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    Try feeding the boiler with scaffolds instead of coke coal, peat, or coal.

    Sawmill with hoppers on top to store oak wood. The Sawmill can be powered by a hobbyist's steam engine off of the boiler's steam.
    Two autocrafting tables to turn oak planks into sticks, and oak planks and sticks into scaffolds.
    Then add logistics crafting pipes, and a supplier pipe to the boiler set to keep at least 32 scaffolds in the boiler.

    So then you just need a tree farm to supply wood. Once the boiler reaches max temp, it's very efficient.

    Nice modifications.
    Logistics Pipes don't fully "support" Breeders right? Because if you try to tell a Supplier type to always keep at least 4 Depleted Isotope Cells inside a reactor, as soon as the first one ticks, the ID changes and the Supplier pipe thinks it needs to send another one... right?

    Does anyone have any good reactor designs using Thorium or Plutonium?
    It's a shame that the IC Reactor Planner doesn't support being able to modify values, or doesn't include your items.
    I know your computercube simulator can be used to design... but it's also in game, so I can't test out designs *cough* at work *cough*.

    I'd wondered if it would be possible to somehow tie the extractor/capacitor into the Nuclear Control mod? The energy sensor part that is... or would you or he have to make a different sort of sensor kit? The Nuclear Control mod will show for example EU stored in a Gregtech energy storage device, but of course MFFS doesn't store EU it stores FE.

    I was thinking that it would be brilliant to be able to use the Nuclear Control Information Panel to show FE, WC, WE and whatever other values. I know the values are shown on the units themselves, but with that integration, those units could be buried safely somewhere, or locked into a separate room and all the display information could be shown in a single common location etc.


    This was one my issues in a video I made. He is traveling right now but he said he look into it when he gets back. I never though of this till now but it might be a cool idea to have a bounce field that pushes you 5-10 blocks with a good slap of damage but this would prevent the user from actually getting instant killed and also being more stuck in the field maybe.

    Yeah instead of instantly killing you, moving the player away from the field would be good. Not sure if mod code can do that or not.

    A warning would be good for the area defense as well. Last time I tried it... you don't get much of a warning. If I recall... you get too close and the first zap makes you drop all your stuff and half kills you, the second zap kills you and there is like 1 second between the 1st and 2nd zaps, so you don't get a lot of time to retreat. Does that sound about right? If I set up one of these at my base... it would be nice to have at least a warning message +5 blocks out or something that gives players a message saying that you are entering a restricted area, turn back now of you will be zapped etc.

    Edit: Just watched your last video. You summed up many of the issues I just commented on, which is great thanks.

    Fixing the Gold-Vent thingy is already on my list. Whether the other stuff will be buffed is another story, though.

    Can you fill us in on your plans to "fix" the Overclocked Heat Vent?
    My opinion is that the Overclocked Heat Vents don't need to be nerfed... it's that the other items need to be buffed, such as the Advanced Heat Vent and Exchanger. They're supposedly more expensive, but definitely aren't more effective, which gives absolutely no reason to use them.
    I do agree that heat storage needs increased by a lot though. Increasing heat storage will lead to designs that produce more heat than they can cool in one cycle, which is good because it also allows for more designs.

    If cooling is reduced, then I feel things will be back to the point where nobody will use nuclear that much, and instead spam solar again.

    Incredibly overpriced? This reactor from the list outputs 420EU/t compared to your 440EU/t, and 84mil EU vs your 88mil EU.
    Reactor 10:
    Link: Mark I EB
    Eu/tick: 420
    Efficiency: 3
    Cost: Iron 316, Copper 535, Tin 65, Gold 60
    Credits: SSD

    It also costs 1245 Copper, 239 Tin, 276 Iron LESS than yours... and that's not counting the enormous continual Lapis cost of your design.

    The version 107.35 seems to have broken the Snyke's Advanced Machines mod. I put some refined iron in the extractor (recipe defined using CMR) and the game crashed and every time I load that world it crashes.

    Try removing that Advanced Machines mod? Might at least let you save your world.