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    I see the bug you wrote up here:

    After seeing what you wrote though, I'm assuming that getOutput() method was maybe changed in relation to the new "steam" changes maybe?

    The function getOutput() might be referenced elsewhere, and then if steam output is disabled, it multiplies that number by 5 to obtain EU output. If steam output is enabled, that number is multiplied by some other value to obtain the correct amount of Steam output. That way getOutput() doesn't have to know anything about Steam or EU... the later functions that call it can make that determination. Previously I assume getOutput() always assumed it was sending the EU output value.

    FYI here's the steam comment I was referring to, however I don't know if this was done pre or post steam turbine nerf in RailCraft:

    Updated to 1.108.71, adding EXPERIMENTAL Railcraft steam outputting reactors. I also separated the energy part from the core reactor, so there MAY be bugs with the regular reactor.

    To enable them, you gotta set enableSteamReactor to true in the config, then reactors will output steam, balanced vs. the turbine output.

    Looks like at one point gregtech broke crafting dual uranium cells, but now it's fixed in this latest version? Broke as in crafting them immediately gave them a damage value of 1, which made them unusable for crafting quad uranium cells. Tested with only IC2 and gregtech. Bug seems to have been fixed in the latest version though.
    Can you confirm Greg?

    rotary macerator doesnt macerate both slots. It just processes the left one and ignores the right one completly even when its done with the left slot. Otherwise everything works fine and is awesome :D

    You're using it wrong. The right slot is for "Additive Macerating". Put some Copper Ore in the left slot, and some Tin Ore in the right slot just as an example.


    24mil EU generated over 2 hours, no CASUC. No cooldown time. I tend to play it safe and be happy with lots of EU over a time period rather than most of these people that rather have advanced machines so they can only run it in short burts, with many resources etc.

    Umm... no. That design is horribly expensive and inefficient.
    Please see a list of good designs here:
    [OFFICIAL] List of good reactor designs

    Without the bug, quad uranium cells last 4 times as long, causing the design to go for 4 times as long = explode

    Again, the reactor planner was already coded from the beginning to have quad uranium cells last the correct amount of time.
    A single uranium cell should run the same duration as a quad uranium cell.
    Thus a Mark I design that vents an equal or greater amount of heat than is produced will NOT explode, assuming of course the design is made in such a way that the parts don't melt. Which in a Mark I design, they don't.

    If you built that 420 design and it blew up, then you changed something other than the running duration of quad/dual uranium cells.

    why?...are they bugged or something...aren't they supposed to last 4 times longer than normal ones? and a normal one lasts a full cycle?
    do mind they're only exposed to one cell each...

    The one cell they are exposed to is a Quad cell. So while yes the Thick Neutron does last 4x longer than the normal one... the length of time is based upon a single cell. If you used the regular Neutron Reflectors, you'd have to replace them 4x over a single run.

    Single Cell + Regular Neutron Reflector = 1 full run
    Single Cell + Thick Neutron Reflector = 4 full runs
    Dual Cell + Thick Neutron Reflector = 2 full runs
    Quad Cell + Thick Neutron Reflector = 1 full run

    Hey Greg,
    I like how you make all this stuff more expensive. But one point really pesters me : The iridium. It takes an awful ton of stuff to be created, and even the most basic of the machines to make it require it. Its rare as fuck. You need it for EVERY SINGLE HIGHTECH ITEM. This makes your mod kind of not worth the effort. Why pester with superexpensive quantum chests when you can take a barrel? Why make a fusion reactor when you can spam solars?

    By the time you have all the iridium you need for the advanced machines, you have just THAT much of everything else that comes from mining that its not even worth constructing your devices anymore.

    Greg I mostly agree with what was said here. I do like your mod... but it seems that some of the changes you make remind me an awful lot of our government. They make big changes that dramatically impact the lives of us "little people"... but yet they don't live by those same set of changes themselves.

    Have you tried starting from scratch and playing your mod? I know you spend a TON of time coding and that's AWESOME. Your mod updates faster and with new content more than any other mod I've seen, which again is AWESOME. But like wolfenstein19 says, naturally occurring Iridium is pretty rare. So in order to even attempt to do anything with iridium, you really need to build your matterfab first. And in order to get enough Iridium to do that, you have to strip mine a very large area of your world.

    I understand your mod is intended to extend the "end game". But the goal line seems to be a couple of months time frame. Minecraft and other mods can change dramatically in a few months. What is in your opinion the average time that should be required to obtain a fusion reactor?

    The 420 design explodes mid-cycle due to the bugfixes I made

    Can you elaborate a bit more? Because per the reactor designer it runs just fine. 672 heat produced, 672 heat vented.
    The reactor planner follows how the new reactors are supposed to work... iterating through each component starting from the top-left and going from left to right, top to bottom.

    I've had problems with the supplier logistics pipe though.
    I've got a chest with a provider pipe. The chest has a stack of coal dust and near depleted cells.
    Also connected is an autocrafting table with a crafting pipe, and the recipe with 1 coal dust and 1 near depleted cell to make a depleted cell.
    The supplier pipe on the reactor is set to supply 4 depleted cells.

    The breeder design I use has room for 4 depleted cells. What happens, is the re-enriched cells get extracted fine via chassis pipe with adv extracter, but the supplier pipe then goes haywire and requests a LOT of depleted cells. Sure 4 go into the reactor, but it keeps requesting more and more be autocrafted.

    Can we officially say that bugs should ONLY be written up for the LATEST version of IC2 for a particular MC version?
    In other words:
    MC 1.3.2 / IC2 v1.107
    MC 1.4.2 / IC2 v1.108

    There are been 2 bugs written up so far in the bugtracker, and BOTH are for v1.106 of IC2. It's pointless to write up bugs on an outdated version of IC2... especially when the very first bug created was regarding the enet ghosting in v1.106 which was fixed in v1.107.

    Slightly off-topic, but has anyone else noticed that NEI's magnet mode seems to lose a lot of items? As in, they don't get sucked into your inv, just destroyed.

    Do you have forestry bags and the items are going inside of them and you don't know it?

    could you do a run of this setup at your facility and post the numbers?

    Your design is functionally equivalent to this design:
    It's going to burn through 672 Lapis per run, and you're also going to have to replace the 8 Thick Neutron Reflectors after every run as well.