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    Small suggestion: Make a charger, which will consume coins for energy.

    Something that charges batteries for a certain amount of coins ? I can do that.

    The idea behind not using Energy was, that players can set up a store early game. Before they produce energy. The automated functions need energy.

    Meh. I'm not convinced that automated trading with AE2 should be an early game thing.
    For the other points mentionned, fair enough.

    - This concept is interesting enough for players too, it shouldn't be for admins only.
    - It should consume energy for every trade, as much as when you remove an item from an AE Terminal. And for a public room, we can use creative cells anyways.
    - It shouldn't auto-adjust prices, it kills the competition imo. However you could adjust prices whenever you want.
    Otherwise I really like the idea. Makes AE2 more useful.

    Also what options do exist for player/player trading? Direct negotiations trough chat and then meeting is the worst way of trade there is...
    IC2 Trade-O-Mat only allows one machine per material, needs energy and the trading amount is quite limited... Forestry mail allows for trading without meeting but needs bees and still negotiations. Do bettery ways of trading exist?
    Or do i have to programm them myself?

    We can't use NPCs as intermediates, traders are directly deleting an item from your inventory when you pick something from their GUI.
    Besides Trade-O-Mat, Forestry mail and direct trade, we don't have anything else to make automatic player to player trading without negociations, unless :
    - You code it with OpenComputers
    - We provide a special room with free Trade-O-Mats, all fed with energy.

    Actually, I like the "ingot + coins = plate" idea. I'll add this to the planned Blacksmith.

    Concerning ore trading, I will come up with a fair price and see what happens. If it gets too much in the way of trading between players, I will probably increase their prices though.

    Also, I don't want anyone who asked to be an NPC to feel bad, my only intent was to stop that before it gets out of hand for me.

    Anything making tech progression easier, like ingot plating by NPC, is vetoed for now.
    The only exception to this rule is very early game metals, and they will be expensive.

    I need to see how the game will turn out with things I already planned before taking more decisions.


    By the way, I don't want to sound rude here, but I don't want K3 to become a Pokedex/beating simulator of every GT player/modder in existence...
    I have some kind of a story behind all the stuff I'm making right now, and I don't really want it altered by endless cameos and easter eggs, especially if said users plan on playing (or at least trying) the server.

    I made some kind of parody of GregoriusT as a boss because I found it hilarious that we could use said NPC as some kind of punching ball when something in GT6 went wrong ("That's for my melted crucible, you bastard !").
    You know, some kind of harmless joke. Even if it WILL one-shot you if you're not prepared.
    I made a parody of him instead of trying to make a more convincing alter-ego, for multiple reasons. I even renamed it "Mad GregoriusT".

    However, I should've seen the consequences, shouldn't have done that, and I'm sorry for everyone wanting his/her place as a NPC on the server,
    as there's a very high probability I won't do it.
    When I'm thinking about it, that's even a douchey move against Greg, even if it was not the intent.
    Now, I heavily consider removing Mad Greg and avoid making direct player-based easter eggs in the future.

    Like I said on IRC :

    <Pyrolusite> yeah but it's a bit late for suggesting something that needs a whole modpack change
    <Airambo> yeah, I'm slow...
    <Pyrolusite> also TFC is too restrictive
    <Pyrolusite> difficult to implement a new oregen, worldgen, etc
    <Airambo> that's the main problem
    <Pyrolusite> TFC needs a pack centered around it to be effective, imho
    <Pyrolusite> and we started with a pack centered around GT
    <Airambo> though there is not much stuff in it
    <Pyrolusite> do not take my opinion as a final decision about HK3 though, I'm not co-admin you know
    <Pyrolusite> just a NPC maker
    <Airambo> that's enough to make your vote valuable
    <Pyrolusite> but it would delay the server for another two weeks I guess, and in case the survival aspect is not challenging enough, count on ArchNihil to fix that
    <Pyrolusite> he has plenty of options
    <Pyrolusite> (that are already in the modpack)
    <Pyrolusite> and, well, it would defeat the purpose of Kirara imo

    This was supposed to be a twisted version of Greg, hence why the black outfit, mention of "Grinding" (this is supposed to be a badass boast after all), singing a modified version of "E.G.G.M.A.N" when idle, and his aggressiveness. (Also the fact that it's a raid boss).
    I should mention it in the quest leading to him.

    However, if that's a problem, I don't mind changing it and reverting him back into a less twisted version.
    Just tell me.

    Those Trading NPCs do respect NBT I hope. Because all GT Coins will contain rather important NBT Data with the Shape, Material and other Data of the Coin.

    They respect NBT tags by default.


    A Greg Boss will be created, passive by default. One shots when attacked unless you're insanely geared (He will hit so hard that 1/6 of the energy capacity of a full quantum suit will be lost on hit).
    Once brews are back into GT6, he will also be able to throw potion grenades at you.
    Also, may or may not need to complete a quest as a pre-requisite to spawn him.

    You're in for a tough fight, boys.

    Priority to the village, though.

    When I see complains about Thaumcraft not being in the hardcore pack (I'm not aiming at anyone, just a global statement), it feels like there's absolutely no content worth one's while in this modpack until this mod is inside.
    That's sad, really. Kirara is supposed to be about GT, not Thaumcraft.

    Personally, I don't mind about the Forestry backpacks, really, especially with another mod that adds non-restricted variants.