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    After digging through the log, here's what I suggest (since I sadly have no rights over Kirara, being a npc maker only and stuff) :

    - (Re)voting "Thaumcraft or not", "TC addons or not" and "RTG or ATG" on a more trustworthy platform (IC2 forum poll, strawpoll...), since I've seen quite a bit of complaints related to votes being changed to go in someone's favor.
    And I insist : Majority wins, no questions asked, like it has always been.
    - If most are in favor of TC, keep Nonotan's work so that TC doesn't "break" GT progression as much, if he changes his mind about not playing on KR though.
    - Not being too harsh with Keda, who now have to handle everything by himself, and let him work at his pace.
    - Airam and Nononiri come to an agreement, offer apologies, whatever that will stop this shitstorm.

    Meanwhile, I'm officialy putting my NPC Maker job on KHC on hold until Arch comes back, which will probably take a while. And I won't be playing on KR.
    Thanks to everyone who enjoyed my work, be it traders, quests, etc. even if I'm not the best scriptwriter you could've had.

    EDIT : Greg, could you please remove the poll ? Airam doesn't deserve public lynching either.

    Smart Moving actually allowed you to kite faster mobs, as well as the increased mobility, but it won't be on KR I guess.

    Otherwise, yeah there's no middle ground for these mobs given how much damage they inflict.
    I wonder with what mods in mind GoG3 has been balanced...


    Kirara will not be TC focused, with the work Nonotan is putting into tweaks for it to not blatantly overpower GregTech like Kirara v2.
    It should be another progression next to the GT one, so it should be fine.

    What are the general opinions of Grimoire of Gaia for additional mobs?

    I only have two problems regarding Grimoire of Gaia as of now :

    - Unless you have a mod to give you more powerful weaponry, preferably ranged ones, they are too resilient and too powerful to handle for a GregTech modpack.
    I can't tell if Thaumcraft have weaponry powerful enough to handle these guys, excluding the thaumostatic harness, but if it's not the case, you might want to add mods like QuiverBow or the infamous Tinker's Construct.

    - If used alongside another mob-focused mods like Special Mobs, they will spawn way too rarely, given the observations that have been made on Kirara Hardcore.

    Otherwise, if you don't mind the overall theme of the mod, it's fine.

    I personally kinda ditched it for Special Mobs because Zombie Awareness works way better with it, BUT Grimoire is the mod you need if you want to make mob hunting worth it.
    Also, Ars Magica 2 for the win.

    Could you update KHC as well when a new GT version comes out with machines? There are lots of problems and balance issues that need to be addressed, such as things that are impossible to craft due to having wrong recipes, poor NPC trade ratios, bad machine cost/reward differentials that make no sense, and tech issues such as entire mods being unusable because a single item can't be crafted.

    Could I have more precise feedback concerning the trade ratios ?

    But yeah, Arch was supposed to remake almost every recipe for the modpack, and since he can't make them at supersonic speed, he locked some mods as long as their recipes were not ready. KHC is still supposed to be a WIP though, even the questing stuff is far from complete.

    If KHC still exists and Arch doesn't come back I'll probably try to update it myself, but it will receive some changes.

    Arch-Nihil disappeared from IRC and the server since the 5th of September. It's been a month now we didn't get any news from him.
    I tried contacting him on Skype, because I saw him online a few times, but I was met with silence.

    We currently have no clue about how much time we have left before the servers goes offline.
    Keda, being the only one having access to the servers, backed up everything he could.

    If Arch never comes back, we will need to find another admin, willing to pay for the servers (which were kinda expensive) and maintain the modpacks without growing tired of doing that and playing it.
    Without a new admin to carry the torch... it might be the end for Kirara as we know it.

    Even if I burned out of Minecraft these last few months, it would be sad to see so much time we invested in those servers, admins and players alike, disappearing.
    And I can't do anything about that. I'm sorry.

    (Please discuss this in the random thread. I posted this here because this announcement had to be made, and Arch not being here, someone else had to do it.)

    Bronze pipes look orange but bronze machine casings (and by extension every bronze machine) look yellow. Wouldn't GT paint bronze machine casings orange like it does on the default texture pack?

    Oh, you mean the bronze machines ? Yeah, these ones are not colored by the mod since they are not meta-generated items.
    That's why I was able to use a proper bronze color, not the "almost copper-like orange" Greg used originally. Can't do much for the pipe though, at least, nothing via a resource pack, that's why they are still orange.

    Minimalist Technology "Legacy" is available, now with full GT5U compatibility !
    Look at the new image album in the original post to see the new stuff.

    - Porting the new ore textures to GT5u
    - Changed IC2 universal cell
    - Improved a lot the "warning signs", because I absolutely butchered them before
    - Added textures for all the GT5 components (motors, circuits...)
    - Added textures for the new covers
    - Added textures for the soldering iron
    - Added textures for the large turbines
    - Added back textures for the Electric Oven
    - Added Quantum Chest/Tank textures
    - Added Fusion Reactor-related textures
    - Concrete should look less like plastic
    - Added Magic Energy Converter textures
    - Added Magic Energy Absorber textures
    - Added Pump textures
    - Added Monster Repellator textures
    - Added Fusion Control Comp textures
    - Added Plasma Generator textures
    - Reworked IC2 fuel rods
    - Added GT5U fuel rods
    - Machine casing rework from IV to MAX
    - Added Portable Scanner & Debug Scanner textures
    - Complete rework for all the GUIs

    Some of the changes will be ported to the GT6 version for its next update. But, for now, enjoy !