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    I use Galacticraft on our server. A lot of people like to go towards the stars. With disabled aluminium ore spawning in the world, you have to get fair technologic progress to be able go to space. However, it is quite big buggy. In last two weeks a lot has been repaired, but still not all :) Compatibily was made better by big step, GC can live along BC , IC and GT, but still not 100% good (especially special GC ores and silicon could be in oredict :/ ) I hope it will get better....we will see :)

    yeah. but at server...
    i cant say:"do not use flint tools!!!" ))

    use something like WorldGuard and blacklist them .....same I use for mining laser in normal worlds (because it can destroy other people´s residences and even spawn, also HawkEye can´t detect, who fired from that)

    hey all,
    When I apply MJ upgrade to some GT machine, it can run on Buildcraft MJ. However, no BC kinesis (energy) pipe nor ngine won´t connct to that machine.
    Tried to also add MJ storage upgrade, but still no luck...Is any cover needed or is that wrong?

    (I was testing it due Galacticraft accepts MJ and can make them to the electricity, so if I didn´t broke some balance )

    GT 4,08l
    BC: 4,2,2

    IC2 related Mass fab question: anybody has some spreadsheet of possible items, which can be scanned for UU production? List of GT things, which can be made from UU? I can test it all by one, but scanning system is really annoying for me : you have to wait 100 iterations to get error (basically OK), but then if I tr to scan same thing - it DO NOT remember it was unable to scan that (or scanned and saved it in other scanner brings also "unable to scan again" after 100) - after 100 iterations, but I think once scanned item should bring error in 1 or so iterations (depending on what that player already scanned) .

    There are tons of items, scan them all (or at least basic ones) can cost few weeks - to get about 30 recipes... ?

    Maybe it is already repaired, I cannot update my server everyday and next update will be soon, but still...

    Running: GT 4.08b

    Question: We found Diamond Gears uncraftable. For making Quarry they can be used, but this way we still can use only BC ones, because GT ones cannot be crafted.

    2: Solar panels broken by pickaxe yield generator, which was never used to craft them (easy to get steel-tier form only iron)

    100 Seconds, my Windows takes 5 Seconds to start up (time between pressing the Button and being able to enter the Password). And then it starts instant into the Touch Pad shit of Windows 8....

    Just use Classic Shell. Absolutely skips that silly touch screen :D

    BTW. is supposed to get Generator from breaking Solar panel with pickaxe? No generator or steel used on crafting that, so it is quite overpowered...

    Hey all, we found one crucial issue.
    SOlar panel is crafted from IC2 machine casing(8 iron plates) + 2 silicon cells + glass pane+ 2 circuits + carbon plate in assembly machine.
    But when put on ground and minedd with pickaxe, it drops GENERATOR (normally made from 8 steel + battery + furnace)
    Is this supposed to be good? Really EASY way, how to get from iron stuff Steel one? You get less items, but better ones. I think it shall drop machine casing again?

    :Refined Iron: -> :Solar Panel: -> :Generator: -> win :huh:

    Hey all,

    New GT coins look cool. But where in config i can disable their producing? I would appreciate finding that.


    Hydration cell, when is empty (duration 0/10000) has no other purpose to do with that? In old IC2, it just disappeared. Now it stays 0/10000, nothing can do it again to empty cell (as I tested). Only recyclator is a way to deal with that item?

    Helo Greg, I have one question. Since me and players on my server don´t speak english as primary language, we do for them translating. Lang files work for that very well, but (especially now) it is kinda huge. The priority, what needs to be up to date and translated, are books with manuals. For good work, with new items we shall regenerate lang config, however books don´t change that much. What about separating books to their own .lang file, would that be possible? Just to make them better accessible and easier to work with .


    Also Greg, Trade-O-Mat GUI is indeed not openable by other players in SMP. Please fix or I will be driven out of business by Forestry mail order! D:\

    On our server, Trade-o-mats work for everybody perfectly. Energy-o-mats should also be good. If u use LWC, don´t forget to not prtect them, or protect them with /cpublic, not private....

    More people said there they have problems with item descriptions (and books!), I hav it also, nothing like remaking new .lang file don´t work (even to setting false or true to use that lang file....alost all descriptions are broken :/

    But still nobody got answer, what could make it...

    GT 4.07g

    Guys, I just updated GT from some old version (about 4.04, because updates before totally didn´t work) and all written manuals now don´t look as they should. Tried delete lang file, but new don´t fix it. All pages in books have only their cofig name Book.Cover up!.Page00), but no written text. What is strange, last pages (credits) are visible as they shall be....
    Also names of Books do not follow config ones, but show as "Book.Cover up!.Name"

    Even "use this lang file" set to true or false don´t change anything...

    What I shall to do?