placed near the EU-Monitor, this machine allows for payment to allow sending EU from a central power source. This can also be used to provide a redstone output alternatively for use as a toll booth for certain facilities such as a mob farm or a subway system on larger servers.

    Suggested Recipe
    :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron:
    :Electronic Circuit: :Trade-O-Mat: :Electronic Circuit:
    :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron:

    I agree. You can create a way of sending power if an operator is online, through use of some timer system to send the ammount of power conatained in one energy unit stored in a central facility. And you could possibly set it up to just sell off a full storage unit (MFE probably) worth of power to a single person. It would still require operators though, which is a bit annoying. Maybe adding some form of system that uses a similar thing to the trade-o-mat to sell power off to a single home based on an item used to pay for it, such as uranium, diamond, iron dust, etc.

    1. I've used IC2 for a while now, and used buildcraft in the past, and have seen a bit of what RP does. I've been hoping to get onto a server that has enough people to make it some fun, and with some protections to avoid damages to my house. I've just seen one that worked okay, but just lacked some charm due to a serious lack of people (as well as an incident from offline mode on the server that caused me the loss of most of my minerals. So I'm hoping I can have fun on here, and possibly help to create some areas for community interaction (yet it takes a bit to afford the proper utilities and the material to build the structures for whatever the project may be.)
    2. I've liked survival due to the fun of it, and because it actually provides a challenge for building. Not a huge fan of creepers though (but who is?).
    3. Yes, especially with the rules as they are (they are good, and not restrictive like some other servers).
    4. Discrimination is not treating others fairly on the game, especially if it is due to some factor of race or sex.
    5. F2, use F1 to hide the quickbar and HUD.
    6. Yes, Win-Rar. I use 7-Zip on newer computers, but this is the one I have access to, due to my laptop's motherboard starting to fail, and the hard drive having done such already).
    7. IC2- Provides a set of machines to help with providing new items, as well as increasing yields of material and adding in new, better materials for construction and tools.
    RedPower - Provides a similar set of machines, as well as new redstone elements, more versatile harvesters, and additional systems that can be used in the game.
    BuildCraft - Provides a quarry (systematically harvests a set area), pump which moves liquids to tanks, two automated building machines (one basic, one complex), and engines to power them, as well with a piping system.
    Backpacks- Provides a backpack, which is an item that works as a portable chest that is able to be used to carry more at one time.
    NEI- Provides a way of getting more items, and has a recipe mode as you said. Little experience with it though.
    Additional Pipes - Adds more pipes for different uses. Not too much experience with this one either, sorry.

    iConomy - Provides a way to create an ingame economy based on a currency.
    Chest Shop - Gives a use for an ingame currency by providing a way to sell items without having to do it manually.
    WorldGuard - Allows the ability to add protection against greifing and other activities by area.
    Essentials - Adds additional server commands meant to ease use, as well as provide more functionality.

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