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    Crash report time :

    I understand that you want different textures for the fusion computers, but what is the connection with them being transparent on the sceenshot?

    Currently, Fusion Control Computers use OVERLAY_SCREEN as an overlay and MACHINE_CASING_FUSION_GLASS as background.
    However, MACHINE_CASING_FUSION_GLASS is used as an overlay for Plasma Generators, and the usual tiered machine casings as background.

    Which means, if you change MACHINE_CASING_FUSION_GLASS to let the tiered machine casing appear for Fusion Generators (so that their tier is easier to see in-world), Fusion Control Computers become transparent.

    You could either :
    - Add a different file for the Fusion Control Computers that will be used for their background, each tier having a different file.
    - Add a different file for the Fusion Control Computers that will be used for their overlay (screen + fusion glass), and using regular tiered casings for their background.

    Pyrolusite, what are you referring to when talking about "files" for the turbines?

    Pretty much what SpwnX said. ATM it's not easy to determine what tier of turbine (the item) you're assembling at first glance, that's why I suggested one file for each turbine instead of one file for all of them.


    Another minor suggestion, could you make it so that Fusion Control Computers have different textures as well for each tier ?

    Because the current overlay works fine for Plasma Generators, but for the computers... well...

    Also, it seems some of your new machines don't support animated faces using mcmeta files. Tried to make it so that the magic converter's face got animated when working, and it gave me a missing texture error.

    Suggestion : Using a different file for each "turbine" item. You can use the same for all 4 files, but that's better than using the same file for Small, Normal, Large and Huge turbines.

    Also, concerning the Quantum Chest not rendering properly in the inventory, maybe you didn't use the same method as the other basic machines and that's why it's weird (I noticed you're using the "Screen" file instead of a proper top-face-side-bottom combo like the other machines), pure supposition though.

    When a collector grabs something, after a few seconds the game crashes. Here's the crashlog.
    Using lastest GT5u.

    I see the same thing - I don't have Thaumcraft installed, and clicking on the magic converters and absorbers in NEI has no effect. However, I think that's deliberate, based on this:

    Bloody told me the default recipes were supposed to be still there if TC was not installed (we can use vanilla stuff to power them too).
    So, nope, no TC exclusivity.

    NPC content updated :

    - Traders will ask for iron coins more frequently.
    - Changed Vanilla/SM repeatable quests to compensate the spawn reduction of their mobs.
    - I started 2 questlines that will be progressively updated, which will unlock repeatable quests for GoG mobs and a GoG trader. These questlines are tied to each other.
    Finishing "Finding Eir" is a pre-requisite to unlock them.

    Don't forget an admin can reset your quests if you want to, since there are no feature to do so automatically.

    Just got back into gregtech again and had to stop by and nab your awesome texture's :D Btw those new ore's and the other machine/chests for GT6 look really good!

    Thanks :p


    Minimalist Technology 0.5 is now here.
    GT :
    - Tiny Plates (since unreleased 0.4)
    - Double Axe (since unreleased 0.4)
    - Electrometer, Player Counter, TPS Counter
    - Sifting table, Coinage mold
    - Engine tweaks (bars are darker)

    IC2 :
    - Kinetic generators
    - Reactor stuff

    I completely forgot about construction pickaxes, they will be there in the next update.

    Some extra information regarding Grimoire of Gaia 3 for you folks, since I originally suggested it.

    - There's a decent amount of "monster girls" in this mod. Probably half the mobs are these. So it might get a bit too fanservice-y for some.

    - Not all mobs are agressive. A small portion of them are assist (like zombie pigmen), and another portion are passive traders summoned by cards (random loot)

    - Compatible with ATG/BoP biomes, as far as I saw on my test instance, since their spawning is biome dependant.

    - Mobs have interesting, non-op random loots by default :
    + Reward bags
    + Small/tiny dust equivalents of vanilla material
    + Alternative fuel sources, some are very powerful but very rare. (cf Materials)
    + Unique weaponry, like battle books (inflicting debuffs or/and allowing you to throw special projectiles), ornate fans with a high knockback effect, and rings giving permament buffs like haste, night vision, jump height or movement speed (they are very rare loots, and rings require to be crafted with a beacon to be active).
    + Special foods

    - Mobs are classified by level. The higher their level, the harder they are, but rarer they spawn and better loot. Example: The Minotaur; lv 3 mob. 160 HP, 8 hearts of damage, Slowness and mining fatigue on hit.

    - Spawn rates are adjustable, but are very fair by default. I encountered the infamous Minotaur only once in 6+ hours of play (I died ofc, having flint tools and stuff), and Vanilla mobs are not removed, but less frequent - I still get attacked by small groups of zombies in my testificate village.

    - Also, all mobs have half an heart of armor-bypassing damage. You can't nullify mob damage entirely (except by using electrical armor, I suppose). Configurable.

    - Strenght and health points of all the mobs in the same level category can be tweaked as well, with percentages. Default values are fair.

    Any time I try to launch any instance, Kirara HC included, I get this error :

    Any ideas ?