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    Well, I think it will have to be nerfed, have a maximum height effect, or have a fractional power in the height equation (so twice as high is only like 30% more power or w.e)

    Ofc, windmills would be all well and good if minecraft handled block gravity, and required you to, say, make a structurally sound tower to get that high up, or use a conviniently located hill.

    I have been using a bat box embedded in the ceiling conncected to a solar cell above it on the roof but im not happy with that setup. It seems like a waste of a bat box. I tried connecting the light right to the solar panel which should work but it doesn't.

    The illuminator uses 1/4Eu/t and stores 10000Eu. A solar cell produces 1Eu/t so it should be able to charge the Illuminator up and have it run perminatly. All that happens is the light flickers during the day. All i can figure is that the illuminator is only drawing the 1/4 Eu from the cell but when i hook it up to a bat box it draws the full 32Eu/t packets charging up the pannle to full. Does anyone know why you can't just hook an illuminator directly to a solar panel?

    Yup, its a bug, discussed elsewhere (too lazy to search right now)

    Basically, The solar panel gets one Eu per tick, and gives it to the Luminator. The luminator eats the Eu, uses it up, and starts glowing. However, it then checks to see if it has power, and discovers it has none. So, it then turns off, until it has power.

    Then, The next tick, the solar panel gives it anouther EU. The luminator eats it, becuase it's off.

    So, basically, it does not properly validate a single EU imput when it is currently empty, and wastes it instantly. It also happens to waste the last 3/4ths of the Eu when it runs out normally, but that is minor in comparison.

    Pretty sure a solution works like this. Set up the solar panel, and the luminator. Then, during the day, apply a small charge, via Re-battery, to the luminator. Because it has power, it should run with no issues.

    I think the only other thing to consider is whether or not it's capacity lasts a whole night. If not, then it wont work.
    I just calculated it to last ~33 minutes, and since a night is around 10 minutes, it should be fine afterwards, and fully charge. However, in the case of a rain-storm, or other interuption to the power supply for more than 33 minutes will require a manual restart via battery

    Eventually, the bug will be fixed tho I'm sure.

    Something like a ranged energy transmitter for luminators would be nice.

    Me too. That, and a reduction in power consumption OR pseudo-extended light level.
    Just that the 5 eu/second seens a bit much for what they do, especially with the bugs.

    Theoretically it should be possible, unless the freq transmitter overwrite/remove the frequency on the first use. If it does... then once again pretty much f***ed.

    Well, obviously, if it doesnt work, It should, and hence, I agree with the OP that it should be possible to do this without 5 teleporters per location.

    But then, Perhaps if it is untenable, and noone makes an addon to fix/alter it, Then I suppose we will be making a teleportation Hub, more or less a trainstation, with all of the destinations available (and probably a casuc reactor for power, or more)

    The 5 freqtrans method makes sense, and assuming it isnt possible to overwrite freqtrans, Quite useful. I didnt realize you could overwrite the destination.

    That would actually be preferable, believe it or not. It would remove the extremely silly logic, as well as avoiding the *too much power* issue.
    Although, When you look at Equivalent exchange, you might notice that Quantum suit lost it's status as most OP suit of armor in any mod.
    But then, Seeing as *everyone* assumes EE is the same as TMI, I suppose I can understand why it would be excluded.

    Still, Aside from as reagents, or mid-tier manual energy transfer, possibly from the nether, I still dont see any real use for energy crystals that laptrons dont do far better.

    Rick, You forgot the /sarcasm at the end of your post.

    I imagine the wiki still had the old six-packs from Ic1

    Energy crystals and lapatrons are useful for machine energy transfer, but seeing as what you can do with that (aside from buildcraft-teleport pipe transfers) is able to be done anyhow with wires fine, Not seeing the serious use. At least not for energy cystals. (yep, that again)

    What I seriously want is the ability to use enrgy crystals in the T2 tools directly, And/or, The ability to use the Bat/lappack directly to recharge tools, even if an adapter item is required.

    I would really like to be able to do something which obviously should be possible, Without using a silly workaround.
    Specifically, I want to use the Quantum-chest. So, Obviously, I have to wear it most of the time to get benifit out of it. So, I wear it, and take a lappack with me. Then, when My drill/laser is empty, I replace the suit with the lappack, Drill/shoot until it is fully recharged (It might take only one use now, not sure with the updates) and then put the armor back on.

    What I want to do is to take a lappack, or bat-pack (or, obviously preferably, energy and lapatrons), and Just use it like a Re-battery, to recharge my drill, laser, or otherwise. So, I put both in the hotbar, and use them, It sends power, like a Re-battery, to your tools, (possibly with power loss, or requires an extra item in your hotbar, like a T2 or T3 adapter item)

    Hmm, Thinking about this, I think answering that question actually counts as hijacking the thread, even though both of us (Im pretty sure) want a solution to the same problem.

    With a small change i support (seeing as I suggested nearly the same thing before)

    In Ic1, Machines did not run unless they had enough power for one cycle (which was not always the same as their capacity, and still isnt)
    So, Make it so that machines check to make sure they have enough power for one CYCLE before they run.

    Ofc, If the sounds were altered a bit, as well as the sound volume bug fixed, this wouldnt be as much of an issue.

    If stuttering machines, instead of screeching, via turn off, Turn on, Turn off, turn on, have a seperate, Slow-Sound, which is like normal processing, but quieter, then I think this wouldnt be as much of an issue.

    On the other hand, Pretty sure stuttering machines use much more CPU, so regardless, Having the requirement would be a good thing.

    Multi-tier power storage is a good idea

    Explosion resistance mods are pretty much impossible without forge hooks (pretty sure they havnt been added yet) seeing as all blocks sharing the same idea must have the same resistance. Even if they used different IDS, this would allow it to change anyhow.

    Storage mods, Nice idea, but would require a ton of extra GUI files and IDS (not sure if they are limited, but still)
    As for upgrades for other machines, probably a good idea.

    Output power tweaks, Hmm. If you really lack any room whatsoever, then I suppose that could be fine.

    Charging slots would be fine, but same GUI issue. Why not use charging bench addon?

    The only thing I expect might come back, enchantability wise, for electrical tools, is a technological upgrade type method, which would just take advantage of the existing upgrade effects.

    I dont know about you, but I wish I could get a drill with Aqua afinity (Or Quantum-helmet automatically does it), Or possibly Airial Afinity, so as to make the jetpack less useless. (Ah well, MIning laser works, if your aim is good)

    Yep, Shame they have to work as a psuedo-mid-air-jump, rather than using creative-type flight, which aside from not being buggy, also lets you actually be stable in mid-air, rather than absolutely having to land to do something, obviously defeating the purpose.

    Is it possible? If you had a full 6 chambers, and a configuration that each uranium cell has a coolant cell adjacent, Would it be possible to keep a reactor cool by sending in coolant cells to continuously melt in it? I know you couldn't use IHDs, because they have the same heat capacity of the coolant cells, so would melt as well, but coolant cells can take heat directly from uranium cells.