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    well, I think it is easier to do that by just making new mod, which overwrites the normal state.....but inside of that first mod, it can be tricky or even hard - a lot of code or just that one thing influence millions of other things.... :) But it is good that anybody is able to repair it :))))

    You could use Thaumcraft 4 to transform Tin or Copper nuggets to Iron Nuggets in automated way. Iron is probably the most used metal in the game, since it is used by every mod out there.

    well, I have clerly technic server, so no thaumcraft. only IC, GT, GC, BC and that is almost all... only bigger usage of copper and tin is for nuclear reactor and bronze. bronze is not much needed in higher tiers, so....
    however, thaumcrfat way would be cool, but unbalanced

    Okay, si if I get it -
    lava + industrial centrifuge = metals (and eats energy)
    lava + thermal generator = energy
    lava + thermal generator = energy (in same or more way , as from generator) + metals (in same or higher ammount)

    hm? or is it effective some way in middle of it?

    BTW. with easy grinding copper, tin from lava....anybody can have tons of it rlly fast, all advanced machines do not need it, so it is nearly useless in those ammounts. Anybody got idea, what to do with chest of copper and tin? :D

    No, recipes are totally bugged, this mod fixes these bugs.

    Okay, so if I understand well, If I install newest GT and IC, these recipes, which are uncraftable or bad showing will be showed properly and all could be crafted, ok ?
    Sorry for asking, but I have to be sure before I will install it on server to avoid some unnecesary antibalance or so :)

    Seriously bro, where are the configs for these changed recipes? I can't find them ANYWHERE! I want to revert the incredebly annoying changes you made in these recipes:

    - Compressed blocks
    - Reversing compressed blocks
    - Electronic Circuit
    - Diamond Drill

    WHERE are these configs? I look seriously EVERYWHEEEEEEEEERE! ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(

    dynamic config?

    BTW. changes are for some purpose. Just forget old ways to craft, they are gone. The balance is already here, so do not break it again :D

    Hey I have also one problem. When digging too fast with drill (for example sand, which is mined nearly isntantly) I noticed that there is some problem with updating blocks. You break one sand and the sand above it won´t fall down. Also floating water has problems to disappear, when I take away source-block. Anyone has some idea, where I have to search for problem? Anybody got same issue? The mostly times, it is made by GT or IC fast mining items, but probably it is not fault of them....

    ah ok thx....We have buildcraft so not cheap, but good chunkloaders are (nonworking) quarries:) just not every begginer can have them :)
    BTW. about quarry....all gears I can craft GT way, except diamond gear, which still have to be crafted BC way :/

    They are already portable if you didn't notice. Here is how to:

    Make a Tesseract Generator at your Base and supply it with enough Power. Dont forget the Frequency.
    Now take a Tesseract Terminal and put a Conveyor Cover ontop of it and set it to Import Mode.
    Now wrench the Terminal and take it with you, also take a Chest with you or enough Wood to craft one on the go.
    Then place the Terminal, select the Frequency and place the Chest ontop of it, and bling, you have a way to transport things back to your Base.

    How it works with loaded/unloaded chunks? Is it safe that way to send home to some sorting/pipe system, when no chunks will be loaded at that place? Is it chunkloader?

    I like nuclear power a lot, so i can tell you some hints.
    1) All components work as written in wiki (heat vents etc)
    2) MOX depends on core heat = more heat = more energy
    3) MOX is for 10 000 seconds, Uranium for 20 000 ! This is very important, because the sum of heat is 2x bigger (which already caused some melting on our server, because we did not know that)
    4) You can safely do 2x2 twin MOX design with 360k coolant cells around ,which are surrounded by component heat vents - no core heat changes , so good for MOX - it runs 10k seconds, generate 150M EU, 320K heat for each of 8 360k coolant cells - safe :)
    5) Be aware to not cross 85% core heat! Reactor melts his own chambers to lava then and.....some bad stuff can happen
    6) reactorplanner is not kinda working for our versions and needs;( ;(;(;( so testing on creative singleplayer would be crucial
    7) one full wall (with corners of course) of reinforced stone will cover up any explosion (I set explosion range to 20 blocks to get better security - but it won´t decrease energy of explosion, just it will stop on max range 20), however I use red or black stone bricks in second layer to get full safety. Only red/black bricks are NEARLY safe, but will evaporate at explosion and blocks around are not fully safe. However, two layers are good enough
    8) Coolant cells can be cooled down via Vacuum freezer
    and so on :)


    Afaik that is not entirely correct: 4 Transformer Upgrades make a machine output less than 8k EU/t. That is only possible with a certain number of energy upgrades, Greg should know the details.

    dunno, how it is for machine boxes, but for example battery boxes get bigger internal storage with every transformer upgrade :)

    I have the latest versions of GT and IC installed and for some weird reason the recipe for the MV-Transformer shows as being a copper cable. Is this NEI screwing things up or am I missing something? I already tried deleting the configs and let them generate again

    yes, NEI screws it is standart recipe : machine block, surrounded from top and bottom by copper insulated cable :)

    anybody got some experience with Galacticraft Mars? In their config, there is settings for allowing other mod fatures generate on Mars, however even that allowed - Greg Tech ores or anything else don´t spawn there....I wanted to do some nie mining sites there, but don´t know, how to force GT or IC2 to generate their ores on that world .....anybody has some clue ?

    The reactors in Voyager spacecrafts have ~13.5kg of plutonium oxide in them. Quite certain that's more than what tiny pile has :)
    They started out at ~470W of electricity output (and about 2.4kW of heat), halving roughly every 87-ish years. Though in reality their output lowers even faster due to thermocouples wearing out.

    Running out in a matter of a day or two is a bit much but perhaps lowering output by 10%-ish per day is good enough.

    If you can recycle all the iron, then ammount of plutonium is not a problem... :)