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    I am having a similar problem, I have a reactor which Industrial control tells me should is putting out at 12 EU/t. However I don't see the power going to into my MFSUs do cables need to hook up to a certain side or part of a reactor now.

    Should the field manipulator(or what ever the dome upgrade is now called) half the force cost of maintaining the field?

    I am running with a 32 size, 1 thickness, sphere, mob def, shield and I don't notice any Force usage difference between when I dome it and when I don't.

    Should I update, is it a know issue, or is it just not intended to work that way?

    I did not read the full thread, so I am very sorry if this has be asked before, but can you add a nano version of the grav pack, nano Armour values, reg lap pack storage, 15m or so flight time. That way a server could get all the utility this adds, without having to allow quantum armor.

    "...even if u 'hacked' into Al's blog (which u didnt) why would this info be up there?"

    What part of
    "I've confirmed the functionality of my virus, and yesterday at 0-3-5-7 I finally broke the 43 firewalls and destroyed Al's personal Anti-Hacker-Bot"

    Strikes you as being serious.

    "Not really a breeder reactor type, but if you wanted balanced heat, this is what I came up with."

    Thanks R3ven, but I really need a high volume breeder to support my CASUC generator reactor.

    "I doubt it is possible to make a reliable one with buckets, because there is no guarantee that when reactor ticks, there is a bucket there"

    I don't under stand why that would be, as I have seen generator CASUC that need 9 buckets/sec. It would seem that keeping 2 buckets/sec in a reactor would be trivial by comparison. Unless I am failing to understand something.

    "Also, water require some time to regenerate - 0.8 seconds or so. If you try to collect more often, it will not work."

    That's a good points, I'll try using 3 deployers at 1.5 to fill a chest this should generate 2 bucket a sec into the chest while avoiding the water regenerate limitations.

    Can any one give me a hand getting a CASUC breeder heat stable?

    The reactor its self is set up like this:


    the system build is like this:


    Both filters and the deployer are hooked to the same timer set to .5 6 buckets in the deployer.

    This should give me 15 blocks of flowing water and 2 buckets/sec water, and that is what the reactor planer tells me is what is needed to run heat stable.

    The buckets are moving threw the system and do cool the reactor, however it is not heat stable and overheats in about 2-3 minuets of running.

    Any one got any idea what I am doing wrong, and/or have a working build for a similar bucket CASUC breeder. The key futures I am looking for is compactness and at least a 40 cell recharge profit.

    Edit: fixed RP link.

    Edit 2: changed plans to reflect the new three deployer system.