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    By american people, I meant the americans who live here. I do know about Las Vegas' dark past :p *cough cough railroad workers cough cough mafia cough cough*
    I also know about differing state laws, btw.

    Talking of 'merica, I shot a glock, MP5, a barrot rifle and a SCAR. God, that was fun.

    I'd get a check up for that cough you have there :)

    Everyone vote for Gregtech (CyanideX retexturization):

    1. For those who don't know, like myself, could we get some more context?
    2. Nothing to do with the quote, does anyone know of a good place to find Game Soundtracks (that isn't Youtube). I'm looking for the M&SATOG soundtracks and I can't find any that let me get the whole soundtrack at once (assuming I can find them at all)

    Just had a look at the new Coro Coro leaks. The summary assuming i read them properly (or as close to reading as I can get)

    1. Mega Altaria: MORE CLOUDS!!!
    2. Mega Lopunny: I have a feeling its going to become a Fighting type in some form
    3. Mega Salamance: Salamance with a wing suit?
    4. The Pikachu costumes can act similar to Rotom forms and give Pikachu moves it shouldn't have
    5. Sugimori Contest artwork: love it
    6. Contest costumes for Brendan and May, they look good
    7. Contest coordinator with a Altaria: Am I the only one who first thought it was Winona? Every time I see something like this, habbit makes me default to Winona (speaking of Winona, will she have a Altarinite?)
    8. Shiny Mega Metagross: If you excuse me, I'm going to go and get a Shiny Beldum...
    9: Cocoon of Destruction news: So Pikachu suffers the same fate as Ash did in Mewtwo Strikes back...

    Your close, I will be reviewing Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire around their launch window, but I have one review to do first. On the 13/11/2014 (those with a keen eye would recognize the date as my birthday) I'll be reviewing Ruby, Sapphire and in particular Emerald as it will be the 9th anniversary of the day I got Emerald, which was my first ever Pokemon game.

    Sadly though Delta Emerald isn't a thing yet...

    EDIT: I've changed some of the clues, one of them makes it easier and the other is because I didn't check the release schedule for the other half...

    I don't mind necros here, all those stories are full of people who die and revive anyways. ~SpwnX

    I personally think it would be better just to create a new story that's separated from the Minecraftian Chronicles/ Spambot wars. I liked writing as my original character and I've backed myself against a wall with this.

    Thanks for the suggestions, I'm always open to ideas though so if you come up with any...

    As I said, I pretty much have the rest of the year full with reviews I'm going to be putting out, if anyone's interested I can give a spoiler as to some of the reviews (but you would have to figure out the clues, wouldn't want to make it that easy :) )

    Of films, games? What platforms for games?

    The mediums I prefer to do are film, TV shows and video games at this point in time. For games though, I won't review a game for a console i don't physically own (for obvious reasons) but i will put it on the backlog so that i can review it as soon as I can. I'm willing to review anything as long as it catches my interest in some way, shape or form.

    On a side note, just broke 1000 pageviews on Blaster's Reviews

    While I, chances are, won't be able to get to them this year, I was wondering if I could get some suggestions/ requests for reviews to cover once I get back to reviews from the 20th of August onwards?

    Any ideas as to what the hell this means and how to fix it?

    [14:45:09] [Client thread/ERROR]: ########## GL ERROR ##########
    [14:45:09] [Client thread/ERROR]: @ Post render
    [14:45:09] [Client thread/ERROR]: 1286: Invalid framebuffer operation

    This is spammed in the Multi MC Console and when it loads, the main menu for minecraft doesn't load properly

    The only mods I have installed at the moment is Forge and Mekanism (but it happens when Forge is by itself). The Forge version is for 1.7.10

    Also, started the 100th page!!!

    Oh gee, my 3000th post :D

    To celebrate, I automated a solar panel!

    Question, Why would you automate a solar panel? there's the kind of automation for when your to lazy to do the work yourself and then there's automation for when you have nothing better to do with your spare time

    If you feel like listening to Disney songs, might I ask for opinions on the new structure for my Top X lists? So far its only in the Disney villain songs post (and I'm probably not going to update the older lists) but if the feedback is positive, I'm probably going to go for a similar structure for lists going forward. Besides, there are catchy Disney songs to listen to on the page.

    I finally had a comment on one of my posts on Blaster's Reviews... but it was a spambot...

    I don't know if I should feel honored that my site can get spambots and that someone thinks its worth their time or annoyed as it is still a spambot. The comment's gone anyway so...

    WTF did you do anyway? also, why don't you have a newer version of word, my last copy of '07 was on a pentium II machiene that lived in the basement for use as a secure box for finance as it didn't have internet connectivity

    1. I don't know
    2. I had to re format this computer because it was a school laptop. I asked if they could give me a version of word (preferably 2010) but they couldn't as i was no longer a student, so they game me 2007 so that i could still use this as a uni laptop.

    Does anyone know of a reason for the normal template that Microsoft Word 2007 uses when it opens to not load (aka, why word doesn't put in headers and footers automatically) and how do I restore it back to normal?... if that made any sense...

    Found them, and because i cannot be stuffed trying to find which .exe's are the actual software for programs like AVG, direct copy and paste into the start menu that will take 2 hours...

    Edit: Screw waiting for 4 hours, i've done it manually... that was more tedious then it needed to be...