Avalon [Whitelist][Survival][Tekkit]


    Those who do not or are not capable of following the rules and directions will not even be CONSIDERED.

    Send your application to me via PM. I will respond with acceptance or denial within 24 hours.


    An industrially modded Bukkit survival server

    I'm running a modded Tekkit Bukkit server, and I'm looking for intelligent, courteous regulars that want to come play with us. We just switched to Tekkit, so the map isn't too developed.

    We run the following plugins for general use:

    Chest Shop


    World Guard


    We have a few rules to go along with the server.

    Read before saying ANYTHING!

    1) No Griefing - You get caught, you get taken off the whitelist

    2) No x-ray. There are sooo many ways to get resources with the mods we are running, if I even suspect you of x-raying, you're gone.

    3) No discrimination of any kind. Period.

    4) Follow all rules laid down by me. It is MY server, I pay for it, not you.

    5) Don't go into someones house or use their animals or items without documented proof of their permission - ie. screenshots

    6) Don't build a reactor within 100 blocks of anyone's anything without explicit documented permission.

    7) Abuse of the block-breaker will result in a minimum of a one-week ban.

    8) If you want to protect something, use World Guard. I will still ban the griefer, but there is only a 30% chance I will go to the trouble of doing a rollback for you. I

    installed World Guard for a reason.

    9) If you become a nuisance on the server, I will temp ban you.

    (This includes, but may not be limited to: pestering repeatedly to add a plugin/mod;

    trying to get me to promote you or give you stuff; shoving your opinion down

    other's throats; constantly letting everyone know how superior you are)


    Failure to fill this out, and properly, results in me ignoring you.

    1) What interests you about this server?

    2) Why do you want to play on a survival server?

    3) Are you comfortable following rules set down by me without question?

    4) What, in your opinion, does discrimination entail?

    5) How do you take a screenshot in Minecraft?

    6) What is your IGN (In-game-name)

    7) What do you think Tekkit is?

    8) Are you capable of updating Tekkit on your own?

    9) Do you understand that even if you know more than the mods,

    they are there to moderate, not be a walking encyclopedia, and as

    such you are to listen to and respect their judgement on server issues?

    10) Are you capable of being patient and respectful if an issue arises?

    Well, if you've gotten this far, you might be alright ;) If you fill out the application properly, and if I choose to accept you, I'll whitelist you and notify you of your acceptance within 24 hours.

  • 1) I have always wanted to see at least a half-decent server at work, and I think this one is more than decent.
    2) I have been playing SSP since Minecraft Alpha, but I have always been looking for a server that I can play on comfortably and fits in with my ideals, and this one in particular seems to be the one.
    3) I have no problems with the rules at all, they're actually quite fair
    4) In my opinion, discrimination is the willful degradation of another person's self-esteem for their differences, or what makes them unique.
    5) Press the F2 button, or press the F1 to hide the hotbar, then hit F2
    6) I do: 7-zip
    IC2 - Basically enhances the standard Minecraft gameplay by adding ways for the player to take advantage of the resources available in game, and adds a few of it's own in as well.
    RedPower2 - A fantastic mod for automation via tubes, improvement of the redstone mechanics via red alloy wire, and the versatility of frames and computers via FORTH. Very well balanced, and the recipes do make sense
    Mo' Creatures - A mod for adding creatures to the game long thought to add to the overall experience for those people who enjoy the extra challenge presented by the ogres which can destroy blocks, and the challenge of breeding the horses (I haven't played with Mo' Creatures, so I'm just saying what I remember from it's main post)
    Buildcraft - An excellent mod in the automation category alongside RP2 for it's pipes, substantial improvements in the mining system with the mining well and quarry, also an excellent power system with the engines and conductive pipes
    Additional Pipes - An excellent Buildcraft addon expanding the already broad horizons of BC with the item, liquid, and power teleport pipes
    Backpacks - A mod that allows for the expansion of the player's inventory via backpacks, also allows for the preservation of the player's inventory via magic backpacks.
    NEI - A fantastic mod I use a lot for the fantastic recipe mode. Combines Marglyph's TooManyItem with the Recipe book mod, also very expandable with NEI plugins
    Chest Shop - A bukkit plugin for enabling a server economy via "currency"
    iConomy - A bukkit API allowing for the creation of a server economy
    World Guard - Allows the admins to protect certain areas or the entire server
    Essentials - A bukkit plugin that gives the admins a wider control over the server with a number of commands, including 'kits' which allows the admin to give players predefined inventories, to commands that allow for mob-spawning.

    IGN: ultimate_omega

  • 1) Ive been looking for a ic2,bc2,rp2 with not a huge list of mods and mo' creatures i just love
    2) Same as above its very basicly industrial
    3) Of Course
    4) Racism SExism Agism that kind of stuff. I am usually a very nice person
    5) I press F1 to toggle the hotbar and stuff press F5 if its of my caracter or not and then press F2 to take the pic
    6) I use 7-zip
    7) ic2-based on a power system with EU's being the measure of power
    bc2-basic factory equipment
    rp2- very usefull basicly take redstone to a whole new level
    bc additional pipes adds more pipes to bc (i havent used this one alot...)
    backpacks- adds a mini inventory that you can carry around inj only 1 real inventory slot (havent used this one alot either
    mo' creatures- THE BEST MOD EVER! its very much alike to vanilla minecraft only adds more creatures to the game. i am an expert horse breeder and have 2 single player LEGIT black pegusi


    Im cekropp and I approve this message.

  • 1. I've used IC2 for a while now, and used buildcraft in the past, and have seen a bit of what RP does. I've been hoping to get onto a server that has enough people to make it some fun, and with some protections to avoid damages to my house. I've just seen one that worked okay, but just lacked some charm due to a serious lack of people (as well as an incident from offline mode on the server that caused me the loss of most of my minerals. So I'm hoping I can have fun on here, and possibly help to create some areas for community interaction (yet it takes a bit to afford the proper utilities and the material to build the structures for whatever the project may be.)
    2. I've liked survival due to the fun of it, and because it actually provides a challenge for building. Not a huge fan of creepers though (but who is?).
    3. Yes, especially with the rules as they are (they are good, and not restrictive like some other servers).
    4. Discrimination is not treating others fairly on the game, especially if it is due to some factor of race or sex.
    5. F2, use F1 to hide the quickbar and HUD.
    6. Yes, Win-Rar. I use 7-Zip on newer computers, but this is the one I have access to, due to my laptop's motherboard starting to fail, and the hard drive having done such already).
    7. IC2- Provides a set of machines to help with providing new items, as well as increasing yields of material and adding in new, better materials for construction and tools.
    RedPower - Provides a similar set of machines, as well as new redstone elements, more versatile harvesters, and additional systems that can be used in the game.
    BuildCraft - Provides a quarry (systematically harvests a set area), pump which moves liquids to tanks, two automated building machines (one basic, one complex), and engines to power them, as well with a piping system.
    Backpacks- Provides a backpack, which is an item that works as a portable chest that is able to be used to carry more at one time.
    NEI- Provides a way of getting more items, and has a recipe mode as you said. Little experience with it though.
    Additional Pipes - Adds more pipes for different uses. Not too much experience with this one either, sorry.

    iConomy - Provides a way to create an ingame economy based on a currency.
    Chest Shop - Gives a use for an ingame currency by providing a way to sell items without having to do it manually.
    WorldGuard - Allows the ability to add protection against greifing and other activities by area.
    Essentials - Adds additional server commands meant to ease use, as well as provide more functionality.

    IGN : Calebronus