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    Even though there is technically no base yet, Queue asked me to post some screenshots here.

    And, as promised, no actual base yet. That 1000 block road will be a pain in the arse.

    EDIT: The texture pack is the updated version of I don't now's texture pack. You should ask him about it if interested.

    I would guess that stargates aren't exactly easy to create, and neither
    that one can create them very fast. Also I guess that Greg doesn't work
    on GT 24/7. If my second and my third guess are true, then you have
    your answer.

    Yeah, but Greg planned lightningrods since day two(Day one was just the lightningrod anyway). And it's my job to remind him as often as humanly possible without getting banned.

    Yep, found him. Weird how he appeared out of nowhere once someone mentioned him. Would be interesting to see his last logins. Maybe he is watching this right now. He could be here everywhere always. And he could be anyone.

    Screw it, I'm sacrificing a N00bbot!

    :S :Coal Dust:
    :Force Field: :Refined Iron:
    :Force Field: :Refined Iron:
    :Force Field: :Refined Iron:
    :Force Field: :Refined Iron:
    :Force Field: :Refined Iron:
    :Force Field: :Refined Iron:
    :Force Field: :Refined Iron:
    :Iridium: :MFS-Unit: :Iridium:
    :MFS-Unit: :HV-Transformer: :MFS-Unit:
    :Iridium: :MFS-Unit: :Iridium:

    What happened to Lightning Rods by the way? Are they just not in NEI anymore or did *gasp* Greg remove them?

    That reminds me...

    So basically like the almight dragon lord moderator alblaka(I just noticed I spelt him wrong the whole time, Alkaba instead of Alblaka!).

    Actually, it turns out he got indeed into that Smite game(Like someone wrote a year or so ago I think). I found his reddit profile, and, or at least as far as I looked, he only posts to /r/smite smite subreddits.

    The last time he posted here was 18 month ago, though if I remember correctly, he took an unanounced break and came back before once already.

    My new modded save had a really really nice start and all, stuff was going pretty well, except that I found literally no ores. At some point, I really wondered and started a creative world and looked for ores there. Turns out I someho had ores disabled(Probaby because of Custom ore Gen or something).

    that would be how much work exactly? ten minutes?

    15 if it works fine, 30 if I not.

    the upvote button is no nsnosaber for me, the downvote button works though. strange. or you derped, sinnaj. or you are using some strange picture format my browser(firefox, btw) can't show.

    The upvote button only becomes an old nanosaber when clicked, since I am too lazy to seperate them and to figure out which part would be showed when it's off.

    I noticed I only installed craplods of mods into SimCity 4 and didn't actually really play anything so I thought I might as well begin playing modded Minecraft again. Well, the very friendly reminder from MagnusUnion in form of a copy of Space Engineers might also have helped, but I guess it really mostly was me noticing I don't actually play any games. The Minecraft Modding Community is so kinda disorganized, I definetly won't install more and more and more and more mods without actually playing anything. At least I hope so. Well, the point is, I'm back! Kinda, I guess. I haven't even managed to get Gregtech running yet!

    EDIT: Also, anyone having a clue how to install OptiFine alongside Forge? The new(It'll always be the new one, no matter what) launcher kinda screwed that up.

    EDIT2: Also, Villager gravelroads look like makeshift-swastikas from space.

    My subreddit headerbanner is finished, and lives up to Sinnaj63 low-quality standards! Pity that YouTube channel banners are totally different. They're giant! But I guess YouTube assumes that it's users have an internet connection capable of loading that quickly anyway.

    If you do, we'll welcome you back. If you want some tough experience, visit kirara (see the IC2 server section).

    Maybe I'll come back, maybe not. Probably not, since I'm into too many timesinky games right now anyway, plus I only have access to my really really crappy WIndows XP Laptop right now anyway. I'd have to look into how the hell you do mods with the new launcher, and look into how mods and stuff are now anyway. I'll probably be totally spoiled by ultra-simple mod-installing for SimCity 4 anyway. If I'll get back into modded Minecraft, it'll probably be at some point next year, not now, when I just got glad I got slightly modded Civ5 and medium-modded Skyrim and heavily-modded SimCity 4 working on my new install anyway.

    When looking through my Minecraft screenshots on my dropbox for some nice screenshots for my subreddits header, I came upon early images I used in this thread, from what became the world I showcased in this video. I wish I still had those files. If it wasn't for my backlog being so big and me having enough timesinks going on right now already(SimCity 4, Skyrim, Civ5...), I'd think about getting back into playing modded Minecraft. Coming to think of that, I think I still have an USB Flash Drive with really early Minecraft Screenshots of mine laying around somewhere.

    There's no way Microsoft will get that 2.5 billions out of Minecraft as it is now. Even if they'd push Merchandise to Star Wars levels, 2.5 billions are just too much to make out of a game that has already sold 16 Millions copies, and that isn't even taking the fact that they'll obviously want to make some profit as well. They'll have to screw up something to get that money back. Likely there'll be DLC. Possibly Minecraft 2(<Put in odd pun about e=mc² in here>) or, in the worst case, microtransactions.

    Now I got my new Motherboard, CPU, CPU Tower Fan, Windows Installation and whatsoever up and running. Now I don't have a really crappy CPU anymore, and I can finally experience how bad UPlay actually is!
    Ohh and in case you're interested the new CPU is an Intel i5 4670s(4 Cores of 3.1Ghz) and the new Motherboard is an Asus Z97-K or something like that.

    EDIT: Ohh and I lost literally all Minecraft-related files because I suck at backuping. Well, lots of other stuff to, but half of that is in the glorious cloud of GabeN.

    Haikus are for losers
    I won't go steal them potato
    From random hotdogs

    A hotdog is hot
    Also dog literally not
    Nuclear Toast

    Now I will just go
    And play KoL in the
    Haiku Dungeon