[suggestion] pulse gun/cannon

  • The basic idea is this: a gun and/or cannon that fires a large pulse.
    The gun would send players, mobs, and drops back 5 blocks, damage players and mobs 4 hearts, light and fling TNT,and "fizzle" any machines it is fired at for 5 minutes. The cannon would be placed on the ground, atop a cable of some kind. It would send blocks, mobs, and items back 10 blocks, damage players and mobs 6 hearts, and light and fling TNT.

  • For the time being weapons have been denied, so I will give you the typical answer of wait for industrial conflict

    Is the answer to this question no?


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  • Besides, if you do want some form of weapon, just use a mining laser. It removes, or most likely destroys (drops machine block) the machine if you are closer, and does damage to mobs and players.

  • A weapon suggestion? Someone pass me a mining laser, so I can blast the way to the search function.

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  • the main purpose of pulse tools is not to be deadly. it is to repel. the damage could be significantly reduced, and the use for removing debris and repelling mobs during work is it's main function.