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    You can also create a spell that can lower one of your skill to 1 then go to a trainer pay him to get a skill point for that lowered skill and repeat untill you reach 100 when the spell wear off ,if you do that for all your skill you can master them all by spending a very low amound of money,that works also for the xbox version of the game not just the pc one.

    I have to admit, the only role playing game that I have played is Skyrim. I have always dreamed about playing WOW but the price of starting up throws me off.
    The thing I love about Cube World is the art style (I love Chibi) and the fun that you can have playing with friends. There isn't the frustration that other games bring to the table.

    You should also play the 2 episode before skyrim,i mean oblivion and morrowind (daggerfall and arena require dosbox to run because they are very old games),they are worth the time spend on them.

    Starting up Cube World Series now. I had the one that was like 10 episodes but I ended up stopping and ugh. Now I'm starting over 27 episodes recorded already :P

    Bed Time!

    I'm not a big fan of cubeworld ,1 is too colored, i usualy play minecraft using von doom texture pack for blocks and items and affinity for sky and paintings.And 2 because is not a sandbox game.

    So all this mod war between GT and TC is just for a wood nerf?
    Quit it both of you!
    Acting like little kids only cause problems for the people which uses your mods so grow up.
    and personaly i use tc only for the smeltery i prefer to use tech tools instead of uber pickaxes and other tc tools.

    I said Gas Turbine, not Steam Turbine. Both are a bit different, and the Steam Version will be the next Block to be out.

    Added testable Version of the Gas Turbine. Insert a Steam Turbine of Railcraft, as I didnt add any Turbine Items right now (next Version). It is not craftable, just there that you can learn about its Mechanics. The "Insert Chicken into Turbine" Feature has not been implemented either. You have probalby seen the Screenshot I posted a few Pages ago, it basically shows how to set up a Gas Turbine.

    for now if you don't have railcraft installed your turbines are useless?

    finaly gregtech works,first step rebuild the golden eye (is a structure build almost at build limit with 4 wings made of hv solar arrays with a lightning rod on top a idsu in the middle and a nuke at the bottom which is activated by wireless redstone or in this case wireless covers)
    second fusion reactor.
    Thanks for the help Greg.