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    Look what I've found on /r/Minecraft!


    Were those Nether Portal changes implemented in 1.7.X or .18 btw?

    EDIT: It's 1.8 not .18. I guess you could make a portal gun pun out of it though. "Aperture Science Handheld .18 Portal Device" or something


    Finally got the base started and running together with I don't now, so here's some screenshots.

    The base is themed as a secret evil underground mountain base, and a lot of cobble is planned to get replaced with concrete at some point.

    First off, the upper croplab. Effectieve high-end bioresearch lab, but suboptimal for actually farming crops; a full-blown farm is WiP(The lower croplabs are just a room with some water and crops if you're wondering)

    Then there's the steam-powered workshop. Next to the storage for maxiumum efficency, stuff get's done here using steam and crappy clockwork engines.

    Above the workshop, there's RC tanks to generate water, coke ovens to make coke and to char coal and most importantly, a small steam boiler and a solar steam boiler to supply the machines.

    One of the earlier and less actually practical structures of the base is the Sector C Biodome Complex or something like that.

    Then there's the future rocket launch silo/stargate embarkation room thingy(Currently just featuring a Nether Portal in a side room). Also, its security checkpoint from the Random Chat Thread.

    This room isn't just a class 5 biohazard! IT'S MAGIC!

    I dropped I don't now's texture pack for a while due to some weird artifacts on torches. I should probably report it to him, even though it's likely just an OptiFine problem anyway.

    And as a little bonus, the inside of my ingame head. Literally.


    It's actually a Missile Silo though, which is why putting the Stargate there would kinda make sense if you had randomly found it in the desert.

    I think I'll post some more pics in the Kirara bases thread soon.

    Yeah, I totally can sse myself moving valuable items as tileentities with the risk of losing them completely due to some sort of server lag.

    Yeah, that would probably suck. It could be impleneted as an item though; that the gravity gun is saved as holding the item it holds rather than it moving around items/blocks like ichuns gravity gun(And his portal gun too I think).

    Gravity gun?

    Gravitiy Gun as a way of transporting hazardous materials and other random stuff would be really interesting though. On the one hand, you'd have a really interesting and kinda fun way of transporting hazardous without a hazmat, on the other hand you'd be able to use it in combat. Imagine flinginig around those ghastly fireballs or throwing healing crystals at the enderdragon! Would fit perfectly with the HEV Suit I suggested in the suggestions thread too.

    Also, what about Stargates, Greg? Why aren't they on the ToDo List anymore? And WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT BANHAMMER?!

    HL2 HEV suit FTW :D , can it passively regen you at 1 half a heart every 10 sec, like the companion cube did before ( dunno if still the case ) ?

    No! That'd be terrible! It's from one of the last FPS to not have regenerating health(If you'd take Episode 2 from 2007 at least. 1998 still had plenty of oldschool FPS!)! It would just be wrong in to many ways for it to give regenerating health!


    Another thing if possible is to make it unbreakable, only require energy to run, like in HL2, where if you power is depleted, the armor is almost useless :)

    I agree with the first part, however, I must disagree about it being useless without power. If you're out of power, you can still take quite some shots, because you're wearing a damn piece of metal and not some tiny shield generator. It may not be ass effevtive as with power, but it still keeps that metrocop from just shooting your heart. And technically, the HEV suit still fpr example applies antidotes when poisoned and drugs you when you fall down without (armor) power.

    That sounds interesting, but it couldn't just heal for energy(oh well.. if you put a massfab/matterfab in the recipe it could), but maybe it could consume healing potions, but more effective than simply drinking them, at the cost of energy?

    And if i recall correctly, there is already a nanosuit as a weakened quantum suit(and, if i recall correctly again, a crafting component of the quantum suit) in vanilla IC².

    Kinda like that, though I think there should be Gregtech First-Aid kits for that purpose rather than potions. Also, the HEV Suit could potentially be able to heal on liquid healing potions from the health charging station rather than having it to be bottled first.
    And it'd give kinda less protection than the Nanosuit but give more utilities and be more awesome instead.

    Greg, what about adding First Aid kits?
    They could be used to heal yourself and maybe be refilable.

    And health charging stations?

    And what about a HEV Suit Power Armor? It would fit perfectly between standard armor stuff and quantum armor, giving decent combat boni(Much better than any standard armor, but definetly not like Quantum Suit, though maybe with some of it's bonus abilities like running) and hazardous environment protection. Also, it could work with health charging stations, and bonus armor power thingies. It would effectivecly be a really expensive combination of (rechargeble) composite armor, hazmat suit and some extra features.

    I really need a regular Honey Comb to get into bee breeding,but apparently I either need to blow up a beehive or get a Gregtech scoop. So if anyone has 1 (plus maybe a bee actually) it'd be appreciated if they gave me some. And once I get into bee/tree breeding I can pay you back.

    I got both the bees and the comb when breaking beehives with a normal scoop.

    I declare, this will be the year of IC2! We'll rise again, fellers!

    Assuming updates become more of a regular event. IC2 hasn't updated in a year :P

    Although seriously, we need a new developer. There's about 64 bugs reported currently, but not so many are being fixed. Maybe we should make Greg update it, he has push access.

    3 Month later...